15/16: 2 Years That Concluded United States Formula 1 For Another System Of Power And Administration.

November 29, 2015

15/16: 2 Years That Concluded United States Formula 1 For Another System Of Power And Administration.

The ones who managed the old system were wrong, they killed it without understanding that they could have share its management with me and my lieutenants, from everywhere in America and abroad.

In December, next month, we are today November 29, we will be ready to film like never, to film the reality of the power and the reasons why it collapsed all at once this Sunday when I informed on Twitter Mike Fuller that there was not anymore a living system managing the Power and the Administration.

On Monday, November 30:

In order to win next year, Arnold Schwarzenegger is welcomed to join our program, possibly as future Vice-President of Mike Fuller.


Thomas Spears, the great German hero, is scheduled for GERMAN SPY III, promoted in Cannes for the Film Festival, must have been delayed for diplomacy reasons about World war III and WWII. Never mind, 15/16 replaces this end of the GERMAN SPY trilogy, third chapter to be produced before the 2 previous ones.

Read this article about systemics and others linked to understand the gravity of today’s destruction of the American system of power:



  1. Who? Me, a Rock Icon.
    I’m the witness of dysfunctional things since October and I explain
    them to the camera. Nobody knows me: it’s not possible. Nobody almost speaking with me and no invitation at all, so, I invited myself to ceremonies and concerts.
  2. What? The Presidency,
    This is the subject that created a problem of socialization for me since Baltimore until Nashville. To be candidate is a handicap. I have a zero budget until now, it’s normal. Fundraisings in February and breakthrough in May for the Super Monday, a D-Day before the Convention with more popularity than the other candidates for me to be the selected one..
  3. Where? In Des Moines.
    Iowa is my destination after Los Angeles, there is an anarchy in the Republican campaign of the last months of 2015, dispute about the debates. I represent Mr. Mike Fuller, President of the USA (another dimension, we live in the USB for them. This is the fictional part of the film) and my client want to know what is wrong also for the Democrats.
  4. When? Next year, in January.
    The federal State is dead this weekend after Thanksgiving, celebrating too much I was down without medias and networks and finding no solution against the problem of social poverty and not enough employment in the 50 States. It is not good to underestimate your competitor. Me, I feel stronger than ever, a human being 100% operational. Think about David and Goliath. The winner was not the tallest.
  5. How? By being elected President.
    Election day will be first Tuesday of November 2016. In fact, polls show the favorites and people think too much it’s almost the results of the election. I have my chance like anybody else, this is political justice and the rule to prevent immigrants to be President must be cancelled.


28 Nov 2015.


29 Nov 2015.


Last day of life, and then nothing anymore. I consider the Power System in the US passed away today as I’m still unable to be ‘First Page’ of the Washington Post. But he died for other reasons too and me, I’m blackouted, I was, also on TV and meeting places.


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