Frederic Vidal message to the Congress right after this POSTOPINIONS article: Who takes us to war?

June 24, 2011

Frederic Vidal message to the Congress right after this POSTOPINIONS article: Who takes us to war? by Charles Krauthammer Opinion Writer, WASHINGTON POST.

“Congressmen and women, readers of the Post (Washington), this is a hard time to live together as the United States are not in a middle of a chaos at all but pressurized by the lack of responsibility of the present President in Washington, the immature Barack Obama. He was not all a good candidate but elected after a fight with his future Secretary of State, is it reasonable? I don’t think so. It’s all about corruption of their two campaigns and it’s time now to open this file in a judiciary way, the one we decide with the Nation today as we are at war with NATO, unfortunately, because of a collapse of our institutions: the Obama Government!

We have in America an ADMINISTRATION controlled by the Congress, the government is the one of the people, Barack Obama did not respect this rule and played with the Senate and the House a kind of bad art of secret. The impeachment that we are promoting now, for a President of the Country who decides without judgment his own policy, will be a positive reply to his negative vision of the revolutions in progress in the Middle-East. He preferred to have a memory and feedback of his own experience in Africa that is not an Arabian one than to respect the sovereignty of this State of Libya, deserving respect and UN anger management military therapy program BUT NOT AN AIR FORCE STORM never authorized.

Consequently, we must know why Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates acted as one for an international purpose against the United States. The only way is to have an investigation commission managing this impeachment trial. Read the definition on Wikipedia: End of the first part of my comment.

Frederic Vidal


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