My Today’s Letter To John Roberts And The Supreme Court Of The United States By Frederic Vidal!

March 26, 2012

Mister the President of the Supreme Court,
I am Frederic Vidal, American citizen since 2006 and resident in France, my native Country, since July 2011. I am informing you that I want to be candidate for the Presidential election this year for the victory of the Republicans in America, my immigration Country.
You know the rule about being born American that prevents naturalized citizens to be President of the United States. This is my demand for a derogation.
I was already candidate for the US Senate in 2010 in California promoting a similar exception about the number of years in the USA as an American. Mrs. Barbara Boxer did not accept my campaign and she over-reacted causing me some troubles.
To sanction her and to invalidate her mandate in progress could be a proof of justice as I lost my house in Hollywooland (short sale) in 2011 and did not find clients yet for my company TIMEFRAMES LLC because of her decision to punish me to be campaigning.

I have the evidence of it. Never a journalist accepted to interview me until now even if I am well known on the Web and famous at a worldwide scale, including first in France where I am candidate for the Presidency next month. The Secretary of State refused my candidacy to the US Senate because of my petition of 77 Californians that was not validated. Mrs. Boxer, to my point of view, is also implicated in this.
I demand the protection of the Supreme Court to be a part of the Presidential Debate and not anymore illegally and unconstitutionnally attacked by other Politicians, with official charges or not, as the principle of Liberty must be respected to empower democracy.

Frederic Vidal

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