April 19, 2011

http://ping.fm/AovlJ A Frederic Vidal’s Webgram – The Love Program – April 19, 2011 – LOVE is the word that we deserve more than ever in a nation of sadness because the obsolete Barack Obama is depressed and unable to support our families hope regarding a sunny future. The 4 letters L O V E are inspiring our program of promotion of the partnership between men and women in our Country! The White House is managed by a terribly dysfunctional black couple with a project of elitism and anti-solidarity that is not including the Love concept and reality: to fall in love is our personal destiny and it is the reason why we need a change in our 50 States that will boost the American industries and services thanks to the MIRACLE OF LOVE, the ambition of everybody, to build happiness on earth and live a permanent dream with more weddings and respect for the new and the old couples, a Nation of Families with their children together working for a new civilization that the next President will propose in 2013! This civilization will have a name: The UNITED STATES! I will be the one! http://ping.fm/14ttN


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