May 18, 2011
Read the 3 Timeframes & Frederic Vidal communiques to the press, released since this Monday. Best Luck to our Beloved candidate, the best and unique chance we have for 2012: The Real Mike Fuller!

TIMEFRAMES LLC in Cannes: The Company of Frederic Vidal Criticizes the Political Duet Obama-Sarkosy!

The 2 Presidents who could be not reelected in 2012 are among the responsibles of the fiasco of this year’s Cannes Film Festival that is about to be the last one if the American and french candidate for the double Presidency is not able to be there before this Sunday!

Press Release about what happened in France and the USA and the Venice Reply!

May 18, 2011 —

TIMEFRAMES will file a lawsuit this time against the two candidates Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkosy after the results of a series of investigation regarding their project to prevent the company to access Cannes and the Film Market for a worldwide deal regarding the six movie treatments promoted by the Los Angeles based LLC.

After this week’s two scandals regarding the French Dominique Strauss-Kahn (sexual assault) in New York and the ex-Governor of California and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger fatherhood with his maid, Frederic Vidal, president of TIMEFRAMES, is investigating in the Hollywood hills about real estate fraud, one of the subjects of his most attractive feature project 6218 HOLLYWOOD SIGN to prove that the movie and music business develops a criminal environment of human trafficking and drug diffusion. His film in preparation about Blake Lively (BLAKE AND FRED) will show how it works for celebrities when corruption is a part of the deals.

The decision is made not to go to Cannes as too much difficulties created a panic around this trip and the impossibility to finance it correctly. The political career of the TIMEFRAMES president, who is cast to play MIKE FULLER in the eponym movie, must be one of the explanations of the crisis. Frederic Vidal is obviously an electoral danger for his two 2012 competitors, Nicolas Sarkosy in France and Barack Obama in the United States, who are accused to use their administrations to block and harass him, professionally and personally, on a daily basis.

Consequently, the most innovative American audiovisual company, well known by its first breakthrough, The FRENCH COP, is preparing the Venice Film Festival and Market in Italy, at the beginning of September. The bi-national candidate for the two presidencies will attend this, as famous as Cannes, rendezvous of the most important names of his community of work: the filmmakers and their producers.

Thank you for those, including the actors who believed in our goal to reach the Cannes Festival this week but the pressure of hostile people and some lake of support, for instance from a part of the press and, first of all, from the organizers of the Festival and Market, were the reasons why we did not accept the invitation to be there. The bad environment was caused by a strategy of market exclusion that is a campaign business type of assassination organized jointly by Mr. Obama and Sarkosy, since we started the pre-production of the feature AMENDMENT about the presidential candidacy of immigrants in the United States.

In Venice, a better context is probable as Italy is the preferred European Country of our company and TIMEFRAMES will introduce its project for the Internet next generation, the INTERVISION, with a production that is a priority of this year: the CAESARS, about Roman emperors and Roma destiny, in the ancient times.

Visit our Film Festivals website:

Part 2: TIMEFRAMES LLC Begins A Campaign Against Human Trafficking In The Movie Industry

While Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York this weekend, Frederic Vidal reschedules his trip to Cannes after a Black Monday and a Definitive Reply on Tuesday!

May 16, 2011 —
Diffused this afternoon, on Monday, May 17, 2011 on the Social Media, thanks to


After the sabotage of the TIMEFRAMES LLC trip to Cannes this morning, on Monday, May 16, 2011 (the flight is now scheduled for Thursday for a Festival Happy End until Sunday), Frederic Vidal accuses an international terrorist network (connected or not with Al Qaeda) specialized in Human Trafficking. After several severe threats connected to Real Estate issues this weekend and the discontinuance of the main local Los Angeles actress to be at the Film Festival and Market with the author of the 6 famous movie treatments (production value: $240M) promoted on the new Google website and his entourage, the US Senate Presidential candidate in America and candidate for the Presidency of the French Republic in 2012 calls the LAPD and the DEA for a general investigation about social, professionnal and sexual harassment in the City of the Angels, Los Angeles, world capital of the Cinema but a place where groups of violent people (VIPs and not) are organizing a system against women liberties.

Meanwhile in New York, as Frederic Vidal published the new Timeframes LLC site yesterday, the French Socialist Stateman, Presidential candidate, husband of the well known journalist and producer Anne Sinclair, and President of the International Monetary Fund, was arrested on sexual assault charges this weekend. Mr. Strauss-Kahn, 62, a man thought to have the best chance of becoming France’s next president in elections only a year away, was arrested on charges of attempted rape and illegal imprisonment of a chambermaid in a French-owned hotel in midtown Manhattan, the Sofitel, and was arraigned on Monday in New York. Mr. Vidal thinks that this scandal is connected to his own problems and supports the NYPD and the victim, teh innocehnt chambermaid harassed by a politician who is Frederic’s direct competitor for the French Presidency!

Read this release on the brand new TIMEFRAMES site, so sorry for the bad news!



In Cannes, for the Film Market and Festival, a young Hollywood Company presents 6 possible blockbusters! Press Communiqué and Business Presentation

May 14, 2011 —

In Cannes, for the Film Market and Festival,
a young Hollywood Company presents 6 possible blockbusters!
Press Communiqué and Business Presentation

Created in 2005 by Frederic Vidal, TIMEFRAMES LLC is located in Los Angeles, California with a project production of six feature films to be shot in the next two years in Hollywood and Europe.

Doctoral researcher, president of the company, Screen Actors Guild actor and screenwriter, Frederic Vidal, California candidate for the US Senate in November 2010, is a member of the American Film Institute (AFI) on location in Cannes for presales of the following:

Two series of films connected to the use and traffic of drugs and the social context of heroes and anti-heroes working against each others in the American universe of the 21st century, a time of doubt and changes for everybody, with a Congress and a President waiting for 2012 as a government comeback after a cultural chaos of our economy since 2008.

The Heroin Cycle

Mike Fuller: when Minority Report meets The West Wing. A President manages the Country and prepares its improvement with more ambition and some technological secrets as the opposition continues to believe in History more than Future but Fuller knows how to be popular.

Caesars: The Roman Empire was the right example for Europe 20 centuries ago and Augustus began a dynasty of emperors ready to lead the whole continent. The life of their armies and families are known until now as legends of the Old Continent. They were Roma real heroes!

6218 Hollywood Sign: To be homeowner or not to be! A filmmaker arrives in the hills close to the Hollywood Sign but nobody really wants him to stay there until a mysterious woman supports his career choice by organizing a network against his business and real estate enemies.

The Cocain Saga

French Cop: When James Bond meets Iron Man. A couple of insiders of the secret services create DARKPOL, a CIA mission team to get more results against two other groups more connected to crimes: KGB Next Gen and Pyramid. Espionage is a French and American word!

Amendment: A nationality crisis in America is the starting point of a mass project regarding a Constitution update, to invite immigrants to be Presidential candidates. George Washington was British before to be the first President and the last that was not born as a Country citizen.

Blake and Fred: Blake Lively, the last icon of a Hollywood dream that could have become a nightmare if she was not in a reality show about fashion, shopping and fame with a golden boy, leader of his generation but not ready for her brand name. Famous on the Beverly Hills Web!

End of the Communiqué.

Bio: Frederic Vidal is a Republican Party member, candidate for the 2012 presidential race in the United States but also in France as he is an immigrant from this European Country. Filmmaker, songwriter and movie and music performer, he lives in Los Angeles, below the Hollywood Sign! He is the founder and President-CEO of the Film Production company TIMEFRAMES LLC!



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