For The First Of May, A Letter By Mike Fuller To All The Americans For A Special Coup, A Republican One By Frederic Vidal And A Letter To The French For The Election Cancellation!

April 28, 2012

Mike Fuller Letter to Us:

May First Believers,

YOU ARE THE ONE. You have to understand that the Revolution is not possible right now. So it will a coup. Bin Laden is dead. He was killed a bad way. We must reinforce our Powers to welcome the Al-Qaeda reply with our bombarders, our tanks and our own bombs. It must be also Hollywood bombs. Everybody can be a part of this coup, a show biz one. May 2, the world won’t be the same. Thanks to Fidel Castro, thanks to the Republicans, the Planet will be ours, even the Yemen will be a part of us. ISLAM is our religion even if God lives separate lifes. He’s the Bible of them all.

Let’s break the rules with Obama, a hero of DARKPOL, who had many problems with his Secret Service, not enough secret and public in a bad way, in Medellin, Colombia where prostitutes were found working for it. We must oepn an investigation with the MILITARY POLICE , the US Air Force one that creates the DARKPOL and not the KGB Next Gen ! This is fictional or not. On the contrary, THE FRENCH COP is not or fictional. I will make it as a blockbuster IF YOU GIVE ME THE SUPREME POWER in November because my Other Name is Mike Fuller.

May 1st, let’s stay in our Houses and PAINT IT WHITE, black is the contrary of a color, it’s a choice of partnership. In the ghettos, there are bands of young and old people ready to help the American Revolution to do it again more than 2 centuries afterwards.

The new British are the South Americans who must understand we are not a danger for them but A CHANCE OF DEVELOPMENT if they accept our hand to shake one more time, our harvest of the Country, our mass explosion of emotional feelings regarding UNITING STATES together to reinforce the 3 letters USA.

AMERICA, AMERICA, we have nothing else to believe in and to share. May 1st, there will be a prayer for a Brilliant Land where we live when we want more attractive Programs of government as we, family of pilgrims, we are always in waiting  of a time to fight with our Army without violence if possible. ARMY IN THE STREETS for Military Parades: we will organize them just later this year  for FLAG DAY when we will already be in charge of the leadership all around the 50 States that will be more and more, years after years.

THE BEST WOULD BE 100! TO DOUBLE THE COUNTRY with Canada, France, Mexico, South America and Central America: WHY NOT! AND LET’S CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION. We need it, we made it. Immediately after November because Washington inspired us for a better one, modernized with the agreement of the Founders of the concept : United States.

Frederic Vidal


Nouvel article de Frederic Vidal pour le 1er mai:


Elle est souhaitable, elle est possible, elle est probable tant les Socialistes vont mal, victimes de l’affaire Strauss-Kahn, un homme decouvert tel qu’en lui-meme l’eminence grise de Francois Hollande bien que lubrique selon les journaux. Alors, annulons cette election si Nicolas Sarkosy est battu et prevoyons de demander a Hollande de demissionner s’il est elu CAR IL LE SERAIT MAL avec ma candidature refusee par Jean-Louis Debre, President du Conseil Constitutionnel, qui m’a ignore depuis le 15 mars au mepris de tout Etat de droit.

SUIS-JE Persona Non Grata en tant que guitariste de BRAMSTOCKER ? Mon chanteur a fait de la prison et je le veux comme Porte-Parole DE LA VRAIE CAMPAGNE, celle qui commence des le lendemain du Second Tour, celle de la JUSTICE qui doit etre rendue car on se sent menace en France et ca deteint sur mes Etats-Unis.

DEBRE DEMISSION, vous deviez proteger mes droits, vous m’avez pris pour un rigolo, un fantaisiste, un fou, UNE VICTIME selon les diffamations qui courent.

Je ne suis qu’un honnete homme, un Docteur en SEMIOTIQUE, un Politologue de Sciences Po, un Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies en Droit Public interne de Paris 2. L’Universite ne s’est pas trompee et J’AI LES DIPLOMES a votre disposition pour vous les montrer a la tele si un jour vous m’invitez, ce dont je doute s’il n’y a pas LA REVOLUTION SYNDICALE AVANT. Comment comprendre que la France des grands responsables ait eu cette attitude DE REJET ?

Vous le saurez en lisant le livre J’ATTENDS. Pour l’instant, deposons la PLAINTE INITIALE EN REPORT ET EN ANNULATION de l’election presidentielle 2012 DEVANT DIEU a l’eglise aujourd’hui dimanche, le 29 avril et toute la semaine. Frederic Vidal.

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