This Is Newsletter Time Before Action: ‘LIBERAL & REPUBLICAN’, L&R, Provisory Title Of This Monthly Publication, Dedicated To Abraham LINCOLN, With #1 issue In October And #2 After Election Day In November! And So, Now Mike FULLER Has His Own Press!

September 22, 2016

Abraham Lincoln will be the chief editor of L&R and I will be the publisher and editorial writer.
Mike FULLER journalist


The young Lincoln in sculpture at Senn Park, Chicago. Sculpture: Charles Keck (1875-1951).

On Facebook (9/23/2016)

About the New York Times article (09/23)

Obama, President of Kenya. The African-American elected in 2008 by the victims of Osama Bin Laden decides to finish his mandate and his career. He believes in wrong polls that don’t validate how much the population has enough and wants this man to leave. The veto of the shame is confirmed: there won’t be the end of the mourning of the people murdered by Alqaida. This is the last mistake of a star of the Arabians who arrived bymistake at the White House: a MISCOMMUNICATION. Mike FULLER President in January.

About the New York Times article (09/24)

It’s a teasing for a horror movie. Trump is Dracula and Clinton is the creature of Frankenstein. Let’s be careful about this Scary Movie, not validated by TIMEFRAMES. We prefer SciFi than gore and hardcore. What about Star Trek and Star Wars together: Me, Mike FULLER, and my protégé Marco RUBIO, a Senator who is treated like a new Zorro without a mask by the Congress. Our debate will be between 2 partners: WHAT CAN WE DO IMPROVE AMERICANS who like too much porn and are badly punk these days.  I am Indiana Jones, coming back from the Ancient Times with the secret about Romulus, Remus’ brother: the Sabins were woman that the Romans ‘invited’ to be their wifes. What about Blake Lively who preferred a Greek of the Screen Actors Guild, Ryan Reynolds, Athens again. So watch TV on Monday if you want, you will see me and Marco behind the scenes. Your Mike FULLER moderated by Jeb BUSH

About the Washington Post article (09/24)

‘It is a dream come true’ to put the black people in a museum when they deserve the sun and their old continent Africa as grassroots in their US grey life. ‘It is a dream come true’ to consider them equivalent dead like the Indians are not a lot anymore, subject of science and history. This is the true Barack Obama, the man who was the worst President for the African community since Dwight Eisenhower. His successor, Vice-president of JFK, signed with Martin the contracts for EQUALITY White-Black. 50 years later, I plan to be the next President in January and to vote with our sacred Congress a Law against homelessness that is a disease killing the negroes by dozens. There will be a Federal program


President Obama at the White House on Thursday. He has said legislation allowing the families of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to sue Saudi Arabia could leave the United States open to a raft of litigation in foreign countries. Credit Al Drago/The New York TimesThe ANTI-WASHINGTON, smiling about the TERRORIST VETO: he won’t succeed not to be impeached after the death of Frederic VIDAL and the ticket to be confirmed FULLER RUBIO.

about the Washington Post article (09/23)

A debate for nothing. Don’t watch it. Boycott these 2 candidates who are liars until the end. FULLER RUBIO, the only ticket to say the truth. These 2 (Clinton, Trump) don’t deserve to be President. They are a part of the show biz and nothing else, no more politicians and they were never: a President’s Lady and a business man from Wall Street. Watch a good movie by Frank Capra on Monday! Mike FULLER TV goer

On Facebook, comment about Kim Kardashian Is Suddenly (And Disappointingly) Considering Voting For Donald Trump

When Obama votes Trump thanks to the beauty of his bartenders and the gentry of his cheerleaders. Mike strongly FULLER
On Facebook, comment about Obama: “The US Must Give Up Some of Its Freedoms to the UN”
Our freedoms are for the People of America, not the US BUT I will call the United Nations today, during my Q&A on Twitter to inform them I need their appreciation and maybe their recommendation TO BE WELCOMED AS A FUTURE PRESIDENT (for 17, according to me). I have no press, no Freedom of the press and TV is cancelled on myb agenda, by some power or some destiny manager I DON’T WANT ANYMORE. Mike really FULLER
On Facebook, thanks to Twitter: Pope Francis Declares Fox News-Style Journalism ‘A Form Of Terrorism’ (VIDEO)
This is also for NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN News. These terrorists will accept to change and stay with me for an interview ‘old school’ and vintage like Eisenhower did to speak about his war memories. Mike for journalists
Unfortunately, there are some of them to do the contrary and to refuse me definitely. Why? To be promoted by Obama. MF

T h e P l a t f o r m

What will be the result? I don’t care. Election day is far away. We have time to think about it later. I think I WIN.”

A ticket to be confirmed (but I believe in it).

1. We have 10 years to change (2016-2026). We have 4 weeks to be elected (or a little more).

A. (There are) 2 candidates not so attractive.

Restless? Anyway, they are judiciary limited (prosecuted). They are not ready for the POWER! I mean TRUMP and CLINTON are derogation people (a First Lady and a Business Man). Mike FULLER If they win (Trump, Clinton), we lose a lot. If they are exceptional (in quotes). they are also obsolete and a bad reminder of COLD WAR. MF

B. A ticket that creates a dream team.

It’s a miracle we have to remember. 2 immigrants (or almost) for the Homeland Security (from the Melting Pot). At the last minute, there is this crucial choice but it’s not really a surprise. Tradition first: they have to continue the Republicans like before (Donald is eccentric). What is unique is this Ticket (offer) welcoming an Invisible Man. I can say I like it (the ticket) but I don’t (to be invisible). I saw the movie! MF

2. To stay the United States, we need more than what you think: a real UPGRADE, not an UPDATE only.

A. Is the American Dream retired?

66 years after 1950, the fifties are not dead. It’s the model even if disabled partly now, kind of Russianesque. But there is a Happy End. MF We are losing our soul if we do nothing. It’s necessary to be creative to be pertinent. We have to be conservative with the ambition to be young. Let’s be RIGHT not at all far right. The challenge is to do better than before. The concept is the 2.0. That’s it.

B. The one and only mandate (no 2nd term).

4 years to vote the laws and socialize is enough time. The population is waiting for more modernity of the ‘after crisis’. We are in a hurry to give more to the people (no aristocracy, democracy, Res Publica). The Vice-President will be President for the 2nd term. It’s the continuity.

3. No more poverty on location in the US and worldwide.

A. Under-development is international.

The United States need everybody to progress, a fair competition. There is only one economy, with us as leader, champion. No more war if pos-sible, onl;y friends abroad.Let’s be peaceful. The cancer is the terrorism, a sickness and diplomacy is the medication.

B. We will be in the History Books.

America has a project to share on Earth: charismatic. Europe, Africa, Asia are our partners-continents. Like never before the Dollar will represent the reform: money is commerce.There is no future without the past. We need an amendment to be operational about the4 new challenge: the Hispanics.

4. Hope was the reply of Hollywood to the Amusement Industy of the XXth century.

A. Our culture deserves an Empire.

It’s the symbolical notion of United States of the World that we are building with our values. Music, movies, TV together for fraternity. is like an Opera and we must accept there is a Noblesse. A Culture Department will organize our troops. Our film business will be named differently. No more only Hollywood, the location, the space, a new brand about time, years, decades, centuries: TIMEFRAMES meaning the agenda. The legacy of Woodstock is to some extend, kind of huge, especially I think for real estate matters. Rock has this power to help to settle down to fight against the poverty.

B. Our Art is Communication.

The Internet is our chance to upgrade all. It’s the ‘invention’ of 2000. We must invite all the Countries to participate. To be Made in USA is a masterpiece, it’s our identity. We will need the Intervision to be more global. The galaxy McLuhan mixing TV and papers with the Web is so attractive, accelerate our efficiency. But it’s office/home.


This Is Newsletter Time Before Action: ‘LIBERAL & REPUBLICAN’, L&R, Provisory Title Of This Monthly Publication With #1 issue In October And #2 After Election Day In November! And So, Now Mike FULLER Has His Own Press!

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