Frederic Vidal Letter to Mitt Romney.

June 2, 2013

Recommandé Romney

Romney for President

Romney for President

Hello Mitt:

I met you in Tampa in January 2012 and I have a great memory of this first touch.

I am writing you from Nice, France where I am living since the death of my French aunt.

The Presidential Election was a great competition we lived together. You were almost elected.

Now, it’s 2013 and we have so many things to share with the GOP: projects. I would like to build them with you.

I’m proud to be American since 2006. As a French, I want to improve my first State as the Prime Minister one day.

Let’s impeach the so-called winner of the election, Barack Obama, because he did not win legally. He will be judged.

In 2016, I will be candidate for the US Senate (I was a write-in candidate in 2010 in California against Barbara Boxer) and I dream about an amendment for the immigrants to be Presidential candidates. I know you will run in 2016.

I am first a film maker preparing the movie FRENCH COP in France and the United States and the frontman of the Punk band BRAMSTOCKER, still playing good songs since 1977. I would like to have your support for these cultural activities.


Frederic Vidal



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