Mike Fuller Writes To The World An Invitation For His Second Press Briefing In San Francisco. His Diffusion Includes A Message Of Partnership And Self-Confidence Of The Republican Leader Not Alone At All Against Donald Trump!

August 9, 2016

Mike Fuller Writes To The World An Invitation For His Second Press Briefing In San Francisco. His Diffusion Includes A Message Of Partnership And Self-Confidence Of The Republican Leader Not Alone At All Against Donald Trump! 


Dear Press Agencies:

I am candidate since 2015 in the United States to be the next President. Less than 100 days before November 8, I am ready to diffuse my 12 propositions for the USA to be more than ever our Land of the Free.

YOU DON’T KNOW ME. You know my promoter, the rock star Frederic VIDAL, who is welcomed to share MY VICTORY in November IF WE ARE IN THE MEDIAS in the next few weeks. I mean, me, Mike FULLER, I’m until now in the population talks and the Internet only: no TV, radio and press!!

Do something to change that, write and speak about me. I’m the only one to promote A GLOBAL CHANGE of the policies of the United States. I believe in you to do so.

On location, in San Francisco, I invite you to my second press briefing, at the STARBUCKS, 201 Powell for a coffee on Thursday, at 3pm. We will be the 11 of August.

Sincerely yours.

Mike Fuller.

Postscript. I’m a Republican and Donald Trump is the subject of a judiciary procedure I began with my lawyer at the end of last week for defamation against me. I know you understand I deserve respect.

Sometimes, we always see the world like an enemy. It’s wrong. Look at this map from:


On Twitter http://www.twiter.com/vidalfuller2016

Mike FULLER is FREDERIC VIDAL: Born in 59, a man like JFK is always on the Web (son of the 60’s, I’m Internet candidate for the Presidency).

MIKE FULLER: President in 17, a cop can find his way in the press (my first story was about a French Cop who got me the press with MY WAY).

MIKE FULLER is THOMAS SPEARS: PHD SINCE 99, A SPY FROM WW2 LIKES THE RADIO (I’m a doctor in communication science who imagined German Spy).

MIKE FULLER is FRED KELLY: Punk in 77, a Star by Grace Kelly deserves TV (alternate rock celebrity with Mother Princess, TV camera ready).


Hello Journalists of San Francisco:
I’m Frederic Vidal, songwriter and screenwriter, great promoter of MIKE FULLER US Presidential candidacy.
I missed you last week and I invite you one more time this Thursday, August 11, at the STARBUCKS Coffee, 201 Powell, at 3pm for a nice talk with you about my presentation as a WEB CANDIDATE, ready for more!
I send you our 16 brand new propositions for America, ONE OF THE MAIN CONTENT FOR THE 2-months campaign of September-0ctober.
If you decide again, not to come, never mind, I will stay in touch with you waiting for your own avaibility.
Frederic VIDAL a.k.a. Mike FULLER
Postscript. I am preraring a judiciary procdedure against Donald Trump for defamation. In SF where I live in August, you will be the first ones to know more about it. Read https://fredvidal.wordpress.com
1. The United States of the World. 
The United States of the World are an objective that stays impossible to get. With the UN, we can have the ambition to be the Country #1.
2. ISIS. 
ISIS is now the Terrorist organization fighting against us. On location in Iraq, they are also a military and government Power. This war can stop.
3. The 51st State 
France was too much forgotten in the past. Its population is very close to America and it would be great to invite them to join the USA.
4. Israel. 
Israel is the evidence we are united worldwide to prevent forever a new Holocaust thanks to the eternal friendship with the Hebrew State.
5. Human trafficking
Human trafficking is a system of slavery that must be investigated first inm Hollywood (actresses).
6. Cultural minorities
The Minorities are raciasl but also social and cultural. They must be managed in order to empower them with Flower Power and New Age.
7. The USID
The project of a nationwide database of the population is supported by a coordination of the present databases (driver licenses, social security).
8. GOP2
The reform of the Republican Party is necessary for rationalization ble to realize of American politics (multi-partism, Presidential Power) with a GOP2.
9. 2025 
In 2025, we will celebrate the 250th ammiversary of the Union. This deadline is good to organize our reforms, having in mind this date would be world’s end too.
10. The Amendment 
The Country needs an Amendment to modernize the Constitution without changing it, also to improve the liberties.
11. The ‘One and Only’ 
I decide not to plan to have a second mandate after my election for 4 years of presidency, my ‘one and only’ mandate.
12. American Culture(s) Department 
The creation of a Culture Department (ACD) wil be sponsored by entrepreneurship and exemplary of the change in Washington.
14. The USB 
I don’t want anymore poverty to be back like in the 1930’s. Let’s reduce unemployment and homelessness with credit.
14. California 
California must be the richest State of the Nation. Its business model and its economy can inspire and be connected with the 49 other States.
15. The Intervision 
The Internet is the greatest success of us since the first man on the Moon but this new media must create a real INTERVISION.
16. The Gouvernance 
The new Governance proposed to the American population companies include a smart relation with the Presidency, cultural guest and adviser for liberalism.

Thursday, August 11, 11:30am
on Twiter https://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Hello: it’s Frederic Vidal and it’s to say GOODBYE to you. I won’t anymore participate in the political content of the Internet. I let Mr. Mike FULLER, my ‘Other Name’, nickname I CALLED HIM but, in fact, according to my knowledge ANOTHER PERSON THAN MINE, another Ego, somebody else than me BUT MYB ASSOCIATE, MY PARTNER, MY WIN-WIN ALTER-EGO (I’m lucky to be organized with him to continue). So, guys, I told you: no more politics for me. DAVID BOWIE WAS NEVER PRIME MINISTER in Great Britain!!! It’s not possible to have more talent THAN KURT COBAIN and to campaign to break Obama dictatorship. THIS IS THE JOB OF MIKE FULLER, I’m telling him now: OBLIGE THEM TO REACTIVATE THE BILL OF RIGHTS in this Country worse than SOVIET UNION IN THE 50’s.

The boycott against me is collapsing right now while I’m writing these lines THANKS TO YOU FULLER, ANTI-HITLER. You will be the President. I don’t want anymore the LOGO: VIDAL FULLER 2016 GOP2 but I cannot stop it immediately. So, Tweet producers, I will study with Mike if it’s possible to HAVE ONLY HIS NAME and if it’s not, understand it’s just my BRAND SPONSORING of his campaign. POLITICS IS DIRTY, CORRUPTION EXCEPT MIKE, so for me, I want Paradise on Earth: MUSIC INDUSTRY and MOVIE BUSINESS only!!! I am a STARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR since I was born! I WON’T STOP because some losers say I’m BAD. I’m GOOD LIKE JESUS, me, Frederic Vidal and WAIT FOR MY NEW SINGLE: THE WEDDING SONG, not at all POLITICAL BUT ARTISTICALLY PURE of any bad feeling like ELECTION STRESS.

Bye, fools of GOP!! YOU WILL REMEMBER Frederic Vidal in Politics (2012-2016).







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