January 30, Quarantine Over: Moon An Old Memory and Ready For City Hall In February, March Election.

January 30, 2014






Mike Fuller:

Liberty after a medical county jails organized by NASA with all the controls to check that they are safe and not Moon addicted.

Ready to be the Senator of Lousiana.



Quarantine Over: Moon An Old Memory and Ready For City Hall In February, March Election.


Le Premier Homme Sur La Lune Fut Américain Et Symbolise Le Premier Maire de Nice Qui Soit D’Origine Espagnole Et Un Type Extra.


Fred Kelly is a Semi-Fictional Super-Hero Who Met Apollo 11, Mission Day 2 in the Space to the Moon in 2014.


Day 3: More Writing of The Web Draft Of Mike Fuller’s Apollo 11 Novelism Achievement With The Flight Journal And Science Fiction.


Lunar Orbit: Fuller At His Best For Armstrong And Aldrin Turning Around The Moon According To Russians And Lohan.


Mission Accomplished: Vidal is On The List And The Apollo 11 Crew In The Ocean For Mike Fuller, Screenwriter-Novelist.


Armstrong Meets Moon: It’s USA Meeting Modernity.


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What about Barack Obama with Blake Lively. Porn in Hollywood with Marijuana is the daily life of the President of the USA. Mike Fuller

Blake Lively, girlfriend of Barack Obama: this is the accusation of Mike Fuller about a drug addicted President who is also a Human trafficker.

Barack Obama must resign as soon as possible : he is the devil in America. His slavery in Hollywood about Blake Lively and co must stop. FK

Hollande is with Obama against the respect of France in America. FK

No more Screen Actors Guild in  America. This evil Union must be destroyed by AFL-CIO for Human Trafficking and permanent porn. MF

Christian Estrosi is in touch with Hollywood and human traffricking there. My house in Hollywoodland was stolen by his friends. MF

Actresses in Hollywood must be respected and evil human traffickers must be arrested by American Justice. Investigation needed about Estrosi. MF

Defamation in the French Cinema about Frederic Vidal movie FRENCH COP and American actresses must stop or French Justice. Mike Fuller

François Hollande must stop harassing Frederic Vidal about Blake Lively. Vidal will call FBI soon about it. MF

Prison Break is the TV Show that explain Human Trafficking to US People. Actors this show are against FRENCH COP dangerously. MF

Mick Jagger is the sponsor of Hollywood horrors as he is the Brown Sugar king and a Rolling Stone without morality. Mike Fuller

François Hollande with Julie Gayet in Hollwood to support Obama harassment of the Film industry population: it’s possible with Bad France, it’s François Hollande against his Party Socialist with French Show Biz and Hollywood weird connections. Mike Fuller

Good France is Frederic Vidal and Socialist party with their tradition of Lafayette partnership and Prime Minister Ayrault diplomacy of pro-French Cop tradition. Mike Fuller is against Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister with no real identity of History relations between France and USA. Mike Fuller

Hollande and Estrosi are partners against RJR, the Frederic Vidal local Party opf Republicans and Socialists in Nice for City Hall.

François Hollande thinks he is Louis the XIV with bad advice of nasty President Mitterrand and Estrosi, Nice Mayor is a local Brejnev. MF

The NSA will not succeed to brainwash the minds of the planet population. Situation in California is terrible about sex and drugs. MF

Il ne faut pas attaquer à Hollywood si l’on veut que la France soit respectée en Amérique. Mike Fuller


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