We Are The 4. So 1, 2, 3, 4: Mike FULLER Communique To The 50 States Governors And The US Press! Register Me For November 8 As A WRITE-IN And Publish Me As A SHADOW PRESIDENT! International Press Will Participate In This Diffusion Wave! This Election Is A GLOBAL MATTER!

October 4, 2016

We are the 4. So 1, 2, 3, 4: Mike FULLER Communique to the 50 States Governors and the American Press. Register me as a WRITE-IN and publish me as a SHADOW PRESIDENT. International press will participate in this diffusion wave. This election is a GLOBAL MATTER!




SO DIFFICULT TO BE AN ENTERTAINER AND A POLITICIAN. We would know it if Jerry LEWIS was a SENATOR (in fact, he’s Mr. TELETHON, same kind of serious thing very respectable). WHY ARTIST, IT’S NOT RESPECTABLE? Below this text (communique) is like the others but it gonna be historic (content and diffusion for quality and quantity). MF

You know I have a problem, or maybe it is a solution, to find the right spot to park my campaign in this huge paquebot of the US. I hope the parking is not FULL, I’m FULLER, it’s not possible! I will find it, with this communique (how many did I sent yet, not for nothing at all). This is the principal document I have to diffuse until October 18, press coference normally scheduled in Washington, DC. Not easy akll of that but I’m more confortable on my computer and managing my files than others certainly in the news of the Mass (medias). At the same time, I feel bad to have to stay IN THE SHADOW but not so much finally, there is LAW and law can attract suit (LAWSUIT!!). I will succeed, it’s a question of WEEKS. Some personal feedbacks this first Tuesday of October! Have a great day. Still in Frisco, DREAMFORCE begins today. Your MIKE


A Giant of this Industry that is so much like an Art witha Technology: JERRY LEWIS, my preferred ROCK STAR of my 10’s and beyond. Read his Bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_Lewis

Now welcome to this historic
P R E S S   C O M M U N IQ U E

This is EXCLUSIVE WORDPRESS CONTENT as a DRAFT of final version for the desk
of the journalists and more people involved.

From San Francisco, Tuesday, October 4, 2016. 10:00 AM PT. Press release of US Presidential candidate Mike FULLER (representing Frederic VIDAL candidacy) – Presidential candidate ID: P60021870, 6/22/2016.

Shadow President

I’m the Shadow President of this Country, a shadow President, by my own decision to be candidate since October 2015 and my choice to stay it until 2020 if I’m not elected President of the United States of America on November 8 and because I want to represent these next 4 years the opposition legally expressed against the President , in order to replace him or her after one mandate.

No Press

I am surprised in this Country, I could not get no press for one year now as I celebrate one year back in America, after 4 years of studies in France (2011-2015), OCTOBER 16. My activity on the social media, on the contrary, is more important tha ever: dozens of new posts on my famous WordPress blig, hundreds of Tweets, most of them political, daily updates, several times a day, of my Facebook wall.


I did a break of 3 months to find the press I didn’t meet. At the Primary of California, I was registered by the Authorities like for the Presidential election now. I proposed to Senator Marco RUBIO to be onn my Ticket. Still waiting for his reply that I think is positive (otherwise, he would have replied No), I AM INVITING THE GOVERNORS TO REGISTER ME AS A WRITE-IN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Thanks to tell them a second time.


I met Jerry in the 1960’s in Paris on a circus scene for one of his master-pieces. Wespoke together and made the point (a great memory?). Unfortunately, we didn’t stay in touch. Why we forget to call the people sometines??! He could have helped me, obviously. I have the project to invite him at the White House when I will be President. As A Shadow one, he will invite me in HOLLYWOOD!! MF


“No woman, no fame, nothing in one year, it’s a little too much.” I would say if I was overreacting. It’s not in my tradition of Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. Consequently, being right now, partly homeless and candidate, my investigation concluded, since there has been the lost of my Hollywood hills house in 2011, there has been defamation, boycott, blacklisting and plagiat against me and my film stories. The leader of this is Mr. Donald TRUMP, competitor for the election and previously, and a decentralized network in culture and politics. My complaint to the judge is in progress in Los Angeles.

New Website

Last but not least, my program has a definitive strategy: TO REINFORCE OUR CIVILIZATION, believing in the doctrines of CONSERVATISM and LIBERALISM like Reagan did, associated with Mr. Thatcher in Great Britain.Taking care about the MODERNIZATION of the Country an its MILITARIZATION, two tendencies that are more than tendencies but constitutives of the American Dream of Dwight Eisenhower, I want to reactivate. It’s my best: http://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio

TRUMP won’t be President. Refuse also CLINTON to sanction 8 years of bad Status Quo with our economy.
VOTE MILTON FRIEDMAN if he’s candidate,
and read my daily news: http://fredvidal.wordpress

All my best.

Your Mike FULLER

Postscript Rendezvous for a press conference where you will be IN WASHINGTON, DC,
on Tuesday, October 18 I will tell you where in a 2nd time (not at the White House anyway!!).
By the way, SHADOW PRESIDENT is also a SONG now. You know I’m involved in music and movie business and I composed this to have A BRIDGE between ART and LAW that are compatible (not WEB and WAR), between CULTURE and POLITICS. This is my problem TO BE CREDIBLE as I am songwriter-screenwriter BUT IT’S THE PROBLEM OF EVERYBODY! Bye.


After Keynes or before him, Milton FRIEDMAN is the best in Economics. We need Classics. First reason: there are not new theories. Tio understand the wolrd now, the Country, FRIEDMAN and Economy are so much necessary. Otherwise, we are blind. So, homage to him: the two MILTON more and more present for more economy of the States in the campaign this month. MF

On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton_Friedman

O T H E R W I S E   O N   T H E   S O C I A L   M E D I A

On Twitter http://www.twitter.com

Good Open Mic yesterday at HOTEL UTAH. Song SHADOW PRESIDENT was perfect. Lyrics to sing better. Tonight 10/4, (901) COLUMBUS CAFFE, SF. MF


Joke Candidates

If you think I’M JOKE CANDIDATE, think what you want. I agree it can be your opinion. INTERVIEW ME to be sure. I don’t take me seriously. MF

INTERVIEW ME to be sure I’M JOKE CANDIDATE OR NOT. I don’t take me seriously. I’m Musician doing POLITICS. CLOWN was BOWIE, me: MAGICIAN. MF


Clinton too Official

Musician like BONO, Actor-Screenwriter like nobody (FRENCH COP/ GERMAN SPY / VELVET EYES trilogy), I am Mike FULLER, US Presidential candid-

ate WRITE-IN and SHADOW PRESIDENT. Historic!! Diffusion starts on FREE PRESS RELEASE. 2nd offensive: CLINTON too much ‘OFFICIAL CANDIDATE’!!

Hillary CLINTON has 2 men in her life THAT IS TOO MUCH. Bill CLINTON and Barack OBAMA taking her in their arms: PROTEGE killin’ the Race! TS

Historic last month and communique. Objective: criticize HILLARY CLINTON, candidate to win by decision of the White House, after TRUMP DOWN.

On FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

I did my first open mic yesterday and I continue tonight. This Blues SHADOW PRESIDENT is really trendy and roots. Back on stage, I feel the same. I can’t replace anybody, I’m less good than others but I have a great time with a Mike (me and the audience).
Mike FULLER music

“Musician like BONO…’ And the Winner is… He’s not candidate, he’s not even US. I’m candidate but in the States, we have AN OFFICIAL CANDIDATE: the Wife of Past-President Bill CLINTON. So, what to do? TO INFORM THE PRESS.
Mike FULLER historic


To Ralph NADER


I was at the library and I saw an information about your conference October 17 in SF. One told me the church burnt and we will have confirmation of another place. Meanwhile, I send you a copy of my press release. I would like to be in touch with you (for the project of a Shadow Cabinet and more. Sincerely, Mike FULLER




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