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December 4, 2012

Frederic Vidal Quits The Web After The Death Of Le Monde Newspaper Director And The Political Chaos At The French Dominant Right Party UMP Plus Mitt Romney Disaster And Gen. David H. Petraeus Resignation.

From a death to another

Erik Izraelewicz, executive editor of Le Monde and one of France’s most prominent journalists, has died suddenly at the age of 58, November 27 after Richard Descoings, director of France’s Sciences Po institute death in New York, April 3, at the age of 53. Le Monde is Sciences Po unofficial newspaper and Frederic Vidal, an alumnus who never forgot his French and civil servant origins.

The severe chaos at the UMP, the Party of Nicolas Sarkosy, created by Jacques Chirac, is the other sad event of this autumn. In the United States, Mitt Romney did not confirm his October breakthrough and collapsed dramatically for Election Day while General David H. Petraus has been obliged to resign from the CIA Direction after a personal scandal. This is a situation that must be understood as a crisis for the conservatives in the two Countries and a possible weakening of our Institutions.

Last Article On WordPress

These are the reasons why there a more important things to do than Web activities. The new media is disappointing and dysfunctional. It is generating a kind of anti-promotion. As a Doctor in Communication, Frederic Vidal regrets that the Web is not the freedom territory he could be for social improvement but a monitoring machine controlling and excluding too much. The example of the Twitter mania shows that there is a miscommunication between the users who express themselves and the readers who are looking forward to comment.

On WordPress, Frederic Vidal’s blog is publishing today (December 4, 2012) this last press release as a farewell post to share this message with the people who did the 1,635,008 views with a monthly maximum of 151,000 in June 2010 and a record of 8,915 views on its busiest day, February 3, 2010. Blogs are not appreciated enough in this world and Frederic Vidal has the secret feeling he appeared as a freak for a lot and this is not acceptable anymore. The 19,000 views of his cover of the standard Here Comes The Night on Youtube created a confusion about his activity as a publicist and a politician and not only a musician and vice versa. The credibility of the writing of his screenplays and the attractiveness of the characters he created (French Cop, Velvet Eyes, Mike Fuller and several others) were the victims of this.

Rock Music Conclusion

So bye bye Web and hello BRAMSTOCKER (his band’s name). Frederic Vidal decides to focus on music and to develop his Rock in France after the celebration of the 50 years of the Rolling Stones in London that are confirming eternal power of this music. In October, a first gig preparation success in Nice has been the starter of a lot more (15 new songs written in November, ready for the stage!) for a definition of his so-called Civic Punk that he will probably export in the United States his adoptive Country, and worldwide in the future but never before a first Hit in France (to be followed!).

Frederic Vidal sends his best to his thousands friends on Facebook and Myspace plus his Twitter and other site followers, he will comeback with the band.

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