Silence Thomas SPEARS: The SF CALL. From DREAMFORCE 2016, Mister Mike FULLER!! (Applause)

October 7, 2016

Silence Thomas SPEARS: The SF CALL. From DREAMFORCE 2016, Mike FULLER!! (Applause)


Vladimir PUTIN: Mike FULLER wants to be his FRIEND.
RUSSIA-USA, it’s just the beginning. As the campaign is
entering ITS 4 LAST WEEKS, tension must disappear
between ex-USSR and America. Victim of Name-Dropping
by the famous Donald TRUMP, famous for his knowledge
of having
 troubles that can be positive ones, President PUTIN
can be sure Shadow President Mike FULLER is 100% Ronald
REAGAN policy, even MORE. Tradition and support for the
new RUSSIA is a certitude!! TS

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On TWITTER first

AT 4 PM PT on the Web!

LIVE from SAN FRANCISCO, Tom SPEARS with you for 1 hour!! This morning at SALESFORCE 2016 – DREAMFORCE, de facto FULLER CONVENTION Speech!

Hello Dream Force, Sales Managers from all around the world but especially the US! (applause) I’m here with you TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER

place. (applause) So, What? Our Date is 20 TWO TIMES!! 2020, 4 x 5, 5 x 4. The malediction made us lose 16, it’s not said. But the cancellat

-ion of the Auction Sale of the House on August 16, 2010 went nowhere. In a second time, there was Short Sale. You know these basics of Rock

Cliff Drive! (laughs) – the malediction made us lose 16. The malediction of MARC ANTONY and CLEOPATRA. I DON’T BELIEVE TOO MUCH IN IT! (laug

-hs). It’s played by my lady and we joke! (laughs) If there is a malediction, since the Ancient Times, because Julius CAESAR, about Politics

, WE DON’T MIND. It’s for everybody! LET’S SHARE IT! (not my girl, thank you!). – more seriously, the Young People are waiting and they don’

-t laugh, 2016 IS NOT LOST AT ALL RIGHT NOW. It will be lost and it freaks you out – “I will give you a talisman” said GANDHI, November 8 wh

-t laugh, 2016 IS NOT LOST AT ALL RIGHT NOW. It will be lost and it freaks you out – “I will give you a talisman” said GANDHI, November 8 wh

-en CNN will give the official results at 8 PM. These elections, in this Country, ARE TOO MUCH ORGANIZED. It’s not possible to INTERFERE eno

-ugh to express, TO EXPRESS WHAT? To express THE MAGIC BUS of THE WHO? Of the WHAT? Nope, The WHAT? was not validated as a good Rock band’s

name! (laughs). TO EXPRESS the 1960’s! Everybody’s proud lie Larry BRILLIANT to have been arrested with Martin Luther King Jr at that time

then liberated for the WORLD’s CHANGE. But the WORLD’s CHANGE, now we need THE SEQUEL. Where’s the Part 2? Why Hillary CLINTON didn’t hire

SPIELBERG to shoot it now, not the new JFK who would be me, but the CHANGE. I say it on the website the change and

the Stay. There would be a Part 3. DREAMFORCE around 2050, for Mid-Century certainly. THIS IS MATHEMATICAL: 50 years ago, it was 66 AND DURI

-NG THE 4 LAST WEEKS BEFORE CLINTON DAY, WE GOING TO REMEMBER IT DREAMFORCE. ALL ABOUT 66, it’s not subversion at all what I’m talking about

but CONVERSION. Authorities don’t commemorate the SOCIAL LEGACY of this date, too much formal. So, NOTHING NEW Sales Forces? You represent

but CONVERSION. Authorities don’t commemorate the SOCIAL LEGACY of this date, too much formal. So, NOTHING NEW Sales Forces? You represent

opposites and logically opponents. (laughs) I’m still ZERO BUDGET when he’s really strange billionaire. I’m managing my judiciary complaint

against him (1st and smartly) when he’s crucified by too many legal actions, at the last minute of his campaign THAT WAS NEVER GOOD OR EVEN


End Part 1

THERE IS A DYSFUNCTION IN THIS SYSTEM OF PRIMARIES, deadly one! This idiot of Wall Street to replace REAGAN!? HE TOOK MY PLACE, but in fact,

Part 2.

DREAMFORCE Mike FULLER Convention’s Conclusion SPEECH, Part 2 begins. Recorded Friday, 10/07/2016. Mike FULLER: Don’t worry the TRUMP TRIAL

will going on, even to cancel the this Nov election! (laughs) As a matter of fact, we have no lesson to receive. We’re Sales Force!!! We had

no clue to partner with PR force. IF PRESS IS COLD WITH US, it’s better than when it’s too hot (laughs) TOO HOT like A TWITTER ALL THE TIME!

(applause) But the Punks, they reproach me this confidentiality mixed with PROXIMITY looking like promiscuity (Social Media). They say I’M

IN THE SHADOW because my backstage ID. So I change for another PASS. But I keep the Social Brand SHADOW PRESIDENT like Service Public. IN 4

weeks, let’s live the 4 years until 2020: 17, 18, 19 the 2 – 0. It’s enough time to be in the ballots, not in the OPINION POLLS, there will

be the SURPRISE! Mike FULLER to be followed.


I’m waiting for the reply of Mr RUBIO! 7 POSTS on WORDPRESS, it’s true I don’t know him. In 12, I was in Miami and in TAMPA, I met only Mitt

ROMNEY. BUT YOU KNOW MY FORMAT (that is not handicapped at all): this is a DIAGRAM that wil stay HISTORIC. Scientifically, it shows with

evidence, Mr. RUBIO knows me very well. Mike FULLER to be followed

Mike FULLER (at DREAMFORCE on Friday): And so, why he would not reply when I’m emailing him?? (laughs) TOO SHY? You mean TOO PERSONAL or bad

management or Nasty Agent? (laughs, applause) No, really, my Dick NIXON is disappointing. But Radio Silence is military mode and I am the

successor of IKE but also of VIDAL, his adoptive son (59), and at that time Ronald (REAGAN) was back President of the Screen Actors Guild a

second time before California Governor in the 1960’s. A lot of historic consideration to tell you MARCO RUBIO WON’T BE MY MARYLIN. This week

-end, Dreamforce, I call PRIEBUS, Reince. These Guys of the GOP – CLOSE YOUR EYES – they gonna accept TO BE SAFE again, to stop TRUMP Exclus

-ive. You cannot oblige a whole Party to follow a business man. You must let a minority express PURE POLICY, in fact with me and I invited

Marco RUBIO, Jeb BUSH, the others, Rand PAUL. I let you know, PRIEBUS for the US and FABIUS in France. We have an agreement with the Romans!

(APPLAUSE). Mike FULLER postscript. Tomorrow, it’s the 8 (1 month left). READ the BLOG: SITE





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