We are a Nation without fear and we will not change. The dispute with the Republicans is the possible end of the mandate of Barack Obama before the Presidential election of 2012. The impeachment cannot change the destiny of our Country to decide what to do about our debt, the public one!

The agreement between the President of the United States, I am his supporter for this, and the Congress is important because it is crucial to finance the trial of Barack Obama. A fair trial organized by the Congress needs Stability and coordination with the population. This cannot be with a chaos of the finance of the Country!

How many millions more can we spend to reduce our conflicts? Not a lot, we are broken but we are sure that the President has a reply about our debt: to leave! His legacy will be to negotiate the end of a big debt, amount: 14300 billions dollars according to the press. The end is not scheduled for now. Let’s prepare a pause:  NOT TO SPEND TOO MUCH before 12.  We have to think how to make it.

There are 2 solutions: a deal tomorrow or a deal before the 17th. Why? Let’s have 2 weeks more if necessary to communicate with the White House about the content  of a financial program regarding the budget and the reduction of the debt with some federal investigation about the use of federal funding by the 50 States.

We know what to do:  to watch TV with our Governors tomorrow and to confirm that we are the first Democracy of the World by preventing Washington to act like a clown. The army is ready to control that it will not happen.

Frederic Vidal

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