October 6, 2016

BOWIE YEAR. Lyrics: Mike FULLER (ASCAP). Music: traditional Blues.
BOWIE YEAR is the 3rd song of 3 (with SHADOW PRESIDENT and THE WEDDING SONG) to have been composed on Monday, October 3, 2016 in San Francisco and scheduled to be on an EP with a cover:
LOVE ME DO (Lennon/McCartney), a cool song too. A trilogy and an old breakthrough of The BEATLES, breakthrough and blockbuster.

On Wikipedia:


Bowie performing with Cher on the Cher show, 1975.



It’s next year: 2017 will be our Bowie year.
David passed away with a last album: BLACK STAR.
He will stay our Best Friend Forever.
I knew himfor the release of ALADDIN SANE
A long time ago, on ce upon a time (for decades).


I was fifteen, studying the songs of The Beatles and The Stones.
I was lost in this universe of the 1960’s when I was a Kid.
He arrived as Ziggy STARDUST to tell us: everything changes!
These young Americans with us were listening to his Glam Rock
and it changed!


From Station to Station, we were Heroes just for one day,
Rebel, Rebel, I decided to try, to be punk, what a homage!
Iggy, Lou Reed and MOTT THE HOOPLE were his productions.
With The Sex Pistols, I contributed to his Fandom obviously
he liked that.

His TIN MACHINE was so pure, I don’t understand
it was criticized.
Let’s Dance, he said, and we had to dance.
His China Girl was a beauty we will never forget.
He wa also actor, we had no time to wait.
We played in a movie called Rock’n Roll liek alcohol,
all his life hye showed us the way to Amsterdam by Brel.


David BOWIE, he could have been Lord or US Citizen.
I would have welcomed him to produce an album for me.
David BOWIE, he was a Gentleman with his uniform of clown,
strange neighbor we would like to call Mike FULLER.
His masterpiece was his attitude of grace, vice and vertue.
That will never happen twice.


The end.

o t h e r w i s e   o n  t h e  s o c i a l  m e d i a


TOM SPEARS: Welcome everybody to the COMIC CON in NEW YORK I’m in SAN FRANCISCO with Mike FULLER for the Campaign!!

TOM SPEARS: Mike FULLER is somebody MAGIC a little, RELIGIOUS about him and the others. It’s BASIC: born in 59 (to stop VIETNAM War), 77 no

Punk only: 1777 = SAN JOSE creation!! 1999: his PhD dissertation wins in Paris! SEPTEMBER 11: BIN LADIN to DESTROY after BIRTHDAY SEPT 10!!!

PRESS on the phone: are you here, Thomas SPEARS???

TOM SPEARS: Yes. By the way, there is ONE great exclusive Mike FULLER Editorial on FACEBOOK this morning.

PRESS on the phone: FULLER, he can make it!? One told me HE’S WRITING TO THE GOVERNORS AGAIN! He must negotiate WITH THE MEDIAS, PrImE TiMe?

About Hartford Courant ‏@hartfordcourant
Hurricane Matthew’s death toll jumps to at least 108 in hard-hit Haiti

So sad, all these poor people victims of WEATHER TERROR. HAITI is invited to be the 51st STATE if they want to! SOLIDARITY OF UNITED STATES! 

I wrote an editorial on MIKE’s wall on FACEBOOK (in fact, it’s late VIDAL account we continue PROUDLY). TRUMP is 100% DOWN WITHOUT FULLER RUBIO!!

4:50PM PT Alert! From inside DREAMFORCE TrailBlazers 2016, the real MIKE FULLER accepts an interview by Thomas SPEARS. LIVE! The TICKET issue!! NEXT!!

TOM SPEARS: Mike FULLER continues his Thursday at DREAM FORCE and for the FLEET WEEK, guys! SF before DC. If you have other Q, I have the A!


Hello, it’s Mike FULLER. My motto is not Frederic VIDAL’s one (Ready for the Worst, Preparing the Best). My motto is: TO WIN IS TO LOSE. This is EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK content this morning after my Campaign Manager excellent TWITTER yesterday afternoon. I am asking for the support ofGary JOHNSON and the GREEN Lady. Their candidacies are not good at all fgor the OPPOSITION in America. I understand they are candidates of their PARTIES, so hostages of this system of the 2 giants but theu give a bad image to the OPPOSITION. As the SHADOW PRESIDENT for 4 years if I don’t win November 8, I will have to meet all the movements that WANT A CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY. I see you later or follow TOM on TWITTER. It’s NEW YORK COMIC CON Day #1 in NEW YORK today. Here in SF, the DREAMFORCE continues. Have a great day. Mike FULLER candidate. Comic Con site:

About CNN Politics article: 30 former GOP lawmakers sign anti-Trump letter

This is a good beginning. GOP MEMBERS who are against TRUMP must express themselves. It’s DEMOCRACY. Why a taboo?!! We won’t attack Donald, just PRESENT A GOP2 Indie TICKET. I propose FULLER RUBIO. I’m political science specialist. It will give us more VOTES. Pro-CLINTON people will hesitate. I can tell you. The Millennials, guys born between 81 and 96, the young voters, WILL say YES to an alternate Republican ticket TO HAVE 2 CHANCES TO GO TO THE WHITE HOUSE. Mike FULLER is a Baby Boomer generation (59) Man, he’s far more serious than TRUMP, too much A COMEDIAN with nobody to laugh. Thanks.
Thomas SPEARS, Campaign Manager

About: Paul Ryan Is Planning a Revolution, and It Starts in January

Ryan is Fullerist. Interview from DREAMFORCE SF follows on TWITTER VIDALFULLER2016. TS

About: We have to be FIRM’ Furious Hollande says Britain MUST PAY for Brexit

President HOLLANDE is like his predecessors. Germany only matters. Why? This is the end of the Nth Republic of De Gaulle. A VIth is occult and the VIIth will arrive for a RATIONALIZATION. MF

About NY Times: Donald Trump’s Slip in Polls Has G.O.P. Worried About Congress

EXACTLY. Too much, too soon. Like the New York Dolls, also managed by McLaren (title of their 2nd Opus), TRUMP must resign to be THE ONLY ONE. FULLER ready for a walk! Here are The SEX PISTOLS (2nd band, Made in UK, managed by the same Malcolm McLaren, in the 70’s). Next, Mike interview from SF. Tom SPEARS




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