Now Officially Registered With The FEC, Frederic Vidal Invites The Medias In San Francisco And Not LA, Location Of His Bastille Day Medias Conference!

June 25, 2016


Blake Lively, the actress that Barack Obama refused to be with Frederic Vidal is back to express her beauty and innocence on the big screen, 7 years later before the lawsuit against the black President by the victim, candidate to replace him.

Frederic Vidal is now registered (Count #1635, Candidate ID: P60021870) on the 2016 Presidential Form 2 Filer list on the Federal Election Commission site:

Page by Page Report Display:

Statement of candidacy (Filing FEC – 1079688).

The Hollywood, California based candidate who is a major Web master and cultural franchise manager with the Timeframes universe (Man from 25, French Cop) is building his political breakthrough in July with a platform against human trafficking. Meanwhile Blake Lively is back on the big screen to say hello!!


Medias Conference invitation, a marketing creation by Frederic Vidal.

On Twitter,  Monday June 26, 2016


Prez candidate #1635 (ID: P60021870), Frederic Vidal aka Mike Fuller starts today a Preview Web campaign before SF.


Harvey MILK, main dedication for our Bastille Day Frisco Medias Conference . D -17 for Frederic VIDAL breakthrough!!


BRAMSTOCKER dedicates to GRATEFUL DEAD, Jerry GARCIA 1960’s Cali Rock Band, Frederic VIDAL Frisco 7/14 Prez Conf. FK





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