The San Francisco Presidential News Conference Of Frederic Vidal / Mike Fuller For The Mass Medias And Alternate Press Will Be INTERNATIONAL With Worldwide Invitations To Commemorate The Creation Of The United Nations In The City Of The Culture of The New Age!


193 flags for 193 Countries that are members of the United Nations created after World War II, 10/24/1945, and representing the entire Planet of our American civilization that will receive our Summer 2016 message of FUTURE TOGETHER and ECONOMIE PARTAGEE for Bastille Day, July 14 from San Francisco, California.

Struggling against the US repression from Los Angeles, California, Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller is still blackouted and totally outside the press and mass medias. This decision of the American authorities and the journalists is the subject of Frederic’s letter to US Senator and previously Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio, invited him to interfere in order to have Frederic Vidal authorized to be published.

This is all about democracy and dictatorship. We are a democracy where, juridically and theorically, everything is possible for every citizen, everything good, everything useful for the others. In a dictatorship, a lot of people cannot express theirs opinions. This wrong and dangerous reality could be the situation in the United States if it would continue like that. So, Frederic Vidal file will do jurisprudence.

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Today, Frederic Vidal is writing his Postscript to his letter to Senator Marco Rubio with copy to FBI and Supreme Court about boycott CRIME.


France and USA did not stop their censorship of BRAMSTOCKER until now and Frederic VIDAL blacklisting as FRED HIGHEST SUPERSTAR ALL TIMES!!


V I D A L, American authorities will remember this name of a French native who was a Presidential candidate in 2016.


F R E D ER I C, American companies will remember this name of a French native who was elected US President in 2016.


1st name: F R E D ER I C. Last name: V I D A L. Nickname: M I K E F U L L E R. ‘I’m next Prez if I have the press.’


Vidal to Rubio not finished, missing Postscript TODAY: CRIMES Vs Frederic about Anti-Semitism and Press Segregation.

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Blake Lively, the actress that Barack Obama refused to be with Frederic Vidal is back to express her beauty and innocence on the big screen, 7 years later before the lawsuit against the black President by the victim, candidate to replace him.

Frederic Vidal is now registered (Count #1635, Candidate ID: P60021870) on the 2016 Presidential Form 2 Filer list on the Federal Election Commission site:

Page by Page Report Display:

Statement of candidacy (Filing FEC – 1079688).

The Hollywood, California based candidate who is a major Web master and cultural franchise manager with the Timeframes universe (Man from 25, French Cop) is building his political breakthrough in July with a platform against human trafficking. Meanwhile Blake Lively is back on the big screen to say hello!!


Medias Conference invitation, a marketing creation by Frederic Vidal.

On Twitter,  Monday June 26, 2016


Prez candidate #1635 (ID: P60021870), Frederic Vidal aka Mike Fuller starts today a Preview Web campaign before SF.


Harvey MILK, main dedication for our Bastille Day Frisco Medias Conference . D -17 for Frederic VIDAL breakthrough!!


BRAMSTOCKER dedicates to GRATEFUL DEAD, Jerry GARCIA 1960’s Cali Rock Band, Frederic VIDAL Frisco 7/14 Prez Conf. FK




Washington Corruption In Hollywood, Subject Of 1st Medias Conference By Presidential Candidate Frederic Vidal Alias Mike Fuller For Bastille Day, July 14 With Medias Release for The 4th Of July! 

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Today 6/24, TIMEFRAMES Day: Invitation for Medias Release (July 4) & Medias Conference (July 14) against Human Trafficking and Fake Couples.

TIMEFRAMES Day: Invitation by FV for Medias Release (July 4) & Medias Conference (July 14) for more New Age & Flower Power in Washington DC.

While Blake Lively is releasing her new motion picture, see

For Bastille Day, a medias conference to propose the solutions to solve this horrible problem: HOLLYWOOD SICK because SEX & DRUGS without ROCK’N ROLL.

For Independence Day, the Medias Release with the content of the cure: the medication is for Washington to accept more culture from another song than LET IT BE, LET IT BLEED.

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Next: a letter to US Senator and previously US Presidential candidate Marco Rubio to give him the last news about California.

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On WordPress by MIKE FULLER and Frederic Vidal, the same Man with 2 names and one only goal: TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES plus having a Wife (Jessie Andrews) and money to finance their campaign with Fundraising. The article is about INDEPENDENCE OF CALIFORNIA IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY CAREER: IVth REICH AND PORN PUNK! NEVADA AND ARIZONA WILL JOIN OUR CONFEDERATION! This is it, read it now with me writing it.

Man from 25: Final Countdown. and Velvet Eyes: Conspiracy are the 2 new light novels to film for the Web but it is expensive and there is also the Presidential campaign of their author Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller. So, Timeframes proposes on WordPress an episode of reality: while Jonathan Founders, the Velvet Eyes, is in Orlando investigating, after the shooting that killed 49 LGBTs, about ISIS and its network of supports in America, Frederic Vidal, himself hero of The Man From 25, is threatening the Federation of a comeback of the Confederation system that has been used by the old South to organize their military fight against Washington a long time ago. This time, there won’t be a war and a secession but just a dispute and a transformation.

The Man From 25 is a science fiction character of reality who traveled in time from 2025 to 2016 to be the leader of the change that was necessary, represented mainly by the emancipation and the empowerment of the State of California, the new locomotive of the United States. A great number of United States are disabled and collapsing because they are isolated and Washington is doing nothing to help them. Unemployment and immigration disorders, because Latinos and the blacks, are huge. These US of under-development could be helped by the USB, the United States of Business but Washington prevents sponsoring for all, including the authorities. So, only California and its worldwide fame, replacing the previous autonomy of Texas for its diplomacy, has a STRONG ECONOMY.


McGee Mountain and Mount Morrison of the Sherwin Range of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, as seen from Benton Crossing in the Long Valley Caldera. (Wikipedia)

It’s what we need. It was obvious the Country was poor since the Wall Street, real estate and credit crisis of 2008 because the White House was unable to propose another economy policy. Unfortunately in California, Hollywood and the movie industry were devastated by a sickness about politics (corruption), a lot of actors, directors and producers deciding to be kind of ‘slaves’ of the new President Obama. Frederic Vidal was known as a super hero and politician MIKE FULLER, a superior man from another dimension where the USA are really the USA according to him and his society, he’s already President there. In 2016, it was not possible for him to succeed to be in the press in May and June as Washington was preventing him to be in touch with the medias, supported by the bad Hollywood. So he proposed: the impeachment of President Obama and the independence of California if Washington refuses the candidacy of Mike Fuller alias Frederic Vidal and confirming consequently there is no hope to see one day Los Angeles to be the capitale of culture and the arts.

For the independence, it would be necessary to quit the Federation and to become an independent State with a seat at the United Nations and a foreign policy. Also, a partnership with the 49 other States would have to be negotiated for exportations or importations. This must be too extreme, another solution: a light confederation of several sites of the West, Nevada and Arizona first and a revendication about another policy scheduling more connections between East and West.

So let’s recapitulate: WE ARE THE SUBCULTURE on the Internet, the Global One with the important duty to change the world.

– First the federation meaning Washington, DC acknowledges the State of California was right on May 27 to certify my candidacy, to validate I am a Presidential candidate like any other else even being an immigrant because there is a CONSTITUTIONAL EXCEPTION regarding me: normally people not born cannot be President. I CAN, I WAS BORN IN FRANCE BUT I AM A HERO OF MY NEW COUNTRY, FOR WHAT I WROTE ON THE WEB, I PROPOSED TO IMPROVE OUR HISTORY. I AM a NEW GEORGE WASHINGTON, the 2nd one, a historic personality but Young and Fair, close to the Subculture when the mainstream is brainwashing badly the disabled and delinquent population.

Man From 25: Final Countdown, From Homelessness In The South To The Oval Office Of The White House. Mike Fuller Follows Frederic Vidal, Super-Hero and SciFi Space Time Traveler, During One University Year, 2016-2017, Reaching Progressively Power and Love Like In A Soap Opera!

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As the next President, I understood the US are a Delinquent Nation I have to rehabilitate with more Free Speech. FV


President Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower was my professor to study Presidency and United States management when I was in France the first part of my life. FV

MAN FROM 25, FINAL COUNTDOWN!! Frederic Vidal less than 6 months before to be elected President. Believe it or not.

On WordPress, the 2 series VELVET EYES: Conspiracy and MAN FROM 25: Final Countdown with

guest Amber Heard, Johnny Depp future ex-wife to support her fight in LA for divorce after domestic violence. My duty is to secure Women. FV

VOTE FOR THE DREAM. It’s US. This slogan could be campaign message connected with AMBER PICTURE LIKE THESE ONES. Everybody understanding this evocation is TO VOTE FULLER THAT IS TO VOTE VIDAL.

YOU CAN ALWAYS HAVE A 2ND CHANCE. Amber Heard and Frederic Vidal for manager of her career with THE UNITED STATES. Vote New Ike: Fuller. TS




Amber is a sweet and gifted actress, like from the 50’s, the American Dream herself. She was on a wrong freeway going somewhere she didn’t want to go. Now, I offer her a place in my Magic Bus for Washington, the federal town when there will be the results of the votes and before to prepare them together. She deserves it, she is my adviser.

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In the biopic and, first, biobook BONNIE & CLYDE: CHANGE (my Victory) me, Frederic Vidal (alias Mike Fuller and Silence Thomas Spears) and Jessie Andrews, my future wife, we want to express our impressions regarding America, its culture and its subculture, the show biz dangers and Hollywood final decadence before Timeframes upgrade of the movie industry. The White House is my right ambition and with Amber Heard who will be my Special Adviser, I decide to promote a program to prevent FAKE COUPLES in Hollywood, California and nationwide and to support couples to solve their problems. FV

With Jessie, we want in CHANGE Bonnie & Clyde (my Victory) to struggle against HUMAN TRAFFICKING in the movie industry and the show business, a new expression of this social sickness that is like slavery, a disease to cancel. The woman who can help us and be our fantastic intellectual sponsor is Sasha Grey, the famous porn artist who will become our possible Chief of Staff at the White House. FV

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