Letter To The Caisse Des Dépôts : Mike FULLER Celebrates 200 Years Of Finance In France!

October 19, 2016

Hello Caisse des Dépôts and CEO:

it is to tell you how much I am with you for this celebration of the 200 years of your establishment in Paris, France. Right now, in San Francisco, USA, I commemorate 13 years of life in the United just after Halloween, a great entertaining tradition in America.

My fictional characters could be a part of it, this year like the previous one, since probably 2010 but I did not get the necessary support I deserved in Los Angeles, California. I wrote several synopsis (my blog on WordPress is daily completed by me) and I was surprised not to attract investors and artists, even on the Social Media daily too.

My stories (FRENCH COP – 2006, GERMAN SPY – 2007, THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES -2009, MAN FROM 25 – 2015) are competitive thanks to my knowledge. Unfortunately my HARRY POTERS are the victims of a bad file regarding my immigration, according to me. I wanted to let you know about that.

Personally speaking, it is the same. I like and love America and don’t regret at all to be totally inluded in the Country (I am a write-in candidate for the Presidential election in order to propose some reforms and modernization as a conservative and a liberal – see my site) I could not replace Candice, my ex-wife. We are divorced since 2006. Ten years, a decade, almost alone: it is a pity but it is like that.

Last but not least, the Press in the United States and abroad also (including France) never accepted any article connected to me!! Why this decision: my probable ‘bad file’ or my blog that indicates ‘new ideas’for a Country that deserves better than 2001: I must be blacklisted. It is sad for a specialist of communication like me but it won’t last, right?

Finally, I had 15 great years, after my formation at the IRA of Bastia, Corsica, with you in Paris, 56 rue de Lille. Your impressive reputation made me proud to work there so much. My last position as a historian researcher at the permanent workshop about the Jewish Assets stolen by the Nazis helped me to progress concerning history of World War II and financial problems of the banks. This subjects is not over. I will continue one day.

For now and forever Sincerely yours,

(Frederic VIDAL’s new name)


Caisse des Dépôts site: http://www.caissedesdepots.fr/en

Caisse Des Dépôts : Mike FULLER Celebrates 200 Years Of Finance in France!

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Salut. J’ai besoin encore d’une semaine sans trop d’Internet. Je reviendrai le 25 pour la letter d’information. C’est promis! Je vous laisse avec cette reprise de Lennon/McCartney. des sessions de REVOLVER. Mike FULLER the beatles. The Jam: the best of 77, punk and mod!

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@jessieslife Congrats. A great destination. I will think about you and your friends. Have fun, Jessie. Bali’s good! Mike FULLER internat

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https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mike-fuller-presidential-campa… During one day, Mike FULLER and you, his team, we going to register his write-in candidacy for Election day online and nationwide in the 45 States that accept Presidential write-in candidates. Thanks. Thomas SPEARS.

In the Washington Post: Rubio, once a shoo-in, fights the anti-Trump tide


RUBIO or MURPHY, not FULLER and RUBIO? He’s a mainstream guy but I considered cancelling his Senate deal originally. He is the real Vice-President I could have get in political fiction but he’s too shy to acknowledge. I will meet him in Washington, Dc for a crossover if he likes comics. Otherwise, there is Paul RYAN. Mike FULLER new york

In the New York Times: Presidential Debate: How Will Trump and Clinton Handle Sexual Assault Allegations?


Las Vegas. Sexual assault allegations? 2016 like 2024 after 2000 without terrorism. Mike FULLER futurism


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