Jeb BUSH, Secretary Of State of The FULLER Administration in 2017 After 25% For Mike In The Polls (Political Fiction) on September 25 Vs Trump, Clinton: MAYBE TRUE If The FULLER RUBIO Platform Program, From Today, Sunday, Is A Public Opinion ‘Bestseller’!

September 25, 2016

Breaking News! FULLER RUBIO Platform Program SITE is Previously: So difficult for an indie candidate, without a party to be listened by the crowd of the medias, the companies and the people! So, I need a little justice to control everything’s all right and no crime to explain I’m still alone, except the Web, September 25. Sorry about that. If they find something, you will congratulate me, you don’t like if illegality would  rule the world. For now, after Marco RUBIO, a 2nd choice of mine: Jeb BUSH for the Department of State. I see only him able to handle ISRAEL upgrade in our diplomacy and talks with ISIS to stop terrorism definitely! Jeb on my mind at D – 43.

Mike FULLER, fuller than hell


Picture by Michael Vadon taken In Derry, New Hampshire on June 16, 2015. A charming person, a great Governor of my 2nd home State after California, Florida (#3: New York), JEB is for me, Mike FULLER, a sacred name and I believe in the courage and abnegation of this so important and soon historic figure of American politics to represent me and the Nation, especially in ISRAEL and worldwide but also strongly to open a new page of our diplomacy about ISIS; to force them to stop terrorism by promoting the project of a Treaty, for everybody in the region. The IVth Reich of us is for Freedom to replace War. See it on the brand new Google site, created and completed today in a moment. It’s 2PM at the Martin Luther King Jr. Public and University Library of SAN JOSE, Capital of Silicon Valley where I finish the preparation of October in Washington, probably because the DC is not for comics but for politics mainly!

Mike FULLER destroyer

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On Facebook (09/25/2016)

“Likely voters split 46 percent for Clinton and 44 percent for Trump, with Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson at 5 percent and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 1 percent. ” if #5 was me, Mike Fuller, I will do from 10 to 25% and the others: 36 percent for Clinton, 29 percent for Trump, 5 percent for Gary Johnson and 1 percent got Jill Stein. Clinton, Trump, Fuller: 36, 29, 25 percent, 43 days before November 8, Election Day. My Vice-presidential candidate would be Marco Rubio and my Secretary of State to nominate when in charge: Jeb Bush. This is politic fiction or Web rhetorical studies or propaganda for my candidacy to happen, a little of all of this> Mike FULLER…/b99c95de-81cb-11e6-8327-f1…

At 4pm. Breaking News. Exclusive FACEBOOK. After JEB, MITT. Mike FULLER informs that he will design Mitt ROMNEY to be the AMBASSADOR of the United States to the UNITED NATIONS, among his first decisions as the President, next January. In a second time, the United States will propose Mitt ROMNEY to be SECRETARY-GENERAL of the worldwide organization from 2020 to 2024 before the 250th Anniversary of the Union in 2026. ” Diplomacy will be crucial and our chance to change and to stay!” MF. Wikipedia: “An indirect Secretary-General election will be held to choose the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations in October 2016 to replace Ban Ki-moon, whose term concludes 31 December 2016.”

At 6:30pm. Arnold PALMER left us today and I cannot think about the past of our Country that is criticizing us and creating difficulties like PALMER who passed away. We are not well enough to keep their patronage, maybe soon again. I will do my best, if President, to stay 50’s like this handsome Arnold PALMER at a time when Fame and Glamour were not confused. See you Arnold, in Washington for sure.
Mike FULLER vintage

On Twitter (09/25/2016)
vidalfuller2016, timeframes 2014

Dedicated to Colin Powell, IMAGINE MIKE FULLER to present the candidate Platform Program A CIVILIZATION TO REINFORCE

We have to change our style with less war abroad A CIVILIZATION TO REINFORCE NOW. M. FULLER

It’s time to stay the same to provide more liberty on Earth A CIVILIZATION TO REINFORCE. MF

Adios Jose. You are still home with me, in my White House, you’ll be in January. Adios Amigos, from Florida, from Miami!! Mike FULLER Sunday


On Myspace

A picture by Michael Vadon. Jeb BUSH, a Republican Champion for Mike FULLER High Diplomacy: to have ISRAEL and ISIS signing End of Terrorism Treaty!

Jeb BUSH, Secretary Of State of FULLER Administration in 2017 After 25% For Mike In The Polls (Political Fiction) on September 25 Vs Trump, Clinton: MAYBE TRUE If The FULLER RUBIO Platform Program From Today, Sunday Is A Public Opinion ‘Bestseller’!



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