Letter to Gavin NEWSOM, Lieutenant-Governor Of California!

October 19, 2016

Hi Lieutenant-Governor:

I am Frederic VIDAL with a new name: Mike FULLER and I feel well to write you today some news and feelings from Frisco I left for Washington, DC a day ago.

I want to tell you, like The BEATLES in the song of the same title, that I am a write-in candidate for the Presidential election, especially in California where I was officially write-in for the Republican primary in June. This time, to win is a fantasy I can’t explain why I believe in it.

You know I say all the time, on the Web too, the 21st century will change to give us something new. It was a bad idea to try to continue the XXth century. People of the years 1890 did the contrary to prepare a fully different 20th century of 1900 and beyond (until now).

would like you in my team but I am sure you are busy and secondary you are a Democrat, I am not. I am basically Conservative and probably even more Republican but not like TRUMP and PRIEBUS, like REAGAN and EISENHOWER if they lived in the 2010’s. I promote the concept of a GOP2 for the edification of a CLUB: Presidential Power I call it to reunite Reps and Dems for a little time, partially. You’re welcomed if you want, if you feel comfortable with it.

Otherwise, as the SHADOW PRESIDENT I would like to be the next 4 years, beginning now, I need a Capital and I am proud to tell you SAN FRANCISCO – you were previously the Mayor of it – is – will be – my home-capital for counter-government, alternate policy and SHADOW CABINET like in the UK. It is the tradition of SF since the 1960’s to contest, to criticize positively the District of Columbia, a FEDERAL POWER that does too much sometimes to oblige the others to follow their rules.

Let me know if we can meet for a conversation about these subjects. Sincerely yours,


Mayor Gavin Newsom Launches San Francisco Bicycle Plan

Picture from: http://www.inquisitr.com/2282346/legalize-it-gavin-newsom-commission-releases-marijuana-recomendation-report/

Gavin NEWSOM on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gavin_Newsom

On Twitter http://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

SAN FRANCISCO, SHADOW CAPITAL, it is now and lot more January 17, 17 thanks to MIKE FULLER, Shadow President (already now) and WRITE-IN 2016

Mike FULLER recommends INVESTIGATION at WHITE HOUSE about mental, financial CORRUPTION. OBAMA’s secret advisors could be AFFLECK, CLOONEY.

Letter to Gavin NEWSOM, Lieutenant-Governor Of California:


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