From Nashville, Frederic Vidal Dedicates To Jessie Andrews His Top Song ‘Silly, Nice and Porn Star’ And Wants Her In His Film 15/16.

For 15/16, new Google Site, created this evening:

Lyrics of Silly, Nice and Porn Star
by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

You are a part of the minorities,

you look like nobody else and you shine,

you wait for nothing else than more famme

but your fame is social and not only commercial.

Silly, Nice and Porn Star,

Lovely, smart and fine celebrity.

They consider you too undergroumd,

connected to weed and LGBT,

I can swear you are a punk

more civic than anyone.

I will see you in LA

for a first touch and a final relationship.

Silly, Nice and Porn Star by BRAMSTOCKER and Fred Kelly,

Since the equivalent landing in Baltimore, October 16, a lot of new articles were written by Frederic Vidal from the United States. After 4 years in France, it was necessary to build the equivalent of a business plan and a strategy in our style not possible to imitate. It’s a Tweet at 8:30am, from Nashville, that informed of the dedication to Jesssie Andrews. The young model, DJ and porn star was first time featured on this blog around July 1, 2014. Frederic Vidal also wants Jessie to be co-lead of short film 15/16.

Now in Nashville, located on Music Row, Frederic Vidal enjoys a permanent MIDEM of the American Music Industry, is going to join BMI after ASCAP-SACEM membership low. 2015 is finishing with goal meeting Jessie Andrews in Los Angeles in December. The year really began with the ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ of April, May, June with Cannes Film Festival and MIDEM.

Frederic Vidal is more than a fan of adult entertainment, it’s a part of his ideology and even political program for the Presidency. He recorded last Spring a ‘celebrity sex tape’ to proove it. Then last Summer, composition and recording of the 12 songs of ‘President of the States’ for BRAMSTOCKER. This was a massive artistic gift to the year. Then, in September, preparation of the mission with objective: to be in Desmoines and previously in the medias and on the market. Study of the landing of the US troops in France in June 1944 and their fight until Berlin.

Year began with project GERMAN SPY III, Thomas Spears in the 2000’s. Still in progress but priority is Mike Fuller Q & A: 15/16, fifteen sixteen, our new university year. And to succeed to be with Jessie Andrews and to film 15/16 in 4 days, in Iowa all at once.

Jessie Andrews, more than a diva, a super hero like me.


Without or with clothes, she's always a great woman who have no competitor, she's my queen. FV about Jessie Andrews.

Without or with clothes, she’s always a great woman who has no competitor, she’s my queen. FV about Jessie Andrews.


On Twitter, yesterday, Sunday 11/30/2015.

Dear Jessie: I am so glad I will be in LA beginning December. I want so much to see you there. Frederic Vidal

Your management never replied to my gmails. So let’s be in touch directly. We could meet at Pig’n Whistle Hollywood.

I have project short film 15/16 about fashion & civism, main role for you. We could film it mid-December in 4 days.

Regarding budget I’m excited to be in process to get compensation $1M for unlawful house short sale, 6218 Rockcliff.

I’m in Nashville, performing songs for music biz since mid-Nov. Music scene to be reformed, good impact 4 me. FV

You’re a disc jockey inspiring me new ideas all the time when I play my 12 songs or not. FV

Monday, Nov 30.

From Nashville, Frederic Vidal dedicates to Jessie Andrews his top song ‘Silly, Nice and Porn Star’. Watch it 15/16

The Silly, Nice and Porn Star is Jessie Andrews according to author of the song Frederic Vidal who wants her iconic.


November 29, 2015: 15/16, film organization

15/16: 2 Years That Concluded United States Formula 1 For Another System Of Power And Administration.

November 28, 2015: Message to the Guilds.

Messages To The 4 Hollywood Guilds: I Will Be In Los Angeles Before Christmas To Start The Production Of 15/16, Mike Fuller Q & A. Signed Frederic Vidal, President Of Timeframes LLC,

November 26, 2015: The Thanksgiving letter.

My Letter To Hillary Clinton For Her To Recommend Me To Be In The Press. Frederic Vidal Is Mike Fuller.

 November 24, 2015: happy Thanksgiving messages.

November 22, 2015: 15/16, first presentation environment synopsis.

15/16, Fifteen Slash Sixteen: 2 Years Together For A President To Be In Charge In 17, Frederic Vidal Who Is Also Mike Fuller For A Semi-Fictional Short Film To Be Produced By Timeframes LLC, This December In Desmoines, Iowa And Released In January Before The Caucuses!

November 20, 2015: first concert Bramstocker at Idle Hour.

IN 1 YEAR VOTE MIKE FULLER, because you want a 3rd solution: GOP2. BRAMSTOCKER Starring Fred Kelly for President of the States CD COUNTRY PUNK IN NASHVILLE, TN FOR THANKSGIVING

November 18, 2015: new study about blacklisting.

Am I The Snowden In America? After Charlie Sheen HIV Positive, We Can Check This Is A Country That Anti-Support And Sometimes Destroy Its Stars. I Reply By A New Business Plan By Frederic Vidal.

November 14, 2015: a mini press release.

A Press Reminder. Frederic Vidal Writes To The Journalists: I’m Waiting For You More Than Ever!

November 4, 2015: Political, business and cultural plan for Nashville.

FRED KELLY: Nashville For BRAMSTOCKER, My Still Active Dead Punk Band From 77, Is Like The Country In 2 Parts, Conservatives And Moderates.

October 30, 2015: a reminder, French Cop is still our Timeframes franchise #1 film.

Before GERMAN SPY pre-production in 2016, The 6 Parts Of FRENCH COP: BLACKOUT Synopsis Are Now The Basics Of The TIMEFRAMES Universe Upgrade About The USA Presidency As We Still Live In The USB.

October 29, 2015: in French, for a reform of Vth Republic there.

L’Article Additionnel Doit Permettre A La France De Changer De Régime Avant 2017: Une VIIe République Avec La Même Constitution De Commencer Vraiment Le XXIe Siècle En Alliance Avec Les USA!

October 28, 2015: all the lyrics of the songs of President of the States.

BRAMSTOCKER Lyrics of President Of The States Songs With Audio And Video Recordings To Diffuse On Your Radio, Part Of Mike Fuller Campaign For The Presidency!

October 27, 2015: first days in the US with final press release Frederic Vidal Presents To The American Press Its Program For The Presidential Election: 8 Chapters Related To His 4 ID Names: FULLER, KELLY, SPEARS And VIDAL.


On Tumblr, important articles have been published on this additional blog: 

Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol is contemporary art symbol of 15/16 message of fiction and reality for the Presidential election.

2 Immigrants more than one: Arnold Schwarzenegger invited by Frederic Vidal for the Alternate Ticket at next year election fight. A Secretary of the Arts and an Amendment will be promoted. The Screen Actors Guild, the GOP, California and Germany connect already the 2 men

Clinton is not Goebbels. It’s time for a Secretary of the Arts. The US need good propaganda according to PhD, Frederic Vidal.

Criminal Planet A Cappella: Obama must stop preventing me to be in the press, as I sing at the Bobby’s Idle Hour on Music Row, Nashville, my songs of ‘President of the States’ to start a real career I deserve in America. Frederic Vidal of Bramstocker.


Updates and Upgrades

On Twitter
this morning, 12/1/2015

7:04am. From Nashville, TN. Vidal Fuller 2016. 15/16: when short film meets reality show. President of the States =

7:11am. From Nashville, TN. Vidal Fuller 2016. 15/16: when Reagan meets Schwarzenegger. President of the States =

7:11am. From Nashville, TN. Vidal Fuller 2016. 15/16: when questions are more important than replies. Pres of th S =

7:19am. President of the States = A filmmaker for election day. The web culture in politics. When Vidal tags Warhol.

1st draft for a postcard that could be a poster of the short film / reality show 15/16 about politics & show biz. FV


Marilyn Monroe definitely a part of the production design of 15/16, the same for Andy Warhol, Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. FV

15/16: 2 Years That Concluded United States Formula 1 For Another System Of Power And Administration.

The ones who managed the old system were wrong, they killed it without understanding that they could have share its management with me and my lieutenants, from everywhere in America and abroad.

In December, next month, we are today November 29, we will be ready to film like never, to film the reality of the power and the reasons why it collapsed all at once this Sunday when I informed on Twitter Mike Fuller that there was not anymore a living system managing the Power and the Administration.

On Monday, November 30:

In order to win next year, Arnold Schwarzenegger is welcomed to join our program, possibly as future Vice-President of Mike Fuller.


Thomas Spears, the great German hero, is scheduled for GERMAN SPY III, promoted in Cannes for the Film Festival, must have been delayed for diplomacy reasons about World war III and WWII. Never mind, 15/16 replaces this end of the GERMAN SPY trilogy, third chapter to be produced before the 2 previous ones.

Read this article about systemics and others linked to understand the gravity of today’s destruction of the American system of power:


  1. Who? Me, a Rock Icon.
    I’m the witness of dysfunctional things since October and I explain
    them to the camera. Nobody knows me: it’s not possible. Nobody almost speaking with me and no invitation at all, so, I invited myself to ceremonies and concerts.
  2. What? The Presidency,
    This is the subject that created a problem of socialization for me since Baltimore until Nashville. To be candidate is a handicap. I have a zero budget until now, it’s normal. Fundraisings in February and breakthrough in May for the Super Monday, a D-Day before the Convention with more popularity than the other candidates for me to be the selected one..
  3. Where? In Des Moines.
    Iowa is my destination after Los Angeles, there is an anarchy in the Republican campaign of the last months of 2015, dispute about the debates. I represent Mr. Mike Fuller, President of the USA (another dimension, we live in the USB for them. This is the fictional part of the film) and my client want to know what is wrong also for the Democrats.
  4. When? Next year, in January.
    The federal State is dead this weekend after Thanksgiving, celebrating too much I was down without medias and networks and finding no solution against the problem of social poverty and not enough employment in the 50 States. It is not good to underestimate your competitor. Me, I feel stronger than ever, a human being 100% operational. Think about David and Goliath. The winner was not the tallest.
  5. How? By being elected President.
    Election day will be first Tuesday of November 2016. In fact, polls show the favorites and people think too much it’s almost the results of the election. I have my chance like anybody else, this is political justice and the rule to prevent immigrants to be President must be cancelled.


28 Nov 2015.


29 Nov 2015.


Last day of life, and then nothing anymore. I consider the Power System in the US passed away today as I’m still unable to be ‘First Page’ of the Washington Post. But he died for other reasons too and me, I’m blackouted, I was, also on TV and meeting places.

Messages To The 4 Hollywood Guilds: I Will Be In Los Angeles Before Christmas To Start The Production Of 15/16, Mike Fuler Q & A. Signed Frederic Vidal, President of Timeframes LLC,

Message to Ken Howard, President, the Screen Actors Guild, presently SAG-AFTRA.

Message to Paris Barclay, President, the Directors Guild of America

Message to  Howard A. Rodman, President, Writers Guild
of America, West

Motion Picture Association of America
Christopher J. Dodds,
Chairman and CEO

Hello Presidents:

I am back in America after 4 years in Europe, in my hometown, Nice on the French Riviera. I arrived on the East Coast, October 16 for a visit of Baltimore, Maryland and a first press release regarding my campaign. You don’t know maybe that I am a freelance Presidential candidate for the 2016 election and I do my best to be validated by the press and the authorities to represent movie and music industries in the campaign, and also social activities like unions and non profits. The fact I feel I have too much personal enemies in Hollywood can be pertinent for you to know in order to help me to control this context.

I began as an immigrant in February 2003, first on the West Coast in Pacific Palisades, then in Mount Washington, Los Angeles where I was lucky to become homeowner thanks to my American wife. Now that I am divorced, I am totally devastated to acknowledge that there is so much individualism in the United States and no solidarity at all. For instance, here in Nashville where I am writing you this message, unfortunately from the Nashville Rescue Mission, my sad but provisory residence, sad but necessary for all these homeless people that I want to continue to support and entertain all my career by financing this rescue mission and others in the US (gospel mission).

After Mount Washington, I relocated with Candice in Hollywoodland and there with my LLC created in 2005, I began to write a project of script: FRENCH COP that is still in waiting as I did not succeed to meet interesting people for my film after I joined Screen Actors Guild in 2005. This time I want the contrary when I will arrive in Los Angeles, normally in one week. This time I cannot be defeated by miscommunication, mistakes of destiny or boycotts and blacklisting (here in Nashville, I have the feeling I am negatively well know of my Punk Rock of 1977 and my web fame for a result of less contacts and conversations). I don’t understand that, it must be because I am a French native and the authorities possibly too don’t like my candidacy or my indie style.

So, never mind, it’s gonna be Ok to leave Nashville with my new debut album ‘President of the States’ and its 12 songs that you can appreciate on recorded live for a double demo CD that I will diffuse in LA to the people who want it. What is the most important for me right now is to tell you that I am preparing a short film titled 15/16, Mike Fuller Q & A, for a production very fast, mid-December (one week of filming in Iowa) and a diffusion starting in January included in the political campaign of the caucuses. This film is all about futuristic political fiction and I am sure you will like it a lot, as we need a new wave that I call a cold wave of new propositions regarding Washington and the Power in America.

I just wrote and sent to Mrs. Hillary Clinton a nice letter demanding her to do something in order to stop the press embargo that prevent me to be published in the newspapers and diffused on TV and radio. I think it will be useful and today, the day after Thanksgiving, I want to propose you to contribute to the solution to my problems:

– in Hollywoodland, in 2011 I have been obliged to accept the short sale of my house, at 6218 Rockcliff Drive, CA 90068 after a tragedy of 5 years below the Hollywood Sign. I can give you a lot more details if necessary butr what is important is that the house was accused by a buyer who is a SAG actor to be toxic, I find that disgusting, and criticized that way nobody else could do an offer, with a so bad reputation for the building. Meanwhile, Hollywood, major and indie companies proposed me nothing as an actor, a screenwriter, a director or a producer. I can do all these jobs but I checked there was a kind of blackout around me. The same was obvious for the girls, no actress to accept a dating with me, on the contrary, bad episodes of rejection, I don’t find that correct.

I was not lucky but I am still there, a lot are dead, some resigned for a Midwest retirement, thousands and thousands of victims stop their career, I am still here and I am going to win. We understand why it’s so difficult: money. It is a business, I mean movie, with a possible box office that is huge amount of money, too fascinating sometimes but so attractive that it can create a too tough competition. So I would like you to make a little investigation about what could be wrong between me and your members. I will contact you when I am on location but already now I can imagine that there is a network refusing my art and career, for personal and business reasons. The goal is to neutralize them, to neutralize bad buzz about me, to improve my image that was weak in the 2000’s.

I start a cultural campaign connected to politics and the Presidential election in order to create some positive pressure for the politicians.

I want to tell you that I decided to share with you my goal that is clear and definitive and can be explained like this:

to get what we did not get in 2008-2009, meaning a Secretary of the Arts, that we can also call a Culture Department, not existing until now, there was a great movement for its creation when Barack Obama arrived at the Presidency, unfortunately nothing followed. In our super Country, it is not possible anymore not to have in DC an administration to represent us. I will propose a sponsored administration and decentralized indifferent States of the Union like Nashville for the music.

Otherwise, I don’t want to be pessimistic or optimistic, I have a film to do, other options are secondary. This film is about the principle of my candidacy and to promote it but as I have no support and no organization, it is not bad propaganda at all. My main problem is with the press, so I sent a letter to Hillary Clinton to get her recommendation because she is so huge, she can help little candidates. Copy of this letter is on my WordPress blog (

About these subjects (propaganda, secretary of the arts, Goebbels):

Before to conclude this long email letter I will publish on my blog, I want to share also with you the interesting structure of the short film I have to produce.

The story is about me being interviewed by a young lady that is not a journalist. But it’s not really a documentary because we can say it is 75% about reality and 25%  about fiction, semi-fictional

  1. Who?

Who am I? A rock icon, I began teen in France with my band BRAMSTOCKER and still now playing 12 new songs in Nashville.

Also, I am a homeowner without a home, right now. I cancelled the foreclosure of my house (that I call 6218) in 2010 but I signed its short sale in December 2011.

I am also playing in my scifi stories, the lawyer and representative of the other dimension they call USA, calling us USB, President, Mike Fuller.

2. What?

What am I doing here for this interview? Good propaganda. We could see with Joseph Goebbels during Hitler (his minister of propaganda) that ‘Communication can kill’, communication can also give more energy to the people.

I think this short film has the format of ‘Webisode‘ for the Internet and consequently, it’s a product for our new medias but to be available also for TV and more. But it’s really a film meaning a movie totally with an artistic vocation to participate in festivals eventually.

3. Where?

We are in Desmoines, Iowa, the location of the first vote for the primaries, it will be February 1st, 2016. This is a place that is symbolically very important.

But I have in mind Nashville, Tennessee, I’m a musician, where I was located in November to propose the concept of ‘First State’ that can be the crucial one, depending on the matter, obviously important anytime.

4. When?

15/16: fifteen sixteen, title of this movie means, first, the University Year, from September to June, including 2 regular years.

When can I succeed to be more than a part of the background of the Presidential election. If this film attracts the population, if there is a favorable opinion but it will be delayed. I was not at all in the circus of the autumn for the Republicans. So, I have no chance before March to be featured strongly. Then, there is the Super Tuesday, I imagine a Super Monday for me in the medias then my transfer among the candidates. Conviction is always good, without daydreaming obviously.

5. How?

The mode of a Q & A is perfect to forget nothing and to explain all the details. By developing my 25 propositions that represent new ideas, modernity about social affairs before all. War marketing, Presidential Power, USAvs USB and IVth Reich, empowerment for the LGBT, more regulation pro-weed, punk promotion, porn rehabilitation. Then locomotive of my program: CULTURE DEPARTMENT. What Hillary would do with this project? This is not to control arts, could be device for totalitarism like Goebbels. It can also be power for emancipation, monitoring and help to networking for cultural minorities, alternate, underground expressions.

See you in Los Angeles or on the Web.

Frederic Vidal
Fred Kelly
Mike Fuller
Thomas Spears

You can find me on the Web:

The original French Cop Logo

The original French Cop Logo

My Letter to Hillary Clinton For Her To Recommend Me To Be In The Press. Frederic Vidal Is Mike Fuller.


Hillary Clinton can help me to be in the press.

Sent November 27, 1:45pm, from Mashville TN to:

Thank you to read my Letter to Hillary Clinton that is published on my blog ‘a cappella’. As a matter of fact, I cannot join the normal press and TV news and I want  Mrs. Clinton to know it in order to help me to stop this mistake as I can be very useful in US medias.
Best regards.
Frederic Vidal



Hello Hillary Clinton:

I want to tell you how much you are a person I admire as a future President. You are the best example of the United States modernization: a woman at the White House, this is what everyone must want and you are the present politician who is the most competent to be elected.

Regarding me, I have problems to be included in the campaign, I never succeeded to have an article in the press or to be on TV. I am an immigrant and I want to be Presidential candidate, believing in the Congress, the Supreme Court or an Amendment to validate my choice to do my best to be elected.

My knowledge of the Constitution is inspiring me that if an American leader is enough popular to get the Presidency, it is like if he was born on the US territory. Public opinion can decide a personality is useful enough to get the authorization to be President. But first, there are the polls and then the election. If I cannot be known by the voters, we will never know if I could have been validated.

I know how much you are a fair and smart lady, wife of a President. In Nashville where I am located, I was proud to participate in the conference of your daughter Chelsea a few days ago. I have this problem with the press, they never want to publish me in their newspapers and magazines. I would like you to interfere and recommend me to them.

I am a Republican but so isolated inside the GOP. I was in Los Angeles, I lost my house by short sale, songwriter and movie maker, I had too much difficulties in the 2000’s. Back from Europe in October, I could check some social exclusion in Baltimore, Washington and now Nashville whre I live at the Rescue Mission. This is not good, I deserve better for my project to be candidate as an artist and a PhD in order for me to be your competitor of a new style connected to show business. I suppose you will appreciate my decision to inform you that I need your help because I was always thinking you are a good person.

Best regards.

Frederic Vidal
alias Mike Fuller

Copy: Judge John G. Roberts, Supreme Court

On Twitter No Woman, No Lie. Happy Thanksgiving, Hillary Clinton, I already sing a cappella before to have guitar and press. For Thanksgiving’s eve, I played NWNL A Cappella and Criminal Planet for Hillary Clinton. I met Chelsea in Nashville for a conference at the public Library mid-November and I kept her in mind to find the great area of Music Row, the 16th and 17th avenue, close to Vanderbilt University, with my special location Midwest and Country music, the Bobby’s Idle Hour, where I my American tour that will include ALL MAIN CITIES OF THE MIDWEST before Republican Convention  next Summer. My music is politically GOP.  I want Hillary Clinton to help me to be in the press. Her daughter inspired me to find the Music Business. There, on Music Row, there is the so famous Studio B of RCA Victor, now a museum you can visit anytime. I would like the same in politics with Hillary Clinton to invite me on a TV set before December as I have my 16 propositions ready and the feeling I cannot sing in the medias and I cannot promote my candidacy.

So, I am about to write her a letter for her support. I consider she wants me to express my even in the polls. I can see no other solution. Except my music by mylself like for every talent, music is the best promotion and self-promotion. No Woman, No Lie by my band spirit and style, BRAMSTOCKER, and me, Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller alias Fred Kelly alias Thomas Spears.



BRAMSTOCKER with Fred Kelly.
Songs by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP-SACEM) for BRAMSTOCKER debut album President of the States.



On Twitter

In 2 days, it will be Thanksgiving and the time to begin this final countdown to the fantastic deadline of Christmas or for others to New Year’s eve. I, I will play tomorrow for Thanksgiving’s eve, a new concept to explain that even without a family you can be happy and celebrate a good turkey that could be a record deal  when you have not yet a profession, you wait for it.

So, Xmas next and New Year’s eve, 2016, January 1st, the following day. Then begins the Holiday Season for everybody in the United States as we must not be too much concerned by global threats, terror will always be terror and terrorism will not prevail like Hitler and his Germany that were too terrible and ambitious, preparing a IIIrd Reich worldwide.

We don’t want this sort of totalitarism not able to manage the society in a way that has to be human, we’re not machines. Terror the same has no illusion about human kind and wrong their doctrine because there is always some hope WE WILL DO BETTER. This is the feeling and the message I want you to share if you are Ok for these very last weeks of 2015. This year has been not disapointing at all but we have been obliged to struggle, to fight like never, in order to get what we want, what we deserve, what we need: a victory, a daily life success or a historic one, it depends.

For me, for you, there will always be a possible consecration and 16 will be the confirmation of it. So, have a great Thanksgiving, everybody, in December it will be the conclusion of the year, a month with all the gifts before Christmas, the result of the 11 previous months, time of comfirmation we made it.

Frederic Vidal,
Presidential candidate not yet validated by the US,
songwriter of the song President of the States.

On Facebook

I chose my turkey for for Thansgiving, Jennifer Lawrence, a brilliant actress who is more than that and for us, Americans, a great Lady with a charm and a smile that are unique and we needed that. I am as usual busy on several scripts with irony and not trauma I will do my best but not one more time to delay the production, on the contrary, I will accelerate it. I have this short film project, 15/16, I would like to shoot in December just before Christmas BUT I APPEAR TOO MUCH AS THE ENEMY NUMBER ONE since I landed in Baltimore, October 16.

To be the Public Enemy Number One, at the level of the legal people, I don’t accept it, I am disturbing nobody, it’s a comic book dispute, but I can check the Americans are not feeling well tom see me alone in the streets, sleeping in a rescue mission. I hope next week to be able to have my own flat in Nashville or I will be already in LA. For now, dear Facebookers, HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING, this Jennifer Lawrence will show us the way to 2016, another year I want Presidential and for you of an upgrade Web with the philosophy of it.

I am sure I will find a solution with the authorities to be in the medias, I am not not Joseph Goebbels, just a regular immigrant who wants to be featured like Donald Trump because the principle of equivalence. There is no reason for one not to have the right of the other if the two are equivalent, mentally, socially, politically AND I SWEAR TODAY I AM THE SAME THAN DONALD TRUMP, we’re not too much different at all, except the money but it’s a lot secondary.

Except the money but it’s a lot secondary. So Trump in 5 letters like Vidal in 5 equivalent letters, it is the reality and I demand to the Nation to be informed there is something delusional in the air. Don’t cvall me Donald but call me Fuller as a treatment.

Frederic Vidal


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