L&R Presents Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chairman Joseph DUNFORD And INTERPOL Called By Mike! ‘LIBERAL & REPUBLICAN’ #1: FULLER RUBIO (To Be Conf.) Is The Best Ticket Against The Worst, CLINTON TRUMP.

September 24, 2016

1700th posts on WordPress with this article about Justice!
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It comes from BrAmStOcKEr record deal REFUSED in 1977: Frederic Vidal, neutralized, resigned and replaced by me will SUCCEED to investigate.
Jimmy FALLON is my PHOTO DOUBLE on this Earth and you know my name: MIKE FULLER, to tell you we will meet each other on TV soon about TIME.
ROTARY INTERNATIONAL could be advisor of the new President with an office at the White House! Mike FULLER next. 1st, my message to INTERPOL.

Mike FULLER will release copy of his report to INTERPOL to the UNITED NATIONS included in the fight against HUMAN TRAFFICKING (started on WordPress Frederic VIDAL’s blog in 2009, 8 years ago). Thank you. Writing on Twitter with a Brahms concerto. TRUMP ACCUSED. Thomas SPEARS

On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidsal2012

Most Americans See Trump As a Racist Madman — Some Just Like That in a President

I contact INTERPOL, FBI and NSA about TRUMP leadership of my enemies for a mission to NEUTRALIZE my candidacy and basically my life. His lieutenants are French (the Prime minister and the Mayor of Nice) and the main actress of Gossip Girl. My lawyer prepares the file for a prosecution ASAP. Donald is Lex LUTHOR’s style, sad and bad. Mike FULLER justice

Mike FULLER will release a copy of his report to INTERPOL to the UNITED NATIONS included in the fight against HUMAN TRAFFICKING (started on WordPress Frederic VIDAL’s blog in 2009, 8 years ago). Thank you. Writing on Twitter with Brahms concerto. TS

W Bush and Michelle together.

This tenderness is suspect. George W Bush shows he likes the Obama family too much for a Republican. He built partly the career of Barack and share with him his difficulty nto be true. Mike FULLER politics

Hillary Clinton for President.


The New York Times presents the new President. It’s so sweet. This gentle newspaper has the right to decide who he wants to back: H I L L A R Y, an angel like no one. Be happy with her, NY Times, you are so fair to inform you like her so much and to recommend to vote for CLINTON. I am also candidate, a surprising one you would appreciate to feature, the anti-TRUMP. Mike FULLER joke

LIBERAL & REPUBLICAN NEWS: A Prime Minister, Personal Enemy.

Manuel Valls is the mastermind of a horrible project: to prevent me to have a career and a family. These people, the freemasons of some Italian lodge connected to the mafia did not accept me to be in Nice first in the Grace Kelly entourage of my dad in Monaco. Valls, French Prime minster, selected to break my American Fame is a jealous angry  villain who is daily monitoring what he could do to harass my background. Christian Estrosi, the ‘fake brother’, his #2 of this confidential network with 2 dead, Max Gilli, an underworld lieutenant of Jacques Medecin, the brutal anti-Frederic Vidal butcher-mayor of Nice in the 80’s in France. FRANCE MORE THAN EVER HEADQUARTERS OF THE ANTI-FULLER activists worldwide leaders connected to terrorism.

Consequently, I write this Saturday to INTERPOL for an European investigation regarding my accusation: terror and illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin deals are financing Valls from Barcelona with a well known sick drug addicted sister and Estrosi, famous off the record to have been with Albert Spaggiari and Jean-Dominique Fratoni, possible mafia members of this terrible city when the situation is around the City hall. Corruption is obvious in this mater, to try the most to have me dead before all kind of press, like a Kennedy because I immigrated and refused their deal: to be their slave with no fame after they destroyed my band in 77, year of the worst of Medecin in Nice.

Manuel and Christian won’t be invited to celebrate my victory November 8. I have the evidence they are with Blake Lively, the woman who refused to marry me, the woman with Bush and Obama (TO BE IMPEACHED FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND SLAVERY WITH DONALD TRUMP), her fans #1 (meaning 324,099,593 Americans or a lot less?), the woman to stop the French Cop, Blake to punish me for my offer as I was French and weak at that time! For me, until now, no woman at all (to socialize with, for a diner or a lunch, or more like a dating) for 11 months in the States, an isolation that was a torture brain and body, guys!! It is the LOBBYING of Mrs. REYNOLDS, one told me for sure, to refuse me definitely of her business even. Don’t be naïve, I’m not Jean Dujardin, I’m freelance movie-music producer, the reply of this “Elite” was: NO, already in 2007 before Lively.

This is all about in French “ATTEINTE A LA SURETE DE L’ETAT” (violation of the National Security). I am Presidential candidate and to harass me and oblige the others to never meet me is to attack the State indirectly. Copy of my INTERPOL letter to the FBI and probably the National Security Agency. And with the suspects, there is the couple (Clinton and Trump) and first, the man: Donald, the billionaire against me. Read his criminal portrait on my TUMBLR blog:


Dr. Mike Universal FULLER meilleur


INTERPOL on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpol


REPORT TO INTERPOL by MIKE FULLER. Hello Sir: I used to live 4 years in Nice, France, from 2011 to 2015. I was in touch with Manuel Valls present Prime Minister of France and Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice. These persons were obviously friends with the American actress Blake Lively. Newly US citizen, since 2006, resident in Los Angeles, from 2003 to 2011, I, previously Frederic Vidal, now Mike FULLER is proposing you to investigate about their relationship. Blake was also in France to be a Christian DIOR moder according to the press. I wanted to marry her as I informed the press in 2009. She always refused to see me and I suppose was angry against my love and wedding project! This must be suspect. In Hollywood, everybody has his or her chance to build a career and raise a family. I know Estrosi since Jacques Medecin and Valls is from Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain like my father, painter like his father. What about corruption, drugs and hu,man trafficking of the girl in this affair or ménage a trois without me. It’s a shame. I call the Justice and you, INTERPOL. More information tomorrow in a 2nd draft about Donald TRUMP responsibility.

Communique. San Jose, CA. 09/26/2016. 4PM PT.
To INTERPOL, AP and AFP, possible more. In a first text to INTERPOL, I told you these are ‘old friends’ from Paris and Nice who created more than a bad buzz to exclude Frederic VIDAL from Hollywood and the entire American Show Biz. Regarding politics, they didn’t succeed. I am confirming you I believe in the responsibility of Donald Trump about some defamation saying Frederic is a victim of a bad illness. His Jewish cousins in New York invited him to stay for every Passover since 93…. In 99, they had a severe dispute, then decided with doctors he was bipolar. After that, Frederic VIDAL immigration was a Citizenship success, not at all a professional one. Consequently, Donald TRUMP, from New York, is suspect to be in touch with the Haim’s and reminder of this bad obstacle (craziness) until now. Sometimes, immigrants are not welcomed. Never the Cousins wanted Vidal all year long on location. They must have a secret network nationwide. I told you about Blake LIVELY. US Senator of California Barbara BOXER sent a letter to the Homeland Security about Human Trafficking that TRUMP would organize possibly in a model agency he owns. Small is beautiful. Mike FULLER. End of the communique.

Meanwhile At the WHITE HOUSE:

From Facebook http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

September 20 on my Twitter VIDAL FULLER 2016:Mike FULLER asks Joseph DUNFORD, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to resign after he was personally injured. TS”

3 days later, USA Today: “An Army National Guard general on the Joint Chiefs of Staff has been fired from his job following an extramarital affair, and interviews and records show that he had also negotiated a job and lived rent-free in the home of a defense contractor, USA TODAY has found.” Connected!

Joint Staff general’s girlfriend problem grounds career http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2016/09/23/joint-staff-generals-girlfriend-problem-grounds-career/90923844/


It’s a great victory for the Fullerism and my combat about corruption and threat in the Army about OBAMA personal power. It is obvious the National Guard General who was fired represents a first defeat of his Chairman who is criticized by me because I can check on the American territory, since October 2015, a population mobolization against my networking and my Presidential campaign.

My power stays strong, the people, they don’t refuse me without the orders and logistics of the US Army. This is ridiculous and dangerous. I will be in Washington to present this social and political file soon. Also, the problem of a conspiracy motivated by an ambition to share with outsiders (girlfriends, partners) is not something to refuse to study.
The next Chairman, I will nominate ASAP (after election) will have this important survey: ALL MILITARY MUST BE UNDERSTOOD MORE AND INTERVIEWED NICELY.

Mike FULLER Commander in Chief (probably after 2016/12)


On the picture: Joseph DUNFORD, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who probably fired Brig. Gen. Michael Bobeck (see USA Today).


Q&A Mike FULLER replies to the Press. (9/22/2016)

Close Coopers: 1st question?

Q: yes, it’s a really good idea to organize this Q&A now. We are tomorrow D -45 and we have the feeling, you, Mike, are disconnected as usual, invisible in the medias like you said yourself on WordPress. By the way congratulations for your Web talent and your synergies to do all of that.

Mike FULLER: thank you, thank you.

Close COOPERS: Mike has no real super power, he’s a gifted guy, it’s the reason why. Q: I see.

Mike FULLER: Sure! What I want to manage with you tonight is this question, all the time, IS HE GOING TO MAKE IT, to move from his comic to the big screen almost, right?!! (laughs). I don’t like tragedies. Let’s have fun. It’s not with stress that you can govern a Country. I’m different, you have a warning for this. I’m not Frederic VIDAL, so sad he left us, but I’m like him: UNKNOWN.

Close COOPERS: IT MUST CHANGE IN OCTOBER. Mike FULLER: or never!! Q: us,  the journalist, we have no the power of decision, we follow you, you and Close and we are so happy to be there. It’s a comeback to the grassroots: THE SILICON VALLEY. Since Bastille Day, San Francisco, first until August 15, then San Jose most of the time but 1 week back to SF and one week Palo Alto, San Carlos, Sunnyvale and nore!!

Mike FULLER: you are a perfect historiography. I do the same, I study my agenda to know, for instance, if we lost time, here or there. It’s partly THE SURPRISE. It was in my knowledge but I did not schedule 100% to have my headquarters in San Jose, capital of Silicon Valley, SV that means in the 2010’s really the Social Media. Nobody knows, this SF Bay Area is the whole American Web and hardware, or 75%? So.

Close COOPERS: Mike has an excellent reason to be there until now. Washington can wait.

Mike FULLER: no, in fact, I do my best. You know I’m partly homeless, what a shame, I did not think I would finish like that.

Close COOPERS: but you are certainly THE MOST POWERFUL HOMELESS.

Mike FULLER: sacred fairy tale. Anyway, it changes nothing!! It would be the same I mean this press isolation and not enough contact at all with even RUBIO. I hope he’s about to accept.

Close COOPERS: not even with me, you don’t know me at all, I read on your blog. Terrible!

Q: we know you know the 2 of you perfectly, Close and Mike. About Senator Marco RUBIO what do you think Mike?

Mike FULLER: it’s all my career and the destiny of the Country that are so much sensible maybe too much. I’M SURE HE WILL ACCEPT. The point is that we must feel confortable together about this Ticket story. I must be strong enough faster or it’s a wrong.

Close COOPERS: anyway, it’s a draft. When you speak too well, it’s suspect. Marco RUBIO, it’s FANTASTIC for us if he decides the partnership with Mike. MIKE IS A GIANT LIKE RUBIO. Just need to cut his hair and no more jean. He looks like Jimmy Fallon or inversed (LAUGHS).

Mike FULLER: I have a photo double now. So, friends, if we go to a defeat, Napoleon is ROMNEY, I’m British, it’s my Waterloo as a Victory, the result of the election is secondary BUT A BIG SUBJECT . I’m gonna try to make the 2. I will let you know. Otherwise you have a duet not so good, I have nothing else. Trump is freaking out the kids, Hillary has the same deficit a little. Sorry, I do my best, can work.

Close COOPERS: last question. We will keep a good memory of this 1st Press Q&A since July, Cleveland. Sorry about that. I propose you a 2nd Q&A on Saturday (to be confirmed like Mike’s ticket with Marco!!).

Q: what about the program after the newsletter, last post for now if I understood well?

Mike FULLER: since Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, our own Primaries, guys, you were always the same good reporters with me. NOW WASHINGTON but I have no money for the bus!! (LAUGHS). Think about CAPRA. Money arrives when it’s the right time. Otherwise, the newsletter could be ready for Saturday. I SEE YOU THERE. Love & Peace. Mike FULLER everywhere.

Close COOPERS: bye, bye.

LIBERAL & REPUBLICAN #1: FULLER RUBIO (To Be Confirmed) Is The Best Ticket Against The Worst, CLINTON TRUMP. L&R Newsletter – Web letter Studies The Joint Chiefs Of Staff.


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