Against Barack Obama, A Dictator About To Collapse In A Country That Needs A Change In 2016: THE DEMOCRACY, Frederic Vidal Alias Mike Fuller Starts His Worldwide Diffusion Of His Medias Communique To Become The Next President Of The United States of America!

July 7, 2016

Against Barack Obama, A Dictator About To Collapse In A Country That Needs A Change In 2016: THE DEMOCRACY, Frederic Vidal Alias Mike Fuller Starts His Worldwide Diffusion Of His Medias Communique To Become The Next President Of The United States of America!

NEW (July 9): read my medias communique on free-press-release


List of diffusion:
. 7/7/2016
– The Guardian,
– Nice-Matin,
– Moscow Times,
– New York Times,
– The Spiegel.
Letter to the Press
Dictatorship or Revolution? Democracy deserves only one!
To be a Presidential candidate is not something easy. I must show tot the press and the medias, nationwide and worldwide, I am the right name to follow not only in the newspapers. For that, I propose you this checklist of the main comments about the reality of my objective: to get the Presidency. I am available for interviews beginning now.
Also, visit my 2 sites and my 2 blogs:
Frederic Vidal a.k.a.
Mike Fuller


Medias release.
Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller, US Presidential candidate
critics and propositions against dictatorship in America.

From the 6218 Rockcliff Drive in Hollywoodland, Los Angeles until the 10, avenue Notre-Dame in Nice, France before to comeback in America, October 16, 2015 to start his campaign to be President, Frederic Vidal has always been a leaderand a supporter of Roma in the ancient times, the origins of our Law and Civilization with their principle, the SPQR. Consequently, from California, its headquarters, to the United Nations in New York, begins the diffusion of Frederic Vidal Medias Release, Senatus Populusque Romanus.

FEC form:

I am registered as a Presidential candidate with the Federal Election Commission (#1648, ID: P60021870) and famous on the Internet with a successful blog.
I am a Web candidate supporting the subculture and the minorities, waiting for more diffusion and the vote of an amendment.
I was a write-in candidate in June and in 2010, accepted by the State of California for the Republican primary after a first campaign to be US Senator in 2010.
I want to be A GUEST CANDIDATE. I am an artist (songwriter-performer and actor-screenwriter) and a self-made-man.

I have the feeling I am blacklisted and there is some defamation that I would be a crazy man. I must have a bad file at the National Security Agency (NSA).
This is against the BILL OF RIGHTS and the liberty of expression that is crucial in a democracy.
I never got a press article (is it because anti-Semitism of the Authorities?)
I want this to be cancelled (my name VIDAL is Jewish but it is not my religion).

I have a band and a company that are looking for more fame in Hollywood.
I wanted to marry a girl, she was a victim of human trafficking.
I propose a new McCarthy commission to solve the problems of the fake couples.
There must be an AMERICAN CULTURE DEPARTMENT to manage the artistic community.

The population and the businesses are OK to support my fight.
But the Mass Medias are not enough interested in featuring my candidacy.
There must be an alternate Nuremberg Trial to organize against neo-Nazism in America.
NEW AGE AND FLOWER POWER are the solutions to reduce corruption in the Congress and at the White House.

Mike Fuller2

Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller backstage at the eve of
Day, ready to be in the mass medias.  


STAY, for July 4, 2016 now associated with July 14 in Nice, France as
a new press release about terrorism and politics is upcoming.

On Twitter

I’m inviting the UN to decide the exclusion of the US for their collaboration with Adolf Hitler during the Holocaust (if the investigation confirms it).”

I am like late Elie Wiesel, a survivor of Auschwitz and I want to be President of the United States with my Jewish name VIDAL. Anti-Semitism in the US prevent me to have the press.”

Latest Tweets on

REPUBLICAN CONVENTION: JULY 18-21, CLEVELAND, OHIO. My Speech against Human Trafficking, titled HUMAN BEING, will be released on the 20. FV (July 16)

Hollywood-Washington Clique intensify its dysfunctional activity before Cleveland, 18-21 (GOP Convention). Solution: my speech: HUMAN BEING. (July 16)

Hollywood trafficking in Hollywood and nationwide is against American Dream & Beat generation, inspired by France partly, sadly. Human Being (July 16)

On Twitter 7/17/2016

CLEVELAND Republican Convention 7/20 Frederic VIDAL intervention TWITTER PREVIEW. HUMAN BEING vs Human Trafficking.

Frederic Vidal’s ‘HUMAN being VERSUS human TRAFFICKING’ Twitter PREVIEWS

1. 2025. 2025 is far away for nobody. We have the duty to confirm it: NO PLANET ANYMORE IN 26 maybe. Let’s prepare it.

NEW EARTH. I would like to see you there. I send you a ticket with love! It’s not so far away, from the original planet.

2. KODAK. Kodak almost past away. It collapsed not forever. The brand is back if we want it. This will be my choice.

APPLE. APPLE is #1 for goods about high tech. Investing in technologies is the 2010’s Eldorado with this 2nd US flag!

3. 1945. 1945 was the end of the war. I can swear it was the last world battle for the power hegemony. We have the UN to ckeck.

FRANCE. For Bastille Day, there was no more jail available for the king to invite his people, just Houses of Rights.

4. GRACE KELLY. KELLY is me, my artist name like my mother was princess who passed away in 1982. Before, she was in Hollywood in thrillers like FRENCH COP.

BLAKE LIVELY. BLAKE is her ist name, the las tone to be popular when human trafficking was a rule not accepted by herself but imposed by DC.


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