War Or Web? The 2 Are Not Compatible Like CLINTON And TRUMP! With Bill GATES In Charge Of The New Federal CULTURE DEPARTMENT, The Reply Will Be: Arts Are For The Economy Like Diplomacy For Politics. THINK: Mike FULLER, The Big Winner Of The 26 Debate, In Political Fiction And/or In Reality, Against a Prez’s Wife (High School Teacher) And A Wannabe (Sparing Partner)!

September 27, 2016

Bill Gates could have been our President one day but this day never happened and the same for the future. Its a combat to have the White House without being badly mainstream like the two (The Who? The Two.), a combat that is too huge and never seen before. So, if I make it, I have this idea to propose to Bill the challenge of his life (Microsoft was just a dream and an enterprise).

This famous Secretary of the Arts, it was never organized in the Obama Administration at this time of great promises (2008/9) and forgotten until  now? Not by me. I am sure I’m not the opnly one. France has its own Ministere de la Culture, so important for the promotion and the financing and the development of French culture that is a standard and a must worldwide, why not us having the same prestigious tool to rehabilitate and build stronger and more functional what is still content of our old school that can be also brand new AMERICAN DREAM (mixing movie, music, comic, TV, tradition, modernity).

AMERICAN CULTURE DEPARTMENT would be an institution, not like the other departments of the Federal Government. It would be half-financed by the private sector, meaning probably the Silicon Valley attracted by Mr. Gates if he accept the deal. Computer industry, social media, it’s their interest to structure an American culture post-modern enough to represent the life of our population, shared more and more with the Web. This one, called the Internet, must include nicely, surely, the other Arts available previously and live. The ACD won’t be a Museum but a location to meet in Washington with History, America in its reality and the artists, happy niot to be only anymore celebrities or millionaires or famous dissidents?

Mike FULLER culture


Gates and Steve Jobs at the fifth D: All Things Digital conference (D5) in 2007. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Gates

Communique to Associated Press

Mike FULLER Communique. ISIS, OSIRIS AND JUPITER. San Jose, CA. 09/27/2016. 1 PM PT. 1). ISIS. We need the WAR to END if we want the USA to START ARTS and WEB at a really higher level that is necessary to stop the ECONOMY CRISIS. ISIS (the word Crisis without its 2 first letters but also the name of an old Egyptian goddess) cannot be worse than the Viet Cong. The Paris Peace Accords finished the Vietnam War thanks to DIPLOMACY. It can be the same for the Post-2001 War. In 2010 already, I invited Bin Laden at CAMP DAVID to sign TERRORISM OVER. Definitely, I advice a process of peace in the Middle-East INCLUDING ISIS, no more War in progress!

2) OSIRIS (another Egyptian Goddess to compensate us). If I am elected President November 8, I will create a CULTURE DEPARTMENT in my Administration beginning April 1st. I will invite Bill GATES to manage it. We need more Silicon Valley in the District of Columbia,  one told me. It will be crucial for the Recovery of our disabled AMERICA. ARTS (Culture) in the US are the ENGINE of our ECONOMY. This one is more and more on the WEB (the so American worldwide Internet). It’s a wonderful opportunity. But no rich and growing WEB if there is this concept of WAR going on so much. So, I propose an Organization AMERICAN CULTURE DEPARTMENT (ACD) of a new type included in the Institutions with a lot of private financing to represent the SECRETARY OF THE ARTS we have the duty to get.

3) JUPITER (God of the Gods for the Romans). We live in an integrated EMPIRE (a 50 States Federation always appearing attractive abroad enough to fascinate about its expansion: CULTURE and ECONOMY only, through the WEB thanks to PEACE).  One more reason why we cannot appreciate the two candidates after this ‘first debate’, the high school teacher and her sparing partner, is that their dispute is based on a bad script and their legitimacies are partly obsolete. When Democracy (or not anymore totally this concept and reality?) send you that: two dysfunctional personalities, IMPOSED BY A PROPAGANDA all times since decades, it’s the sign we can communicate about it to find a solution. Me too, I’m different like the two others (I’m the Special Guest). I INVITED MYSELF. I’m independent. Thanks everybody, I like your press. Mike U FULLER for your consideration. Blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com Email: mike.fuller@mail.com


The goddess Isis portrayed as a woman, wearing a headdress shaped like a throne and with an Ankh in her hand.

On LINKEDIN, I begin my campaign for a Peace process in Iraq and ALL AROUND. Terrorism is a sickness that give ANGER to victims: wrong, medication: United Nations. Mike FULLER UN

Editorial: ISIS and CRISIS. Just 2 more letters (C and R).

And the winner is? Mike FULLER in political fiction. CLINTON and TRUMP are Libel and Slander, Starsky and Hutch of a TV show that we call the political News. Nothing to do anymore with George Washington. President’s wife and President’s wannabe agree only on one thing: to destroy ISIS, meaning more War like VIETNAM.

Mike FULLER is replacing Gary JOHSON to be the #3 candidate:
– let’s sign the end of the Iraqi War with ISIS (like there were the Paris Peace Accords for the Vietnam war),
– let’s create a CULTURE DEPARTMENT to manage our Culture in the States and to participate in our economy recovery, with the American Dream to be the context.

To be basic and simple but also strategically: Arts mean Culture, its obvious they are the engine of our economy but nobody think about it. The design of a car is art, ads are art. So if we program more good things for the Arts, it will improve our economy based on products including Arts. This the INTEGRATION we have to imagine as a configuration. Solo artists are Research & Development, Culture is everywhere.

On the other hand, war is so expensive, it can devastate our finance and partly our economy. So, stop the fighting plan. ISIS has to stop terrorism. Maybe it will be difficult buwe are responsible we were in this area of the planet and we destabilize it. They are not worse than Viet Cong. We are so much dependent of it. For the Web to really be a success worldwide, we can’t have war. It’s WEB or WAR. Ambition, it’s what is missing and dimension, vision of it, we have no new Alvin Toffler to open our eyes: VIETNAM WAR LASTED 15 YEARS OR MORE, THEN FINISHED, THE SAME ISLAMIC TERORISM 2000’S. Bin Laden is dead, it’s time.

Diplomacy is for Politics (that decide WAR or not, contrary: Peace)  what Culture (Arts) is for Economy (that is more and more WEB located and engineered). You can call that the FULLER EQUATION if you want. This morning’s lesson is almost over and I will tell you more in conferences afterwards. Web ECONOMY creates EMPLOYMENT, War DIPLOMACY creates CASUALTIES. Culture and Politics: a crucial relationship, the Department is so necessary.

The ENGINE of politics is DIPLOMACY, especially for the US that are an integrated ‘EMPIRE’ of 50 States with the value to expand itself, sooner or later, the best: economically. ENGINE of ECONOMY is CULTURE, we spoke about that before. Every machine needs its engine!! Mine: you, my audience, fandom, followers, ‘We, The People’

That’s all for now before the AP Communique, that’s true.

Mike FULLER peace

What’s up in the Press after the i1st debate?

She said, he said. (Illustration by Ben Kirchner; Animation by Chiqui Esteban/The Washington Post) https://www.washingtonpost.com/

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Exclusive FACEBOOK! Mike FULLER starts a campaign for less red & blond hair together in politics. ‘High school teacher Versus Sparing partner’ appears fake debate. No election but nomination? COMMUNIQUE BEFORE NOON. Thomas Spears

About the New York Times article:
Trump and Clinton Clash on Jobs, Race and Temperament
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Press Pointed Attacks in Debate


They’re buddies. It’s not a real clash. It was a DERBY (when friends meet – how many picutres of the Clinton couiple with Donald the Banker?). Still homeless, I was lucky to watch the full debate at SJSU (San Jose Sate University), CA on CNN with the volume for the voices!! It was a great spectacle. Before to be in Washington, I release today another short message for Associated Press. I have nothing else to say. It’s burlesque. Mike FULLER TV

About the Washington Post article:
The Daily 202: Why even Republicans think Clinton won the first debate


He is the winner: Donald TRUMP, always a good speaker. She was confused and shy, as usual. But this victory means nothing, this debate is just blah blah blah: no content. He’s a host to prepare her election, he could have been more tough. Mike FULLER right

HUFFINGTON POST: Gary Johnson And Jill Stein To America: Hey, Remember Us?


Johnson, Stein: we miss them. They were only on TWITTER yesterday night! NEVER BEFORE OBAMA, there was so much SILENCE AROUND 3rd candidates. Thank you Democracy OR WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Mike FULLER candidacy

On Twitter http://www.twitter.com
vidalfuller2016, timeframes2014, bramstocker

STOP YOUR BRAINWASHING! To the American System. The old man wannabe with the strange hair and the high school teacher, previously First Lady

I advice you to REDUCE YOUR daily DOSE OF THEM starting today. They are FIGURINES OF THE OBAMA POWER: TOXIC, really BLAH Vs the Brain. TS+MF

COMEDIANS: Hillary CLINTON is an Artist from HOLLYWOOD. Donald TRUMP is a STUNT with his body/face language that is now TOO MUCH overdosing!

I want the UNiTED STATES to wake up, we’ll go NOWHERE with these 2 OF A KIND: the Lady is impressing you? Come on, POLITICALLY CORRECT is

is not POLITICALLY IDIOT. Let’s prepare 4 years of RESISTANCE. Trump is right: Country disabled, devastated but wrong as a BILLIONAIRE, he

doesn’t know a medication. NOBODY WANTS HILLARY! It’s an obligation to say SHE’S GREAT. Democracy must interfere. She’s HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER

level, style and mood and attitude/knowledge. Don’t go back to school with her or HER WANNABE, VOTE FOR THE VOTE, REGISTER TODAY Nationally

nationalvoterregistrationday.org sponsored by this Tweet and the Excellence of Doctor MIKE Universal FULLER, another and better Politician than THEM!

Cette election est truquee. Donald TRUMP n’est qu’un SPARING PARTNER d’Hillary CLINTON qui le soutient dans la diffam antiFULLER! Fred KELLY

Let’s call them Gracie ALLEN and George BURNS: their surprise party yesterday evening was not trendy at all! COMMUNIQUE BEFORE NOON AP, AFP.

Mike FULLER latest COMMUNIQUE BEFORE NOON for Associated Press, AFP, more: NO DERBY IN DC + ABOUT ISIS Drawing: TS



War Or Web? The 2 Are Not Compatible Like Clinton And Trump! With Bill GATES In Charge Of The New Federal CULTURE DEPARTMENT, The Reply Will Be: Arts Are For The Economy Like Diplomacy For Politics. THINK: Mike FLLER, The Bug Winner Of The 26 Debate In Political Fiction And/or In Reality!

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