FBI is doing nothing against Human Trafficking in Hollywood

November 17, 2013

FBI is Doing Nothing Against Human Trafficking in Hollywood. Eva Longoria is with Barack Obama to Show Everything Is Allright.

Eva Longoria at the Alma Awards 2012.

Eva Longoria at the Alma Awards 2012.


“In 2012, she was one of seven Californians named to the post of co-chair of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.[81] On September 6, 2012, Longoria spoke at 2012 Democratic National Convention where she endorsed President Obama’s reelection.”

The impeachment of Barack Obama is the one of Hollywood. Women there are available for the personal fame of Barack Obama, a star who is the manager of the NSA and the FBI. Consequently, he can have the Screen Actors Guild available for his campaigns.

It will change when Eva Longoria will testify in Washington, DC about her partnership with the President of the United States and the organization of his “harem” that is one reason of the bad treatment of the actors we call the Human Trafficking.

Frederic Vidal
aka Mike Fuller.

The best medication against criminality has one name: Federal Bureau of the Investigation. The FBI in Hollywood and in the Entertainment Industry must be the main Partner of our Presidential campaign 2016 in order to prevent networking to boycott my communication. Also, FBI is the Justice Partner to understand and stop any kind of trafficks regarding careers, privacy, and drugs in the movie and the music industries.



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