Q&A In San Jose, The After Trump Is Fuller Chance To Win: A NEW REPUBLICAN BRAND Replies To TIMEFRAMES Journalists!

August 18, 2016

In San Jose, The After Trump Is Fuller Chance To Win: A NEW REPUBLICAN BRAND Replies To TIMEFRAMES Journalists!

On Twitter https://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Breaking news! TRUMP collapsing, FULLER building his ‘PROJECT FOR 2020’ strongly FROM SAN JOSE, Ca to GET THE JOB!!!

Breaking news! In 11 weeks, 4 days: PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Mike FULLER Q & A about DEFEAT OR VICTORY? Welcome Press!

Question: Mr. Fuller, you are still on location in California with no supporter in Washington, really alone? Answer: NOT AT ALL. At the Repu


blican Party, there are a lot of people READY TO FOLLOW ME: to stop the TRUMP attack against himself and TO STOP the ones who stop me, whoare they?

Q: I don’t know. We were sorry the press did not reply to your invitation in San Francisco for 2 press briefings! Us we are here, the semi-fictional press thanks to TIMEFRAMES, to show the press is supporting you but there are the Authorities and they don’t like you too much at all.

MF: WE DON’T MIND. We are not in a dictatorship like Nazism or Fascism. OUR COOL DICTATOR, BARACK, has not the power to prevent the press. I want the journalists to feel comfortable, IT’S BECAUSE I’m a newcomer IN THEIR PUBLICATIION. LA PREMIERE FOIS, it’s like a 1st K I SS, THEY MUST BE PREPARED BY THEIR PARENTS (LAUGHS), they must also LOVE the one they kiss (laughs) OR FOR FUN (laughs). I mean a French Kiss, with the tongue! (laughs) In the reality, the tongue helps to EXPRESS VERBALLY the content of a reply. I WANT TO USE IT LIKE THAT. I have so many things to say, not only to you, press of TIMEFRAMES, on Twitter but in a STARBUCKS for instance. It’s there I invited these SF journalists, a great profession I’m proud to promote daily ON MY RESUME: I was JOURNALIST IN THE 1980’S and a little until now with my Blog. For the Kiss example: YOU ARE 2 TO EXCHANGE FEELINGS. According to me, journalist (newspapers, TV, radio) are not enough attracted by my program!

Q: your famous 16 propositions?

A: exactly. When you propose too many reforms in America, you appear to be a Lenin brother (laughs) or a cousin of Washington (they don’t like too much in DC the founders of our Country). Like Lenin, I decide to organize a good ICE BREAKER with the journalists, A MIXER with some BEER and Coca-Cola plus FRENCH SAUCISSON and CAMEMBERT of my hometown, Nice! (laughs) They will come for sure. i can organize this party in PALO ALTO. We are today in SAN JOSE that is Silicon Valley capital, so let’s continue THIS CAMPAIGN FOR MORE COMPUTERS IN THE US in a 2nd super city of my INTERNET DREAM, the Intervision.

Q: it’s an exciting invitation?

A: because it’s a pity, they are TOO SHY to MEET ME. I really need them beginning September. This Summer, it was still OK with the WEB ONLY. What a good time and text WE PRODUCED ME AND VIDAL. About LENIN, you must know it’s an AKA, pseudonym, Lenin. Vidal did the same with my name but finished to be too much involved in politics last week HE’S A ROCK GURU and ICON this boy. Wait for his films and songs with 3rd nane-ego FRED KELLY. So, TIMEFRAMES JOUIRNALISTS, speak with your colleagues and tell them I DON’T WANT TO AASSOCIATE THEM IN MY COMPLAINT AGAINST TRUMP! (laughs) I could be their editor-in-chief, I HAVE A PHD, it’s the reason why they don’t want to come BUT IT WON’T LAST. We will be partnersa in a short while. IN SEPTEMBER, they won’t let me down. They are fantastic professionals who will feature me PERFECTLY to show: I’M THE COLD WAVE!! I’m AGAINST REVOLUTIONS AND TOO HOT movement of crowds or activists to get a wave, Beatlesmania WAS WRONG! No fanatism, I repeat to you! No wave, no earthquake, no revolution, no fire, no coup, nothing VIOLENT: just jails for terrorists if they murder liberty of expression! I mean after a lawsuit. There is defamation against me, I’m sure, IT’S ILLEGAL and In told you what I think about Trump: he’s enjoying it. WHAT I PROPOSE it’s to ORGANIZE THE EVOLUTION, to organize our evolution,. evolution of our society, civilization, economy, culture. Evolution in a Country (USA) frozen after 3 Presidents who did 3 x 8 = 24 years without a comment about what they prefer: rock or mainstream. MF. I think they don’t like rock like me and I must acknowledge I’m different. Jounalists must know that.

Q: Are they threatened by the NSA?

A: National Security Agency, friends of Snowden!! (laughs) They are to busy to listen to millions of phone calls in Europe, I believe. Why they would not like me in the press. THEY ARE THE MILITARY THAT CONTROL THE TERRITORY. They follow MY WAY (I mean the song and my car), they don’t like people who blacklist me. They think it’s not fair. It creates frustration and risks of attacks. But who do that? Possibly, people saying they are NSA but they are not. I’m political 100%, I’m unique and new style, it is something with enemies. You cannot have everybody favorable. So NSA, Homeland, FBI maybe NEED to investigate who did what to rewind me the medias and everything will be all right. Journalists are my favorite authors. I read the New York Times every time I go to STARBUCKS. (laughs) Also the Post, the LA Times and the SF Tribune plus USA  Today and TIME anti-Trump and PORN. (laughs) Basically, there will be a HAPPY END with a baby ARTICLE #1 named FREDERIC, not anymore my 1st name but a charming one. Journalists will become a part of my entourage and permanent guest at my White House. WAIT AND SEE. I can see I spoke a lot and so many tweets. I propose you a 2nd Q & A session this weekend, folks!?

Q: Ok. You were very well, Mike.

A Timeframes Show..



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