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Frederic Vidal, from Nice, France, December 9, 2011.

Note to the attention of the US Supreme Court

Author: Frédéric Vidal. Nice, December 4, 2011

As a new citizen, I consider that it is useful to give the example to ensure that immigrants are better respected.  Immigration is at the base of the stand of the American continent. It is time to celebrate in our constitutional law.

Chapter 1. The Senate.

I was Senatorial candidate of the State of California in 2010. I am from France where I kept my nationality and I want to inform you that I have not been able to campaign! I took the decision to be a candidate in the senatorial election in December 2009. For the primary of the Republican Party, my write-in application was made to the difference.  Accordingly, I ran to the Senate in independent candidate write-in Norwalk on September 9, 2010. I did sign my petition by 77 American citizens but it was refused. Los Angeles County (service working for the Secretariat of State of California in Sacramento Norwalk elections) has not validated my candidacy by challenging my signatories list. I went to Sacramento to request an investigation which has never been carried out. I ask you now to perform a control because my petition was consistent with what was requested. I do not seniority required by the Constitution as an American to me except exception, confirmed by Wikipedia:

Henry Clay : When elected by the legislature, Clay was below the constitutionally required age of thirty. His age did not appear to have been noticed by any other Senator, and perhaps not by Clay. Three months and 17 days into his Senate service, he reached the age of eligibility. Reference:

Armistead Thomson Mason : He was elected as a Republican to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of William Branch Giles, despite being constitutionally underage for the office. Reference:

John Henry Eaton : In 1818 he was elected Senator from Tennessee and served until 1821. He served again from 1821 to 1829. His age of 28 at the time of his entry to the Senate was notable; it contradicted the US Constitution’s requirement that all Senators be over the age of 30. At the time, many people did not know their actual birth records. It is not certain what occurred in this case. In any event, if challenged, Eaton could have referred to previous under-aged Senators Armistead Mason or Henry Clay. Reference:

Rush Dew Holt, Sr. : In November 1934, at age 29, he was elected to the United States Senate, but because a Senator is constitutionally required to be at least 30 years old, he could not take his seat until after his 30th birthday in June 1935. Holt was the youngest person ever popularly elected to the U.S. Senate. Reference:,_Sr

Chapter 2. The amendment.

Must be an amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  This amendment, I propose to study it. It must enable us to reach the third centenary of our founding text without challenge or collapse of our institutions. I want to promote it with my candidate for the Supreme Judiciary in our country. Its content must be dedicated to fundamental rights. They are at risk. The fundamental rights of citizens. They are implicated by the crisis. Must be strengthening them in deciding on the new measures. The first of them is equal access to the ELECTIVES functions! Every citizen is entitled to expect the United States A equality of treatment. The Presidency of the country is not a domain reserved for non-immigrants. It would be good to allow the naturalized to register for the Supreme candidacy officially. The Supreme nomination, it is the Presidency.  For each election, all voting must have the right to respect. The Congress can discuss if you invite him to write the story. For me, I ask you to allow me to campaign for the freedom amendment and the White House! In 12, 16, 20, 24, I will be candidate, then why not be elected immediately? My program lies in a word: the amendment. The US Constitution will be the last word.

Chapter 3. The Presidency.

The current US President is beyond his duties. He did not take his political commitments. Its electoral system is to maintain the minorities in social exclusion. It must be taken into account for his re-election. To represent is a constitutional faculty. The exercise is to be credible. Barack Obama has not satisfied during his first term. The Democratic Party can choose another candidate. That primary be held, I ask you to ensure there.

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Frederic Vidal thinks that the United States create a destabilization of the international trade. This can stop if we decide so.

Napoleon sold Louisana to the Americans because he did not succeed to get the Territory for his French State.

Consequently Louisiana was from the beginning a problem for the USA as the French were not accepted and the Country against Europe construction.

We are a Nation and not a Continent, we must have a Policy and not a Strategy of Imperialism.

Marylin Monroe was the first victim of Human Trafficking in Hollywood ! (Frederic Vidal’s Report to the US Supreme Court).

Monroe was a star and she was broken by her entourage.

The African American community did not like her.

JFK was the name of her bodyguard.

MM is the Sex Symbol of the US in the 50’s until now.

Marilyn Monroe was a student of the Actors Studio.

The Actors Studio was proud to support JAMES DEAN but Monroe was also their other celebrity (with Brando, of course).

Human Trafficking ? Marilyn was the great fiancee of America !

Today, her memory is the reason why I begin to diffuse this report against Hollywood for a change of our Constitution.

Monroe was in love with Kennedy but the Country did not like this information.

Marilyn passed away in the 1960’s before John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Where was Barbara Boxer when Marilyn Monroe was found dead ?

Barbara Boxer = Human Trafficking

An investigation must be decided by the US Supreme Court.

The death of JFK is a Presidential Mystery that can be understood now thanks to me and Barbara.

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