Worldwide Man’s Day: Today March 9, Against Wrong Parity Without Love Management Included And With Complementary as Corporate Principle!

March 9, 2016

Worldwide Man’s Day: Today March 9, Against Wrong Parity Without Love Management Included And With Complementary as Corporate Principle!

Community sites are the social Media. It is a new global village that must be understood as A NETWORK SITE (probably the name of TImefraMES new website soon).


More female generals in the US Army.

Men and women together must manage the organization of women emancipation  worldwide and locally.

Lobbying must be the general instrument of action of Women Rights empowerment.

The dates of the 8 and 9 of March are reinforced by the present campaign.

Until now, men in charge to support International women’s day were dysfunctional.



Letter to the Supreme Court of the US by Frederic Vidal, PhD.

There is another America.


I want to tell you you are unique and so crucial for the society and the institutions of our Country. There is another America, there is another World. This is the universe of the Subcultures and I want to invite you there.

You will appreciate so many difficulties against the expression of this population that is different but fair and useful for our Country. Contemporary art is the context of this USA2 that are not at all enemy of USA1.

Barack Obama, our President, is really popular and so close to this part of our Federation. On the other hand, he never decided a promotion of it. According to him, it’s sure that there are not enough studies about Another America (USA2). The NSA (National Security Agency) is the best to go on location and to send me a report because I am President of ACD (American Cultures Department) and I know Security can manage perfectly prospective and democracy inside minorities and for the Nation.

Jessie Andrews is the actress I want to marry this year as I am in love and ready to organize our wedding in Los Angeles where we live together. I am also an artist and an entrepreneur. We have the project to buy a house in the Hollywood Hills. I am also involved in the remake of the motion picture Gone with the wind.

From Atlanta, the hometown of Margaret Mitchell, author of the novel, I build the conditions of my write-in candidacy for the Presidential election, this year. The problem in America is the woman who is the slave of the States. What does that mean? An amendment and a 2nd one are necessary to confirm the Bill of Rights and to write a Bill Allright. To be or not to be, this is the question. The USA1 and the USA2 can be and live together as one. This will be the objective of my mandate if I am elected in November.

As a French native, I need a derogation. The vote of the amendments will include it retroactively and this jurisprudence appears smart and honest.

See you in Washington in July.

Frederic Vidal





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