Mike Fuller Wants A Short Film About His Presidency History In The Future Made With Russia For A Real Partnership USA-Russia!

July 2, 2013

Emblem of the Ministry of Culture (Russia)

Emblem of the Ministry of Culture (Russia)


A letter to Vladimir Putin to be sent this month in order to propose him a partnership for the production of a short film about Mike Fuller.

Frederic Vidal wants Russia to be the Country that will help him to explain in a short film who is Mike Fuller, the anti-Obama concept in order to improve the Diplomacy of the USA that need more popularity after the NSA disaster.

Russia is not the enemy of the United States but his best friend as USSR is not anymore. Mike Fuller is the semi-fictional name of Frederic and a character that is already famous in every 50 States.

The idea of a film of 15 minutes is an artistic one that is a great project including France, Russia and America.

The Letter to Vladimir Putin.

Frederic Vidal
10, avenue Notre-Dame
06000 Nice, France
Tel. 06 32 52 86 19
Nice, July 4, 2013

President Vladimir Putin
23, Ilyinka Street
Moscow, 103132, Russia

Mister the President of Russia:

I’m a French and American director in Nice plus screenwriter and publicist. My second activity is my music with my band BRAMSTOCKER.

I am so proud to be the author of a story for the screen: Mike Fuller. This is about a President of the United States who is not Barack Obama but a Republican in another dimension building a second American Dream.

I have the project to shoot, first, a short film about this fiction that is also a message regarding the society and its government in a Country that is fascinating.

I would like to invite Russia to participate in the production of it. America and Russia can be friends thanks to France and the Cinema can be the right culture to express it with a film about a President who would be popular worldwide with a great tenderness for Russia and the Russians.

No more cold war between our 3 States is the main goal of this project regarding a film and History.

Best regards, from Nice.

Frederic Vidal



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