May 16, 2011

WEBGRAM ALERT! Communique: THE STRAUSS-KAHN AFTERMATHS! After the sabotage of the TIMEFRAMES LLC trip to Cannes this morning, on Monday, May 16, 2011 (the flight is now scheduled for Thursday for a Festival Happy End until Sunday), Frederic Vidal accuses an international terrorist network (connected or not with Al Qaeda) specialized in Human Trafficking. After several severe threats connected to Real Estate issues this weekend and the discontinuance of the main local Los Angeles actress to be at the Film Festival and Market with the author of the 6 famous movie treatments (production value: $240M) promoted on the new Google website and his entourage, the US Senate Presidential candidate in America and candidate for the Presidency of the French Republic in 2012 calls the LAPD and the DEA for a general investigation about social, professionnal and sexual harassment in the City of the Angels, Los Angeles, world capital of the Cinema but a place where groups of violent people (VIPs and not) are organizing a system against women liberties. Meanwhile in New York, as Frederic Vidal published the new Timeframes LLC site yesterday, the French Socialist Stateman, Presidential candidate, husband of the well known journalist and producer Anne Sinclair, and President of the International Monetary Fund, was arrested on sexual assault charges this weekend. Mr. Strauss-Kahn, 62, a man thought to have the best chance of becoming France’s next president in elections only a year away,
was arrested on charges of attempted rape and illegal imprisonment of a chambermaid in a French-owned hotel in midtown Manhattan, the Sofitel, and was arraigned on Monday in New York. Mr. Vidal thinks that this scandal is connected to his own problems and supports the NYPD and the victim, teh innocehnt chambermaid harassed by a politician who is Frederic’s direct competitor for the French Presidency! Read this release on the brand new TIMEFRAMES site, so sorry for the bad news! WE ASK FOR REPRESSION AGAINST THE HARASSERS!


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