Silence Thomas Spears In San Francisco. The Wedding Song With Jessie Andrews.

June 8, 2016

Silence Thomas Spears In San Francisco. The Wedding Song With Jessie Andrews. 

A song for our fan club, the population. It’s possible after the primary of California:


On Twitter, June 8 2016

After the last primary 2016 in California, I have a new ELDORADO: IN EXTREMIS FLOWER POWER, a NEW AGE STATUS QUO. Frederic VIDAL, Next Prez.

IN EXTREMIS: I’m writing to the California Supreme Court to inform we have to vote again if necessary. There was a problem of information.

NEW AGE: Route 66 subject of our American tour this Summer and Indian Summer with ‘President of the States’ acoustic songs and ‘ME #3‘. FV

FLOWER POWER: SAN FRANCISCO will be the location of our Mid-June INTERNATIONAL SPEECH, ‘The United Nations of my Presidency‘. Frederic VIDAL

STATUS QUO: What’s up at the Republican Party? I’m the Third Man looking for a reset, an update and upgrade: A NEW LOOK WITH THE PRESS. FV


A cable car ascending Hyde St, with Alcatraz on the bay behind (Wikipedia).

The United Nations and my Presidency.

I have a social fan club since I am American but, French before and French also in the present times as a Dual Citizen, I know that the word entourage is the sign you are well appreciated but you need to be more organized.

Thanks to Hollywood where a lot of problems are going to be solved, I am confident to be your next President. The movie industry gave me the logistics of the context I have to imagine in order to be elected.

It’s international, this job to be President of the United Sates. It is more than ever crucial to participate in the building of a new world of progression of the human race. No more Marx, no more Hitler, no more Bin Laden: only the challenge to do better than our predecessors of the XXth century, to stop the risk of war where and when it happens I am concerned like before by the Middle-East.

The US deserve a worldwide reputation of peacemaker. It is a revolution to think like that. Barack Obama was a great President for diplomacy but we have not the same policy. I am a Republican and I want every Country of the planet to know I am their ADVISOR.

We did not speak like that before , it’s not pretentious an advisor. The NEW AMERICA is not only the one of the United States, you are welcomed to visit us every year to participate in it by visiting our new capitale of the future: REAGAN CITY in 2018 already operational downtown in Nebraska.

With Russia, to find NEW MEDICATIONS, social ones and for the illness to be cured. I invite Vladimir Putin to cofinance with me research to cure the cancer and Aids, the war against these diseases is in progress. We go outerspace but we don’t think enough about the health of the people.

In Africa, with Russia and the Europeans plus the Countries that want it, let’s propose a program to fight against under-development with a BUSINESS PLAN for each State. ISLAM must be the great religion we like after Jesus, our superstar of Galilea. The war against ISIS can finish if they accept to negotiate to stop terrorism.




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