The Wedding Song.

October 4, 2016

Lyrics by Mike FULLER (ASCAP). Music: traditional blues.


Eternity Ring.



There is a nightmare I don’t want to live
Another divorce would be a martyr
It’s the reason why I continue focusing
on what is so simple to say and live: Yes, I love you.


This is the Wedding Song
I sing to feel like you not too much unsecure
This is just a Wedding Song
Meaning what is extreme is just to think
That you and me, we could be
Just married.

Verse 1

There is something in the air
Like a formidable wind in our mind
We are like two Countries
That know each other
But unfortunately previously
Nobody used to care.


Verse 2

There was never a fight
Between you and me.
I just noticed we had
Difficulties to communicate.
You could be France,
I would be the United States
Or let’s do the contrary.
I want to sign with you
This famous treaty
For you to join the Union,
You will be my first and only patron.


Verse 3

You my USA, I don’t know what to say.
You my dream, I will be your reality.
The two of us, in the US, we can raise a family.
Our love will be like in the Beatles songs,
Intense, shares, message of generosity
That nobody will handle so easily, except us, darling.



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