(Part 2) Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP – 10/21/2016. At The Origins Of The WIN-WIN.

October 20, 2016

FRENCH COP WIN-WIN after FRENCH COP: FIRST FIGHT and FRENCH COP: WHITE HOUSE begins in November 2016 in San Francisco, by the way. A motion picture proposed to Hollywood-Timeframes for a production-shooting next year, before the installment of the franchise and the sequel. To prepare the publishing of THE COMET web&newsLetter on Tuesday, October 25, Mike FULLER must write 5 letters to Vince SAUVAN to give him the conditions and content of his last mission of the FRENCH COP trilogy: the WIN WIN chapter.

The 2nd Letter: 10/21/2016

Letter #2. AT THE ORIGINS OF THE WIN-WIN. Hi Vincent: it is now the 21st in the USB and I will see you next week for the newsletter. THE COMET. You will like it. For now, I’m writing you a 2nd letter I will publish on Twitter tomorrow Saturday. There can be espionage!! Ciao. MF

Letter #2 to Vince SAUVAN by Mike FULLER (10/21).

Hello Vince:

I’m right now listening to the New York Dolls (I know you like this band). I have good news about your mission. I am waiting for you reply before to confirm the budget I will propose to the CIA and the deadlines to confirm. I would like you back from Japan before next Spring (2017). Of course, our regular organization is confirmed (with your spouse Pat and your team DARKPOL).

This time, I will coordinate personally your action with my Joint Chieff of Staff and, mainly, the US Air Force plus the NSA, the CIA equivalent on our US territory. One told me about your family problems and I am sure there will be a fast and new time of real happiness around you for your mood, for the 2 of you, guys, to be perfectly fine! You a Star, Vince and you deserve the best.

After the WIN-WIN mission (to rescue the HEWLETT PACKARD empire), I will invite you to be my Hero of your own adventures in a 1st Feature Film to be produced in HOLLYWOOD with the US AIR FORCE as co-producer. Sincerely yours, Vince. My best to Pat. I wait for your feedback.


From the White House (USA – Dimension A) + Dimension B: Shadow President Program (thanks to late Frederic VIDAL, your friend).


Paul and Linda McCartney in the 1970’s: thanks to the rock US magazine ROLLING STONE. The couple was emblematic of classic rock and legendary British roots (The BEATLES).

Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP, Sponsored By BrAmStOcKeR And TImesfraMES After GERMAN SPY III Failure In 2015-16!

(Part 2) Letter to Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP – 10/21/2016. At The Origins Of The WIN-WIN.

About the environment of the film:

On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Connection_(2014_action_film)

On Twitter http://www.twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER

Mike FULLER decides to become the new worldwide leader #1 of ALTERNATE CULTURE, located in the United States to EMPOWER the (sub)CULTURE! TS

On FACEBOOK http://ww.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012 (10/20/2016 – Part 2)


About ‘BACK IN THE SADDLE’: ROCKS even better than Toys in the Attic but not for the CHARTS. TS

About ‘LAST CHILD’: BrAmStOcKeR preparing HaLlOwIn from San Francisco, their Headquarters from AMERICA, a non-event? Not for everybody. T. SPEARS. Mike FULLER with the CLINTONS this morning for a mo(u)rning of studies.

About ‘RATS IN THE CELLAR’: Again music. Songs to celebrate Bob DYLAN Happy Birthday #2: His NOBEL PRIZE, on December 10? If he accepts! He did?! Or Silence Radio?? FK

About ‘combination’: Sweet Emotion! Mike FULLER aerosmith

About: Sick as a dog. A masterpiece? F. Vidal GOP2

About se: Americans can play Rock better and more than the British? BRAMSTOCKER

Mike FULLER: a friend of Frederic VIDAL. Pre-order the album on iTunes if you like it. The will be in San Jose in March (on TV this morning). This house is not for sale: the video don’t show the Hollywood hills at all. MF

About ‘I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU’: Before the cemetery of the video of this House not for sale (the White?), Bowie had a kid. FK



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