Le Motard Fou™, The Crazy Biker™: Enemy of Super-Hero DEUCE™, Super-Villain Produced by, Produit Par TIMEFRAMES LLC.

January 2, 2014

Timeframes LLC presents a new comic story by Mike Fuller about a team of restless fellows who want to build a jungle of funny miscommunications and disasters about networking for bizarre deals. Le Motard Fou™, The Crazy Biker™ is the Enemy of new Super-Hero DEUCE™ that is the super-name of Fred Kelly.

Other characters, autres personnages: Dr. KGB™, Politburo™ are villains to be main associates of Le Motard Fou™, The Crazy Biker™. Inspiration of the comic is MAD, magazine and its sense of humor so emblematic of our New Age civilization of great culture and reform of the dysfunctional universe that is ours.



Enemy of Super-Hero DEUCE™: is Le Motard Fou™, The Crazy Biker™:, a Super-Villain Produced by, Produit Par TIMEFRAMES LLC.


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