The Inter-Letters : June 16-17 Weekend. The New Chance For Europe!

June 18, 2012

Breakthrough: Mitt en 2001, le 11 septembre de Romney. Romney in 2001, what about September 11? Bush was unable to stop the terrorists. He was not listening to the CIA warnings. Mitt Romney, the eccentric Republican leader, was unavailable, not in town, in New York City and we want to know his environment this day, September 11, and what he did before and after the World trade Center double explosion. One told me that he had a panic mode and no words to express his emotion and his solidarity for the victims. For the lawsuit against the unfortunate George W Bush who chose the war to stop terrorism, the mistake by itself, we need the testimony of Mr. Mitt Romney. In Bagdad or in Paris, Texas!

Blockbuster: Monroe est-elle encore un symbole sexuel pour beaucoup d’entre nous. Marilyn is still a sex symbol for a lot of them. Pour la plupart, elle est la Miss Commémoration du 50e anniversaire : 1962. The spy accusations about Marco Rubio are the premisses of a more important procedure of a history rewriting about the truth Now and Then. Michelle Obama had accordingly two lovers including her husband’s Chief of Staff, the now charismatic mayor of Chicago and the Secret Service couldn’t change nothing. This is a Hollywood inspired District of Columbia style of life that will participate in the files to open for the Watergate 2 investigation to manage all at once after the end of the Obama one and only mandate or even before with a go in the next few days and weeks.

Bramstocker : le duo planétaire avec Linkin Park ou le duel fratricide de deux groupes qui s’aiment. Philadelphie en janvier. Deux visions du Punk pour le heavy sound. There is always a group like The Beatles and a competitor like The Rolling Stones. I’m thinking about inviting the band Linkin Park for a confrontation with mine, the 1977 cuvee of the Punk rock wine in Europe (including Russia) : BRAMSTOCKER. This head-to-head is necessary for a revival of a program we like: the bicontinental Rock invasion, from Europe to the United States. An album could be the Woodstock of this shot.

French Post: l’organisation de la pièce de théâtre. L’écriture des dialogues. This new letter is the result of the decision to have this hero, the FRENCH COP, reunited with its audience: the teenagers and their followers, the young adults who want more choice for their music, definitely a Rock’n Roll. These consumers are not a minority but an active majority playing Rock and reading books like the COP, watching movies with his French hype that we will explain and UPDATE in these news beginning today, episode after episode. This is the center of our strategy.

Le Bruit (The Noise) : le mystère Hollande. François Mystery. Président and (et) Marxist(e), la vérité sur son idéologie. The truth about his ideology. La victoire, ce fut le cas. Nous avons maintenant et nous avancons vers un Parlement Rose mais pas rose bonbon. Il faut construire le devenir de l’homme : le socialisme mais pour les UMP, nous leur démontrerons que le Gaullisme y participe. Au Gouvernement, il y aura des surprises mais des bonnes : un Rendement d’idées et de conviction afin que la fin soit proche pour la morosité ambiante, par ailleurs, à Paris et de par la France. Il n’y aura pas de trêve pour les faiseurs de politique favorable à la socialisation de l’individu. Nous en reparlerons à Paris, dans le 7e arrondissement en particulier. Soyons joyeux d’avoir gagné, on ne perd jamais quand on est socialiste. Cette fois-ci en particulier. Marx, dit au revoir à Hollande, il est de retour sans Karl et sans dogmatisme.

Marilyn Monroe, my sister frm Bus Station in the great movie titled in French SEPT ANS DE REFLEXION show the way for a new generation: the 1960's, not The Beatles ones.

Marilyn Monroe, my sister for Bus Station, in the great movie titled in French SEPT ANS DE REFLEXION, shows the way for a new generation: the 1960’s, not The Beatles ones.


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