It’s Mid August: NEW PRESS ARTICLE ABOUT FULLER And According to NBC and The New York Times, Hillary Clinton WINS Against Donald Trump, November 8! But Mike Fuller Is Not Anymore Unknown!

August 15, 2016

It’s Mid August: NEW PRESS ARTICLE ABOUT FULLER And According to NBC and The New York Times, Hillary Clinton WINS Against Donald Trump, November 8! But Mike Fuller Is Not Anymore Unknown!

ARTICLE ABOUT MIKE FULLER FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE by National and International press (Proposition #17).


Before Washington, Mike Fuller was in San Francisco to improve his knowledge of California and History of Capitalism with the Gold Rush in the XIXth century. For the candidate orginally from LA, California State success for its economy can be nationwide example and model to follow.

As a Twitter candidate, Mr. Fuller is also in charge of a blog and a Facebook account. It’s enough to diffuse a daily content of writings to compensate there is not a lot of articles in the press about him. He selected another name to be stronger in the public opinion and start his use for his political career as a cultural a.k.a: SILENCE THOMAS SPEARS because his original name (FREDERIC VIDAL) was too famous since the 1960’s (like Mick Jagger).

Forever young or almost, looking still young like an artist of the movie industry, the French and American native is proud to be American since 06 (in his fictional story for comics, he was born American but from the supreme dimension of real USA). At almost 57, he sees himself well as the next President of the United States even if the Mission Impossible without the Mass Medias. But some Science Fiction could help him to stay young. If he gets some notoriety, he will have more opportunities for his film projects and his band new song THE WEDDING SONG by BRAMSTOCKER.
Hillary Clinton Has Officially Reached Enough Electoral Votes To Win The Presidency (DETAILS)

“In a new NBC news battleground map projection on Monday, Hillary Clinton tops the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. The Democratic nominee walks away with 288 electoral votes, according to the NBC map, leaving the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, with 174. The remaining 76 electoral votes are tossups. The previous map, released in July, showed Clinton with 255 electoral votes and Trump with 190, so since the convention, Clinton’s points have gone up and Trump’s have gone down.”
The State of the Clinton-Trump Race: Is It Over?

“It has been three weeks since Democrats gathered for their convention, and Hillary Clinton still holds a large and consistent lead in national and battleground state polls. Her national lead over Donald J. Trump of seven to eight percentage points could slip a bit over the next few weeks. But it has been long enough that much of her expected convention “bounce” should have faded. It leaves Mr. Trump in an unenviable position: No modern candidate who has trailed by this much a few weeks after the conventions has gone on to win the presidency. Mrs. Clinton an 88 percent chance of winning. It’s about the same probability of hitting a field goal from the 20-yard line.”

fuller 3


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