Letter To The UK Prime Minister.

October 5, 2016

October 5, 2016.

Attn: Mrs. Teresa MAY
Prime Minister
Downing Street
London, United Kingdom

Dear Mrs. MAY:

I am Mike FULLER, previously known as Frederic VIDAL, a French citizen who immigrated in the United States in 2003. Basically, Mr. VIDAL didn’t succeed his career, even in Hollywood for almost 10 years, until 2011. HE NEVER SIGNED OTHER CONTRACTS THAN OF REAL ESTATE OWNERSHIP AND BACKGROUND ACTOR.

I replace Frederic VIDAL who symbolically passed away, not for a revenge, but for my own fate and fame. He wanted so much our band BRAMSTOCKER was famous in 77 but no record label felt comfortable to sign them. Previously, Frederic, Monaco native, was a guest in a fairy tale by others who understood they are guest in his own one.

Life and business are not a fairy tale! Politics can be based on a love story. Regarding music, British show biz was accused for the rejection of the band. In 2016, I am registered at the US FEC (Federal Election Commission) Presidential candidate like 1,600 other Americans.

I’m not a joke candidate and my problem is that the Authorities (and the press, that are one fortunately for them!) consider me as a dissident THAT IS 100% WRONG. I was never in touch with Edward SNOWDEN (repression in the States is about him, even if a movie by Oliver STONE was released recently) and he’s not known to be one of my supporters at all.

As a Presidential candidate (with a Web Campaign on the Social Media), Conservative and Liberal, close to the Republicans (GOP2), I have my own opinion and program about everything including Islam and terrorism. I’m pro-diplomacy and anti-war. It would be the same with the Authorities. It changes nothing. They have a bad file against me, certainly. Frederic was naturalized in 2006, created his LLC in 2005 when he joined the Screen Actors Guild but in 2007, he was refused by a Hollywood family to marry the daughter and be a couple on screen for FRENCH COP, his first movie project (still active).

I am demanding you to interfere to back me in this affair about me and the American Medias I accuse of blacklisting and boycott since 2007. I invited the press, June 3 in LA and August 4 in SF: nobody came. It’s a question of principle. WATERLOO WAS NEVER FOR NAPOLEON A VICTORY (they must think the contrary).

The French during 4 years of Revival (11-15) showed how much their previously civil servant (15 years) Frederic VIDAL (FV) was treated like a FREAK in his hometown of Nice after aunt’s death and flat to sale (never happened!).

Scotland Yard would be, for sure, the4 best to investigate about the French and American trauma and censorship against me: an artist maybe too much British for them, as I schedule, elected or not, THE DAVID BOWIE YEAR IN 2017 (with an ambitious program) and 4 years as a SHADOW PRESIDENT inspired judicially and politically by your system of Shadow Cabinet.

Sincerely yours,

Mike FULLER from San Francisco

Copies: INTERPOL, UNITED NATIONS (Secretary-General).




Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Mike FULLER follows President Ronald REAGAN who was close to Prime Minister Margaret THATCHER in the 1980’s.


On Myspace

Letter To The UK Prime Minister. fredvidal.wordpress.com/2016/10/05/letter-to-the-uk-prime-minister/ I tell her the truth about us and about me: we’re a little British in America (they were the previous owners!) President Mike FULLER shadow

On FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

About Ben AFFLECK http://variety.com/2016/film/news/ben-affleck-reveals-title-of-new-batman-film-the-batman-1201877858/

He would be more intelligent to support my campaign, on location with me in SF. I’m sure he thinks like me about politics. Mike FULLER

About New York Times article: Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Clash Sharply Over Their Running Mates


2 men without a cause. Where are the United States of Yesterday. McCartney playing in Sacramento tonight? For a new Arena? It’s more important, maybe and must be verified. Culture was not in the Debate. Anyway, my open mic was cancelled, the venue is not anymore. I play tonight THE WEDDING SONG with SHADOW PRESIDENT. I have the right of 2 songs. Mike (Postscript: these 2 guys are not bad. They are unsecure).

About Washington Post Article: The Daily 202: Pence wins, Trump loses in vice-presidential debate


Good news for PENCE (strange name like the other looking like Bob KANE, founder of BATMAN). I’m Republican by the way. It explains for AFFLECK why he’s not with me now in SF with CLOONEY. Why only Democrats in HOLLYWOOD except me, EASTWOOD and maybe LEWIS!? PENCE did good. HE MUST CALM DOWN TRUMP and JOIN MY FIGHT for a NEW AMERICA now. Why not? We’re good old GOP, even if I’m GOP2, like MTV2. See you on Twitter now and EXCLUSIVE WORDPRESS of crisis. Mike FULLER de guerre

About Marco RUBIO and Tweets of hima bout Hurricane

I acknowledge meaning he could be my Vice, like Ike with NIXON, knowing that EISENHOWER was a lot older at that time than Richard. Marco is just a little younger than me, normally. Anyway, except a MIRACLE, we won’t be in the Ballots. But I believe in Miracles and I’m kidding. Since my letter to Great Britain, I feel lot more self-confident again (see my new Google website). RUBIO radio silence is a good sign. There is already a MIKE in the Campaign (PENCE). So, LET IT BE! Mike

To Rachel McADAMS: Rachel McAdams to Star With Rachel Weisz in Love Story ‘Disobedience’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Rachel McAdams, she was one of the great Blog of FRED selected casting lead from the good Ol’ TIMES (VELVET EYES and INDIAN RESERVATION). Congrats for this new film. Basically, it’s TRENDY, LGBT movies. I read it’s in negotiations. Try to get a script with no agressivity against the men, from the Lesbians. It depends, when they are equivalent Mike FULLER (meaning real gentlemen). Tom SPEARS, Campaign Manager

About BOXING: Sergey Kovalev-Andre Ward bout set for Nov. 19 at T-Mobile Arena


I saw in SF a commercial for this fight in the street. Boxing is a sport that must be upgraded in the medias. It will be the ACD (Culture new Minister) that will help for Sports too. VEGAS, a dream of Cassius CLAY – Mohammed ALI fight of the good ol’ TIMES. November 19, long after the election but New President is for JANUARY!! MIKE sport

On TWITTER https://www.twitter.com

I’m Thomas SPEARS, Campaign Manager of Mike FULLER. On WORDPRESS, before next POST by Mike, I wanted to tell you he’s our Web’s VICTOR HUGO!

About Wells Fargo: What a shame. I’m not a client of W.F. right now (50% homeless but for a Punk candidate, it’s not a problem!) BUT I FEEL BAD FOR THEM! Mike

About probable VICE-PRESIDENT Marco RUBIO, my choice for the Ticket of mine, I acknowledge he would have been #1 of the 3 yesterday night. MF

About Patricia RICHEY, MD: “Promotion for colleague. I was in NASHVILLE. I didn’t meet her. Anyway I didn’t need a MD. Good luck with your title like the STONES. Mike”

There is no doubt: PENCE, TRUMP protégé, il n’y a pas de doute. PENCE A GAGNE, HE’S THE WINNER. Why not to JOIN FULLER now & SPEARS? BrAmS.

About Chelsea CLINTON: I saw her at NASHVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY in Dec. CHELSEA CLINTON was so great. Nothing to do with her Mom, DIFFERENT STYLE: she wasn’t paid. MF

Chelsea Clinton’s speaking fee: $65,000 http://www.politico.com/story/2015/06/chelsea-clinton-speaking-fee-university-missouri-119580

To Paul McCartney: I saw on TV, you doing SACRAMENTO tonight for new ARENA beginning. I will be with you. ALWAYS ON TOUR, right? Like in the good ol’ TIMES. MF

To Jessie ANDREWS: @jessieslife you’re really beautiful. In SF, it’s shining. I am writing more on my blog for us to sing THE WEDDING SONG ASAP I feel. Mike



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