Read Important Tweets! The FULLER RUBIO Ticket Is Also A Concept To THINK SMART And To VOTE RIGHT. Mike To Marco: COME TOGETHER. Times They are a changing.

September 20, 2016

On Twitter (09/20/2016)

Marco RUBIO Vice-President? This is my goal and I will show him it’s the 2 of us who can be LIBERAL & CONSERVATIVE, not only G, O and P. MF

@Snowden you are a specialist of these questions for the world community and the UN could sponsor you to write a report about our rights. MF

Mike FULLER asks Joseph DUNFORD, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to resign after he was personally injured. TS

Elected French President in 17, my Prime minister will be Najat VALLAUD-BELKACEM, present Minister of Education, Higher Education, Research.

Welcome to General Edouard Corniglion-Molinier, Ministre d’Etat, Garde des Sceaux, Senateur et depute, FREDERIC VIDAL Cousin, Film producer.

(09/21/2016) Mike FULLER replies to Hillary CLINTON article in the New York Times.” on CLINTON exemplary good, bad. MF

Times they are a changing. Mike FULLER to Louisiana Governor: I’M CANDIDATE but I’M LIBERAL and WEB Register me now.

50 States to register to be elected, 47 days BEFORE ELECTION DAY. It’s a challenge that would be the same 470. Mike

IN THE PRESS TODAY (09/20/2016)

In the New York Times: Donald Trump Stands by Chris Christie Despite Revelations in Bridge Closing Trial

The George Washington Bridge is a subject that is not the best to understand there was always a problem to share between 2 politicians (Cleopatra for Octavius and Marc Antoni). Trump needs Christie. Mike FULLER today.


After Caesar’s death a power struggle broke out between his friend Mark Antony. Mark Antony had fallen for Cleopatra and they started a relationship. She helped him in his war against Octavian.  In the end, she bore three children for Mark Antony.”


In the Washington Post: For the Kremlin, winning a super majority in the Russian parliament was the easy part (09/20/2016)

Congrats Putin! I’d like a party like yours, UNITED RUSSIA to win the Prez election.  I  am Republican but Trump is their leader. I am also Liberal and Trudeau has no equivalent in the States, our UNITED States. So why not ME, your Mike FULLER forever candidate. Ted Cruz is a jerk with no opinion about the USA. I wanted to share with you this remark as we could lose the election because of him. Clinton is the danger. I replace Ted as a FREELANCER.

Hillary Clinton: My Plan for Helping America’s Poor (09/21/2016)

We don’t know why we are here, in fact. We are new again when we wake up and only a few memories of yesterday are helping us to be ready to continue our goal if we have one, our mission, our function. It’s not a fiction but it appears strange sometimes or disturbing us. Whatever, you know what I mean. Watch your step: these last weeks of campaign, it could be dangerous for your knowledge about America. No systematic fanatism, no permanent criticism: this article written by Hillary Clinton is gentle and good but we don’t know why she’s interested in resolving poverty. She’s not sincere would think a poor himself. “As president, I will continue my life’s work focused on creating opportunities for children and fairness for families.” she says.Her Santa Claus attitude will stay famous thanks to the kids themselves. Mike FULLER fairy tale

Black man fatally shot by Charlotte police was armed, chief says after night of violent protests (09/21/2016)

One more violence night after a black death. Open your eyes, it’s 50% like in the 50’s like its 50% World War III. We have to do something? You know, there is the possibility to speak with the cops nationwide and to study what is wrong and can be improved with them. This is possible but not for Clinton and Trump. They are Obama program, old school Federal candidates, you can see. For an upgrade, call the blacks, they have an idea. It would have been an Obama who have been really a negro. To walk in the areas of this disabled America, looking for solutions with the population, then back at the office, to schedule empowerments. WHO WILL DO IT? Me, I’m available but I  cannot be alone. Mike FULLER understanding

On Youtube

Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changin’. A message in a song from 1964 that is still active in 2016, to a great extend. This is it. Listen to Bob like if he was there in your town in September this year to prepare October, the last month like the last chance not to continue like that. Mike

Read Important Tweets! The FULLER RUBIO Ticket Is Also A Concept To THINK SMART And To VOTE RIGHT. Mike To Marco: COME TOGETHER.


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