Email To Reince PRIEBUS Included In This Post. Frederic VIDAL Revenge: Mike FULLER Is The Big Winner Of Press And Medias Campaigns Against TRUMP. CORRUPTION And HUMAN TRAFFICKING Would Be 2 Sicknesses Used By Donald To Compensate His Lack Of Business Talent! Republicans Now Refuse More And More This Naïve Harasser Who Was Confident To Insult Women Nastily: BIG MISTAKE, Mike Counter-Attacks With…

October 9, 2016

Frederic VIDAL Revenge: Mike FULLER Is The Big Winner Of Press And Medias Campaigns Against TRUMP. CORRUPTION And HUMAN TRAFFICKING Would Be 2 Sicknesses Used By Donald To Compensate His Lack Of Business Talent! Republicans Now Refuse More And More This Naïve Harasser Who Was Confident To Insult Women Nastly: BIG MISTAKE, Mike Counter-Attacks With… Email To Reince PRIEBUS Included In This Post.


After BORG, BECHKHAM, Sports in America will prevail: right now, they are not popular like before: it’s the reason of this deep crisis of values like TRUMP insulting women, in a regular United States, he would have say ‘they are darlings’! SO FULLER PRESIDENT means SPORTS UNTIL DEATH!! (laughs)

Link to the Email To Reince PRIEBUS:

On Wikipedia:




On Twitter

See you tomorrow for my special message to REINCE PRIEBUS (Republican Party Chairman equivalent). IN THIS HISTORIC TIMES, DEMOCRACY WINS. MF

EXCLUSIVE TWITTER BrAmStOcKeR! Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos awarded Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to end Colombian conflict. Bravo

On Twitter

Hi guys! Time to wake up. At the Hotel, Mr. FULLER did 2 pictures for you. HARD TIME FOR THE REPUBLICANS! He’s there and his TV quality is

EQUIVALENT INTERNET plus some serious matters REAGAN style, less HUMOR for the WEB only. He will be OK 100%, a Super RUBIO!! It’s your MAN!

I see you in short while for THE PLAN of Letter to Reince PRIEBUS. Same, you gonna like it: Political Science + Post-PhD for NEWSPAPERS! TS

TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE said The STONES. So tonight The Debate AS USUAL!? Not really AT ALL The Movement favorable to Mike FULLER in progress

Exclusive Twitter Preview Letter to REINCE. Plan is the following: 1. I’M A VOLUNTEER. 2. I’M AN APPRENTICE. Smart. Title is: TODAY AND NOT

TOMORROW. Today and not Tomorrow, a title that will stay HISTORIC at a time of dispute and collapsing dreams for the Grand Old Party of BUSH

and REAGAN. But now the Young Generation, they need a Leader who is from the Outside Washington. Too much W Bush and Barack “destroyed” them

a little. 1.1. I’m volunteer to occupy the Oval Office for the next 4 yewars as a Republican WITH A NEW LOOK. 1.2. Against the controversial

candidate who was wrong: OVERDOSE OF JERK. 2.1. As an Apprentice, I think the Primaries message must be respected: WE, THE PEOPLE. 2.2. So,

send me a flight ticket and I will be in your office at D + 1 as this TEMPEST ON US POLITICS must stop and be replaced BY A WAVE, ours, GOP.


Exclusive FACEBOOK! David BECKHAM super-GUEST of Mike’s WordPress next POST this morning. After BORG and the Tennis, SOCCER unlimited!! TS

ABOUT FOX NEWS QUOTES: “We as a nation are in true peril if Hillary Clinton becomes president because of her actions, not because of her words.” – Dr. Gina Loudon

I arrive. Don’t worry, there is a SUPER HERO in tow: me, MIKE FULLER!! I write to Reince this morning. I have already the titles of my Dissertation. It’s POST-DOCTORAL!! Mike FULLER, PhD since 99. Shadow President and soon without shadows! BACK ON MYSPACE, his 2007 headquarters, Mike FULLER, F. VIDAL’s TWIN is easy to reveal ACD (American Cultures Departmemnt) will be created in Washington and San Francisco, all at once ASAP. This offensive is first cultural and artistic. Mike FULLER will not go the the White House alone, thanks to the USID (US ID database of all our friends on the Web, first!!) 4 years of politics, yes but to REINFORCE OUR CIVILIZATION.

About: SFist Interviews: Darren Criss Brings It Home As ‘Hedwig’ Another David BOWIE? Truely another great animation in San Francisco. DARREN CRISS like a Rock Opera that BrAmStOcKeR will attend without the 1960’s or 77 but with the 2010’s in the air. Mile FULLER, BrAmStOcKeR’s manager

About the New York Times article:
Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Pushes Back Against G.O.P. Critics and Focuses on Bill Clinton

This second Debate is embarrassing but TRUMP is never embarrassed. He apologizes. Excuse me, my bad, sorry about it: easy attitude after excessive behavior. On my own, I’m still in Frisco finishing an extreme Super Week of manifestations, cultural, military and commercial ones that show how much SF is the cpital of the Fullerism (Fullerism: politics and social content of the 2000’s with tradition of 1776 updated-upgraded for A CHALLENGE OF NEVER: to succeed to CHANGE OUR IMAGE and OUR MOOD for more commerce, nationwide and worldwide and more arts shared by everybody. What do you want more? THe WEB, of course, the Web – San Francisco is the headquarters of TWITTER, my neighbor and the SILICON VALLEY 2nd Generation Social Media is everywhere in the area!). Thanks. Mike FULLER, shadow president. Postscript. Tonight, Hillary will have the responsibility to say to TRUMP he’s not the only Republican to be candidate. Why not?

About the Washington Post article:
Trump remains defiant ahead of debate as surrogates grapple with tape fallout

The 2000’s are still there for everybody. It’s not the past that is deciding for the future but the past is a part of the continuity. So, when you had troubles in the past, it’s good to know it. It seems that Donald TRUMP worst trouble was to do and say what he wanted at that time and now, in the 2010’s, this is an overdose of his controversial style, financially and socially. WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANYMORE A SO HUGE PERSONALITY that is a Citizen Kane of a BURLESQUE LAS VEGAS – HOLLYWOOD – WALL STREET. On the contrary, I represent a Self Made Man building, step by step, my SUCCESS STORY and doing my ONE MAN SHOW only on the Web, without any difficulty. Modesty and efficiency, with humor too are KEY FACTORS to get the White House. I was the Apprentice of Donald, I was fired, I lost my Hollywood Hills House. I don’t keep a perfect memory of it. We deserve better with Mike FULLER (my political name), you would say more if I was already featured in the press. But my email to Reince PRIEBUS that will be released on TWITTER just before the Debate (semi-coincidental, I have a busy day in SF with the Fleetweek at 3), gives us the opportunity to change, from the shadow to the light. I would prefer that: TO REPLY TO YOUR QUESTIONS and to have a real CHANCE to WIN, Nov 8. I believe in it. Otherwise, why this rejection of the GOP Dandy?? Mike FULLER shadow president

About pictures: Probably my last picture before a business suit. I like this style but not too much. I need a new look but I WAS BACKSTAGE and STREET MARKETING incognito!! Mike FULLER lookalike SF



Exclusive MYSPACE: I never forgot you, fellows! I began the Web with you, I will finish it with YOU, MYSPACE friends. But nothing to finish right now. Just to tell you to stay tuned with your SHADOW PRESIDENT, Mike FULLER. I’m the TWIN of Frederic VIDAL who disappeared for, certainly, really great other missions outside our Universe. So the exclusive news for you is: that I will create the nonprofit AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT immediately when I arrive in DC. Meanwhile, the new structure will also be registered in CALIFORNIA, San Francisco to have a Federal Impact. That;s it. We need so much this Secretary of the Arts!! Sincerely your Next, Mike FULLER



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