Warning: VIDAL = FULLER = SPEARS = KELLY. Each Name (Also Brand) Represents One Activity Of the Web Rock Icon And Liberty Of Expression (Sex) Symbol: PERSONAL, POLITICAL, SOCIAL and PROFESSIONAL. In This Text, Second Part Explains What Is Wrong And MUST BE PROSECUTED With Donald TRUMP: Confusion Of Activities And Corruption Inter-Files!

August 4, 2016

Warning: VIDAL = FULLER = SPEARS = KELLY. Each Name (Also Brand) Represents One Activity Of the Web Rock Icon And Liberty Of Expression (Sex) Symbol: PERSONAL, POLITICAL, SOCIAL and PROFESSIONAL. In This Text, Second Part Explains What Is Wrong And MUST BE PROSECUTED With Donald TRUMP: Confusion Of Activities And Corruption Inter-Files! 


Frederic Vidal like Charlie Brown is a great boy always proud to be with his girl!!!

Yesterday on Twitter: 

Who’s Frederic VIDAL? WHO’S WHO of his 4 main NAMES? PRESS BRIEFING, San Francisco, tomorrow Thursday, August 4, 3pm, STARBUCKS, 201 POWELL. 

Frederic Vidal IS Frederic Vidal. FV Definition: BORN + MAN + JFK + WEB + Amendment = Jewish Legal Name = Peanuts.

Frederic Vidal IS MIKE FULLER. MF Definition: PREZ + COP + MY WAY + PRESS + Timeframes = Political Name = Peanuts. 

Frederic Vidal IS THOMAS SPEARS. TS Definition: PHD + SPY + WW2 + RADIO + Intervision = Scientific Name = Peanuts. 

Frederic Vidal IS FRED KELLY. FK Definition: PUNK + STAR + GRACE KELLY + TV + Minorities = Artistic Name = Peanuts. 

With the participation of bird Woodstock, previously featured are Charles M. SCHULZ characters: Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Snoopy: FRIENDS. 

This morning before the PRESS BRIEFING, FV diffused basic Tweets for this article on Twitter https://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Today, Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 3pm: PRESS BRIEFING from VIDAL FULLER Nationwide Headquarters in SAN FRANCISCO, California. At 5 pm: WEB. 

WHO’S WHO?? VIDAL = FULLER = SPEARS = KELLY. Each name represents one activity of FREDERIC. Vidal, personal. Fuller,

politics. Spears, social. Kelly, professional (CULTURE, SHOW BIZ). FREDERIC VIDAL keywords = BORN, MAN JFK and WEB.

FREDERIC VIDAL (personal activities) key files are the INTERVISION, the LAWSUIT, ISIS and the 51st STATE (France).

MIKE FULLER (FV political activities) keywords are PREZ, COP, MY WAY and PRESS. His key files are the AMENDMENT, the ACD (American Cultures

Department), the CAMP DAVID CONFERENCE (CDC) – diplomacy to end terrorism, the VIIth REPUBLIC in France. 3rd name

for social activities: THOMAS SPEARS (name of the fictional character hero of GERMAN SPY motion picture in progress). TS keywords: PHD, SPY,

WW2, RADIO. SPEARS key files: the MINORITIES, the HUMAN TRAFFICKING, the TERROR (vs us) and the USB (disabled USA).

4th name, least but not last, FRED KELLY is professional for F. VIDAL SHOW BIZ and Cultural career, partly blackouted but not definitely.


The 2 words ORGANIZATION and STRATEGY are our 2 main qualities! Here at VIDAL FULLER GOP2 2016, no doubt, we will win against TRUMP CLINTON. 


4:49pm PT, 8/4/2016: Frederic Vidal, PhD starts his lawsuit against Donald Trump (1st step: logistics and crimes study) about GOP & Finance.


on Twitter https://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016


DEAR JOURNALISTS, I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE in this so fine STARBUCKS on Powell. We are lucky to live in San FRANCISCO in the 2010’s, so far away, so far away because we are different. We are managing the past of this City that is so unique: the GOLD RUSH and for the XXth century the 1960’s! I need, journalists, a2nd chance. I was too much USA until now. I like this concept of USB, a little LIGHTER but also SOFTER than real US of the past. This is our challenge to share information about my campaign for your readers. I will say there is something missing after the 2 conventions of the Dems and the Reps. I THINK IT’S ME (laughs). Where I am?

Here with you today, nowhere else. Or maybe I’m so pessimistic because I cannot see a future for the 2 main candidates WITHOUT ME and it’s so expensive to finance this 3rd freeway from our melody of New York to our BEAT of Frisco (emotion). We are not a lot of things on Earth, right? (laughs) WHAT I DECIDED in my future Oval Office just before this meeting is TOUGH and DEFINITIVE. Look, this Beat Generation was refused by IKE. So me, MIKE, I won’t do better, or I can do if I have your readers to support me. My project is a judiciary one, to CALL TRUMP my friend DONALD to the US Justice, I want to invite to this election, by the way. I know it’s not popular to do so but, I APOLOGIZE, I have to show I’m not like him or Hillary. The Democrats convention was not good with the party with no more President and CEO. Worst is the Republicans with 2 CANDIDATES: ME AND DT.

It’s not working well, you know. So, I will diffuse you at the end of this Briefing a problems list I would like to investigate about some possible law issues between Trump and me. DESTINY is strange, we were not so close before and at the same time coordinated by our environment (HOLLYWOOD AND WALL STREET). IF WE DON’T WORK WELL TOGETHER, it can be because a previous mess! I have also to be sure he is not somebody with a double language, to support me only 50% is to support me 0% or we don’t speak a same Russian!

There won’t be a Q&A this time but next next Thursday, same time, same location with more people I hope. Don’t worry, I will have more time.

Thank you.

Mike FULLER a.k.a.
Frederic VIDAL a.k.a. Thomas SPEARS a.k.a. Fred KELLY.

To Ludwig Van Beethoven and I.



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