Letter To Richard BRANSON.

October 18, 2016

Warning: after lot of RADIO SILENCE (no reply to my emails from Marco RUBIO and Reince PRIEBUS), new eLETTERS (even Bob does not reply to the Nobels!). Presentation: Richard BRANSON, he was homeless, one told me, for half a couple of years and became billionaire all at once, The American Dream is a Fairy Tale for those who know generosity is not to Love in Vain. Richard, British like you and me (meaning 100%) created a label (VIRGIN) that made us forget the 1960’s. Obsessions are not good. Now, he travels (to the Moon?) to everywhere in the States with his own company, still the same name. He can be useful!!

Letter: To Richard BRANSON

From Washington, DC
October 18, 2016

Hello Richard:

I needed a business man in a team. Unfortunately, you are British but it’s not a problem. My new Country (I was French) has already understood that there will be a new BRITISH INVASION with me.

Than you for The SEX PISTOLS. I was close to the Group in 77. With my own band, BrAmStOcKeR, it was not a teenage mistake. Sad for Sid, he was sick. Us, we stopped the music as projected before. I did political science studies in Paris AND THE MIX IS GOOD. I’m still here. Right soon, back in San Jose, California where I decided to settle down a little, near San Francisco but nowadays, I am in Washington where I am candidate and I filed yesterday for WRITE-IN! Never a President was elected that way. There is a premiere for everything, it’s MY WAY.

I would like you to be sure I’m more than before proactive and your plane company, VIRGIN, is even better than your record label. All these Americans like so much to find great prices with you and the other companies consider it a nice competition for the market to propose low prices.

TRUMP or CLINTON or their 2 shadows?? Me, I, Mike FULLER, I will be SHADOW PRESIDENT, organizing my 4 years like your Shadow Cabinet in Great Britain, until 2020. Could it be a Miracle like EURYTHMICS sang a song with this title? Do your best to BE MY PUTIN. Donald called too much the Russian President, I deserve the equivalent in the UK!!

You know me, I’m also a movie maker in a difficult Hollywood with several projects, first of all FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY, THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES and MAN FROM 25 this year. I will find the producers from the White House or on the contrary doing my Opposition work. Time is on our Side!

Thank you. Sincerely,


Blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com
Site: http://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio

Richard BRANSON On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Branson

Richard Branson: 'subsidy junkie'.

Picture from: http://snowyduck.com/famouspeople/top-10-inspiring-business-leaders-time


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