RELEASE #4: 4 PRESS BRIEFINGS In SF For TImefraMES & BrAmStOcKeR’s Next President In Town. Movie & Music, 2 Groups Of Mike FULLER To Present A Liberal Message To The Journalists: CLINTON And TRUMP Need A DASH!

July 30, 2016

RELEASE #4: 4 PRESS BRIEFINGS In SF For TImefraMES & BrAmStOcKeR’s Next President In Town. Movie & Music, 2 Groups Of Mike FULLER To Present A Liberal Message To The Journalists: CLINTON And TRUMP Need A DASH! 


The French actress Marion Cotillard is the symbol OF FRANCE IN AMERICA like all these brands of THE FASHION INDUSTRY we are proud to export in the US (I’m French-American for always more union and association). Her film career is great and emblematic of a Hollywood partnership with Marion’s system, compatible with my sweet ambition to be ELECTED, TO ATTRACT THE MEDIAS, THE SAME I NEED to be pertinent, social media is not enough to be efficient nationwide. 


PRESS BRIEFING #1: 84 killed in Nice because I am in Frisco?

PRESS BRIEFING #2: World War II: And The Winner Is?

PRESS BRIEFING #3: My Lawsuit against Trump.

PRESS BRIEFING #4: Liberty of Expression.  

Thursdays, August 4, 12, 19 and 26, 3pm,
201, Powell Street, SF, CA 94102

All the journalists available are welcomed for a coffee with some MILK.

Read other article dedicated to Cimino (DEER HUNTER): 

French Cop, German Spy, Velvet Eyes, stories of mine for feature films can be produced in 17, 18 and 19 after the Presidential election. Possible PRESIDENT OF THE STATES in 2017, now I’m registered with the FEC as a Presidential candidate while I’m releasing a new song THE WEDDING SONG in September. In France my previous State, they don’t support enough. My professional project about motion pictures & music business. I’m an artist and politician who hopes to get the votes of the poor and the disabled. But Bush and Obama must pay for their mistakes against me before my career victory TO BE AN ELECTORAL THREAT AGAINST DONALD TRUMP.

2nd email to the press (August 3, 6pm)

Hello guests to Thursday Press Briefing:
This is a reminder that I, Mike Fuller a.k.a. Frederic Vidal, I will welcome you for a first press touch and a good coffee break at the STARBUCKS on 201 Powell (close to Union Square and St-Francis Hotel) around 3pm, this Thursday August 4 in SAN FRANCISCO .
I definitely chose your city with in my mind the old times of the GOLD RUSH, the quality of San Francisco to build something strong after a discovery: ME IN POLITICS, it’s brand new and SO IMPORTANT according to me, when TRUMP’s COLLAPSING.
The contextual subject of this Thursday press briefing will be the MASSACRE IN NICE FOR BASTILLE DAY (84 killed). I’m a dual citizen (French and American) and you have to know NICE IS MY HOMETOWN since I was born there in 1959.
Sincerely yours.
Presidential candidate Frederic Vidal alias MIKE FULLER, FEC validated (# 1678, ID P60021870).

Welcome to my campaign! I need more press, radios, TVs to diffuse my Presidential candidacy. Relocated in San Francisco, FEC registered, my message stays the same as a Web candidate: NO TRUMP, NO JOKE! As a GUEST candidate (outside the Web), I will tell you on Thursday why we have so much to share with you, Medias, in order to IMPROVE our American Democracy, Culture and Economy!

Frederic a.k.a. Mike

Ready, Steady, Go for the Race to the White House.

First San Francisco PRESS BRIEFING.

MEET Indie Republican Candidate Frederic Vidal a.k.a. Mike Fuller:

Thursday, August 4, 3pm,
201, Powell Street, SF, CA 94102


After 9 months of campaign on location nationwide, Frederic Vidal a.k.a. Mike Fuller (alias Fred Kelly for movies and music) is definitely in San Francisco to promote his ideas for A NEW PRESIDENCY.

to restore American Pride AND WAS PREVIOUSLY:

Well BORN IN 59

(20 years after 39), like the Vietnam war, just before the famous 1960’s, WITH GRACE KELLY IN MONACO TO PREPARE HIS PRESIDENTIAL RACE TO WIN LIKE JFK (with and without MM) but as a Republican like REAGAN, Screen Actors Guild President, other family friend for 57 years of great memories to share now with the population, Washington and Lafayette.

Civic PUNK IN 77

in France and Great Britain using Rock music politically for social progress (10 years after Sergeant Peppers), WITH JIMMY CARTER REFUSING HIS BAND BY MISTAKE UNTIL NOW (Anti-Semitism?) but Ike Eisenhower finished Hitler previously. No segregation in America! All of us are fans of The Beatles and our BRAMSTOCKER. IVth Reich for the Jews.

Great PHD IN 99

(40 years after 59) just before Year 2000 of the Millennium and September 11, 2001 attacks against the World Trade Center in New York, WITH STAN LEE’s DAREDEVIL AS MASTERMIND OF A SCIFI LIFE, Timeframes, HIS COMPANY. HE WILL BE, HOPEFULLY

New PREZ IN 17

(40 years after 77) one century after the Russian revolution and Americans in WWII, WITH star JESSIE ANDREWS, FIRST LADY AND NO BLAKE. ONE AND ONLY MANDATE DEDICATED TO THE GIRLS IN THE UNITED STATES, too much victims of Human Trafficking. They were not available for me until now and Jessie will manage the ACD (AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT) for the New Age and Flower Power in DC. No more corruption with these new Bonnie and Clyde.


To improve the Republicans and welcome the Democrats who want more reforms.

Read my blog:
Email me:





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