Day 3: More Writing of The Web Draft Of Mike Fuller’s Apollo 11 Novelism Achievement With The Flight Journal And Science Fiction.

January 2, 2014

Day 3: More Writing of The Web Draft Of Mike Fuller’s Apollo 11 Novelism Achievement With The Flight Journal And Science Fiction.

Read first:

The Apollo 11 Flight Journal

David Woods, Ken MacTaggart and Frank O’Brien.

then Web comments about and included in Mike Fuller’s masterpiece APOLLO 11, MOON IS OURS.

Apollo 11 Patch595px-Apollo_11_insignia


Lunar Orbit. July 19, 1969 / January 4, 2013. UPCOMING.


Mike Fuller’s Apollo 11 MOON IS OURS Saga is online, for day by day Flight Journal, Pop and Punk.

When Woodstock meets the NASA. Mike Fuller’s Apollo 11 II is a real film and novel you can participate in Intervision™.


Lunar Orbit. July 19, 1969 / January 4, 2014. UPCOMING.


1. Apollo 11. Day 1, part 4: Navigation and Housekeeping. Mike is your storyteller thanks to NASA, Facebook and you, moviegoer. TMF

2. Apollo 11 Day 2, part 1: Mid-course Correction. This is a Corrected Transcript and Commentary © 2009 by W. David Woods, Kenneth D. MacTaggart and Frank O’Brien. All rights reserved. Read more about the film-novel semi-fictional remake on WordPress: Day 2 is in progress.

3. Flight to the Moon: Day 2, part 2: TV Transmission. Mike Fuller is reading it with you.

4. Day 2, part 4: Laser Experiment. Day 2 was exhausting. It was yesterday, July 17, 1969 meaning also for us January 2, 2013 thanks to the web novelist and American politician who is also a visionary Man on Earth and on the Moon now. PS: Part 3 is missing on NASA site.

5. Legendary time of leisure for the trio watching earth and reporting about Humans on a Planet and Continent Africa featured as new possible America civilization prospective.

6. Crucial for the Mission according to Mike Fuller who is a real Astronaut himself. Apollo 11, Day 3, part 2: Entering Eagle. “The crew of Apollo enter the Lunar Module Eagle for the first time, and make an unplanned televsion transmission of their activites. The camera is performing extremely well and shows the interior of the lunar lander with unprecedented clarity.”

7. Meeting with UFO? Moon is Ours™ will reply about this scifi issue that didn’t create a buzz but confirmed Roswell 1947 was still there in the United States, even in space. Otherwise, crew is preparing for Lunar Orbit. Apollo 11, Day 3, part… 3: Flight Plan Updates. “After finishing their work in the Lunar Module, Armstrong and Aldrin return to the Command Module and close the hatches. They put the spacecraft back into the Passive Thermal Control roll, then update their Flight Plan at Houston’s request. As the crew settle down for the night, they spot a curious flashing object in the distance and discuss it with Mission Control. Apollo 11 continues its outward coast, leaves the Earth’s sphere of gravitational dominance and passes into the Moon’s domain.”


1. Mike Fuller’s Apollo 11: Moon is Ours is a saga mixing history and today reality about personalities invited to play the 1969 space opera in order to improve understanding of it, science (69 and 14) and semi-fiction (Apollo in the 2000’s). Archives of the 1st mission on Fred Kelly: Facebook wall.

2. Launch II was at midnight for the New Year.

3. Apollo 11 II is a creation by the Web Novelist Mike Fuller writing for the mass the explanation of a Feature Film that you imagine with your knowledge and sensibility. Apollo 11 remake or sequel helps us to be closer to our civilization and its goal to have a greater fame than others. For the achievement of human kind. Fascinating. To be studied on a daily basis with Apollo 11 Flight Journal. TIMEFRAMES

4. Fuller is telling us that everybody could be one of the 3 astronauts onboard. His message is about travels and heroes. We are lost in 2014 with no new direction regarding promotion of our Society. Consequently, Schumacher, Rubio (an American Senator), Fishburne (SAG famous African American actor) and Fuller’s protégé Vidal are the right selection of 2014 to imagine us in the saucer. TIMEFRAMES


Apollo CMS-LM spacecraft. NASA.

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