The Email To Reince PRIEBUS Will Decide On Election Day! ONE ONLY EMAIL This Time From Mike FULLER Who Is Leaving San Francisco For Washington, DC With The Project To Meet Speaker Paul Ryan Too. The Press Is Excellent For Mike!!

October 10, 2016

The Email To Reince PRIEBUS Will Decide On Election Day! ONE ONLY EMAIL This Time From Mike FULLER Who’s Leaving San Francisco For Washington, DC With The Project To Meet Speaker Paul Ryan Too. The Press Is Excellent For Mike!! 


This is my last one before DC. Not DC Comics guys, of course, I’m screenwriter for teens and super-heroes addicted but I don’t do confusions between the 2 DCs. The District of Columbia is the right place to go after this marvelous week in San Francisco where we could check how much the TIMEFRAMES are coincidentally or not so perfectly synchronized with my destiny and my project to be real President. SHADOWS: I don’t want them anymore too much. It’s time to welcome LIGHTS, a lot of, on TV sets, WHY NOT? In the newspapers too, there is this Light effect that belongs to communication. So, it’s the reason why I stop for a few days my Internet activity, especially WORDPRESS Posts, FACEBOOK, TWITTER. I am able to have a day without a Tweet written!!

On the other hand, I think about you, nationwide, and also foreigners, worldwide who are disgusted by the very low level of our confrontation Dems-Reps this year. It’s finished. The second debate was the apotheosis of this awful style that is the consequence of a miscommunication between the 2 candidates: it’s not a Circus, the Elections in the US. We cannot prevent them to continue their dispute until November 8. We can calm them down a lot by deciding THERE IS A THIRD CANDIDATE: YOU who I represent, me, MIKE FULLER with the Vice-President candidate who will agree on this motto: IMAGINE (mike fuller to reinforce) OUR CIVILIZATION. This is it. Visit and don’t forget to always believe in your LAND OF THE FREE.

Mike FULLER shadow president


The BLUE ANGELS, the US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. I used to be so impressed yesterday afternoon, at Fisherman’s Wharf in SF, for the cloture of the FLEETWEEK by your figures in the sky. MF


ABOUT THIS NEW YORK TIMES: House Speaker Won’t Defend Donald Trump, Upsetting G.O.P. Hard-Liners

This election is not normal. It would have been John BOEHNER Vs Al GORE in a regular world. So I am, normal in a delusional world. WE CANNOT CHANGE that, just collapse if we don’t interact. The new Speaker Paul RYAN is a true HERO and is waiting for me in Washington. I’ll be there in a very few days. Thanks. Mike FULLER october

ABOUT THIS WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE: House Speaker Paul Ryan tells colleagues he won’t campaign for Donald Trump

RYAN is not a TRUMP victim. I was a TRUMP victim too much in the 2000’s in Hollywoodland. My movie FRENCH COP never released! His CASH FLOW history is like his anti-HILLARY sketch for Dummies! Paul is waiting for my DC! I leave SF right now, stopping for a short while my TWITTER and FACEBOOK. Serious matters for serious people: IT’S THE CONGRESS THAT WILL DECIDE the next President, if necessary. It’s kidding, it’s not in the Constitution but it makes sense. On location, Speaker RYAN won’t be disappointed by my networking! First and all, the District of Columbia: the Nation is in peril like never before since the Civil War and the original Revolution. WE WILL CALM DOWN the Duet on TV by being ourselves on TV with an alternate Ticket you Know Mike FULLER november


Communique. Mr. Mike FULLER, Shadow President of the States will leave San Francisco for DC this week ASAP. Meanwhile after email to PRIEBUS

done, Shadow President FULLER stops for a very short while his TWITTER, FACEBOOK activity. This RADIO SILENCE necessary for SYNCHRONIZATION.

Except Emergency!!!

ON YOUTUBE TO FACEBOOK for amusement before I’m back!

ABOUT: The Second Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News on Youtube

I quit the Web social for several seconds, not at all because TRUMP yesterday night or Hillary was right? I have to move to the Capital on the East Coast. So, I need some concentration outside the Cyberspace. Watch the full show if you care. It’s a match without a game (they smile too much). I won’t participate in the 3rd debate, I prefer to speak with the population of the State where they will be (something like that). See you pretty soon. Mike FULLER time

ABOUT: The Shadows – Apache (1960)

The Shadows, they were Presidents of the Instrumental Rock when I was 1. Then, songs with lyrics arrived in the UK with more Rock in the Charts. Starting with LOVE ME DO. But we won’t forget. They were great for the decade. Mike FULLER rock

ABOUT: David Bowie – Rebel Rebel • TopPop

15 years later, David BOWIE replied and the teenage generation in England and worldwide replied in 1977 with the PUNK from Europe. The wave arrived later in the States but The RAMONES were already there at the CBGB in 74!! Mike FULLER rock historian

ABOUT: TROLLS | Official Trailer #1

Great trailer, great film. There is a super promotion on the facade of Macy’s, here on Union Square. Go to see the movie. I think it’s after the elections. Enjoy the new Hollywood, TIMEFRAMES! Mike FULLER movies

ABOUT EXCLUSIVE: Songwriting of Silly, Nice and Porn Star by BRAMSTOCKER 

BONUS FILM for WORDPRESS READERS and WATCHERS only! The recording of the making of a song by a student (or Lieutenant?) of Keith RICHARDS.

ABOUT: Los del Rio – Macarena (Original Video) [HD]

WOMEN, they say to Donald TRUMP: No, No, No. VIDAL will have you on the COURT, with the JUDGE. You threatened HILLARY the same. Mike FULLER is prosecuting you 100% more since yesterday night!! T. SPEARS. No Sex for Nov 8! (too late) So, No TRUMP, No CLINTON. There are Kids!!!!

ABOUT: The Beatles – Love Me Do HD (Subtitulado en español, 1962)

Mr. TRUMP and Mrs. CLINTON, in the 2nd Debate, gave the feeling THEY WERE and THEY ARE from an Action or SciFi movie we don’t know why! About Sex, Donald attitude WAS ANTI-REPUBLICAN, attacking Mrs. CLINTON about her husband in a way that is not at all Conservative. We didn’t need the MONICAGATE 2 to forget what the GOP candidate (about to be replaced? About to be corrected by me, 2nd GOP racer!) said in 2005. You don’t speak bad about women in this country or you are not really American!! Mike FULLER american


More than 60,000 views for my 12 songs of BrAmStOcKeR’s PRESIDENT OF THE STATES debut album: it’s a real good surprise. I didn’t check for a long while, too busy because politics, you know. 12,000 views for SILLY, NICE AND PORN STAR, it’s a consecration of my songwriting, explaining in this one: GIRLS, they don’t need a Donald TRUMP to feel beautiful and fun (for their FAME). Donald TRUMP, remember, I told you I’m your APPRENTICE (no sexual content at all in our TV show, by the way!). YOU ARE FIRED! This was a last episode, a good surprise. Be FairPlay. Women had enough of your leadership. You too rich! Godspeed anyway. You’re not the worst boss. Mike FULLER not anymore trainee

Watch the whole LP:






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