A New Communication System.

September 10, 2012

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/fredericvidal06

The newsletters are back with a new communication system. First on Twitter then on WordPress. Each one is composed of 3 Tweets. Signed M. F.

Breakthrough™ is about the streaming issue: cinema on the Internet, piracy, delay of 10 years, the French Cop™ movie, the Intervision™. M.F.

Blockbuster™ is about the Republican Primary process, the Convention and  candidacy that are not accepted by the real GOPs. The Party. M.F.

Bramstocker™ is a newsletter about Rock History, social content, future of the movement, the band Bramstocker™ and how to improve com. M.F.

French Post™ is a story of our write-in candidacy in the United States: Frederic Vidal candidate for the Presidency and the reasons of it.

The Noise™ is in French for the preparation of the 7th Republic. Le Bruit™ est la lettre d’information qui prépare le futur en France. M.F.


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