FRENCH COP: For Flag Day, Tomorrow Tuesday, Frederic Vidal Diffuses The Origins Of The 4 Secret Services Networks Of The Film Saga!

June 13, 2011

FRENCH COP: For Flag Day, Tomorrow Tuesday, Frederic Vidal Diffuses The Origins Of The 4 Secret Services Networks Of The Film Saga!


The story of FRENCH COP is a story of Espionage and in this kind of stories, this is pretty important to know what is what and who are who! Four Teams are combating each other and sometimes together, for more Justice and Efficiency of their respective States, So let’s know better the Origins of these four systems of men and couples!

On the FRENCH COP Website:

DARKPOL: connected to the Super-Heroes of the DC and Marvel universe, the Darkpol fighters are the result of a cycle of wars between the good and the bad, the right teams and the evil villains, CIA was unable to stop the attacks of the commandos organized against the United States beginning the 1940’s by the rest of the world, so Darkpol was created by Truman, President of the first Democracy on Earth after England and maybe India, the USA. Darkpol hired two agents who were persuaded to be the origin of the darkest public service that was not really secret for the US Army in Europe during the counter-attack against Germany after Pearl Harbor: DARKPOL was leaded by the Military Police for some excellent missions on location on the Old Continent, with no difficulties because they were trained to be the next of the best. Sixty years later, they are still the best and able to prove it every day for THE UNITED STATES only and even outside our Solar System.

PYRAMID: After World War I, a secret organization emerged as a private partner of the main States engaged in the North of Africa and the problems of the lands connected to the Mediterranean Sea, from Spain to Greece. The name of this group of men and women who were supporting a better time for the international community of the Arabian people but also for the Jewish race is a word that stays the best definition of the ancient civilization of the Pharaohs: PYRAMID. 7 letters to do more, 7 letters to impose the power of the History on the Middle-East, this brotherhood of human beings from one religion (Islam) that is the least known by the Americans and the Hispanic in America, North and South, as the perfect reminder there is another religion more important than the words written in the Bible, the religion of PEACE, that is the reason why some fellows are working all their life, like this US Diplomat surnamed Velvet Eyes who was followed by PYRAMID Agents and the rhetoricians of the Egyptian based secret service (the structure is in 2011 one of the oldest still in function Spy Agency, presided by a French native impossible to identify) in his obsession for a planet without war.

KGB NEXT GEN: Stalin was not a kid when I succeeded to reach the complete direction of the USSR, an Empire ready to break his main competitor, the United States because it was fun for Communists who lost Trotsky because of Cuba. KGB is three letters that are still the content of a public Department that terrified the population of the Soviet Union, including first Russia. The new Generation, calling itself the NEXT GENERATION, a homage to the TV Show STAR TREK Next Gen, revival of the classic of the 60’s, gave also to the members of the new KGB the unique inspiration to do better than the members of another TV surprise of the post-Kennedy era: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, KGB NG is a ‘Must Be Bad’ freelance profit company against the entire nation of democratic Countries, their purpose: to extend the mania that pushed Hitler and Stalin to sign a friendship contract of solidarity before, unfortunately to fight each other.

ABWEHR LLC: created by Adolf Hitler for the control of the information in the 1930’s, this club of spies has always been connected to the Army, the German one. But Hitler lost his war against the Jews and the Capitalism, so Abwehr was secretly exported to the United States to become a Limited Liability Company managed by the worst disciples of the Third Reich, decided to invest the fortune of the SS and other Nazis in the worldwide Stock Exchange circus. This is not a surprise: after the Nuremberg Trial that was not a lawsuit but a political judgment of the accomplices of the German Dictator who had his own vision of a Democracy with no too much possibility of Opposition, except a military one outside the territory of his own State or an allied one, the Industrials who were sentenced to Jails and not to death, stayed focused on a revenge for a Regime that gave them a lot, but they still don’t want a return of the principle of Reichfuhrer (one man, one State, one Leader), they are first interested in Business and working secretly, as Heirs of this complicated era, a long time ago, not completely forgotten anyway.

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