(Part 3) Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP – 10/22/2016. FRENCH COP – WIN-WIN Begins. In Your (Imaginary) Theaters On Nov 8 And So On.

October 20, 2016

The French Cop franchise was created by Frederic VIDAL in 2006. Mike FULLER continues the tradition of this excellent thriller of science fiction. FRENCH COP WIN-WIN after FRENCH COP: FIRST FIGHT and FRENCH COP: WHITE HOUSE begins in November 2016 in San Francisco, by the way. A motion picture proposed to Hollywood-Timeframes for a production-shooting next year, before the installment of the franchise and the sequel. To prepare the publishing of THE COMET web&newsLetter on Tuesday, October 25, Mike FULLER must write 5 letters to Vince SAUVAN to give him the conditions and content of his last mission of the FRENCH COP trilogy: the WIN WIN chapter.

The 3rd Letter: 10/22/2016


Hi Vincent: I don’t know how many letters I sent you but I find that interesting and useful. You’re not enough at the White House and we needed a new connection. It makes me think about my today subject. You know VIDAL, my anti-impeachment lawyer in the USB, used to write for the screen a group of 3 movie projects. The 2nd titled WHITE HOUSE, the 3rd WIN WIN. We used to communicate a lot at that time, LAST DECADE! The French Cop: WHITE HOUSE was not so much formidable content but patchwork of our networking there around 2012 and I decided to be careful because I remember we talked about the WIN WIN! project for 2016. For a film there, in the USB, you understand! Frederic is not there anymore but I have another agent using my name and almost him: SO ROLLING, Vince! In the other dimension, I produce the film and it will be a good draft for us, like a story board. We never did that before. Fred VIDAL cancelled the shootings in 2007! Good idea, right!? And we can attract some money with the benefits of the merchandising. I’m always clever. Consequently I just prepared an article with my new associate in B from A to explain in the NEWSLETTER THE COMET #1 for the Presidential Campaign until December; WHAT IS YOU and what is the mission. It appears scifi there. They don’t believe in science fiction. We call that semi-fictional. Certain things are real,


What if the FRENCH COP met THE GODFATHER? Subject of the WIN-WIN!

On Facebook (10/24) http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

A propos de l’article du Monde: Présidentielle américaine, J–15 : Hillary Clinton au-dessus des 50 % d’intentions de vote

Je prepare 2017 sereinement avec en tete l’arrivée de mes produits en bourse, d’abord le FRENCH COP, puis BrAmStOcKeR qui est un concurrent du merchandising BEATLES, SEX PISTOLS qui n’est pas un groupe d’Adult Entertainment mais de TEENAGE CULTURE avec pour Sex non pas le porn mais le Punk et comme Pistols non pas le LGBT mais le Week. Ou en est la Coalition des Minorités imaginée par Frederic VIDAL, le nouveau Malcolm McLAREN. Ils nous ont quitte prématurément. Je publie THE COMET en hommage aux deux mais surtout pour faire le point sur ma campagne présidentielle qui ne bat pas de l’aile ni de la cuisse. La dite Coalition sera creee par la fondation de ACD: AMERICAN CULTURE DEPARTMENT, une nonprofit (assis 1901) américaine pour préfigurer le Secrétariat d’Etat a la Culture que Barack Obama n’a pas pu créer en 2009. Mike FULLER haute couture

About the New York Times: Election May Be a Turning Point for Legal Marijuana


The WEED is one the 4 composantes of the COALITION OF MINORITIES created in 2014 by Frederic VIDAL. Obviously, it’s in my program 2017 of comeback to the reality. The awful delusion CLINTON-TRUMP (2 low class persons ready to ruin America) is ending November 8. After that. let’s cancel their election and VOTE FULLER in your heart, in your brain, in another election on Wall Street or in the polls in 18 for the midterm or before. Thanks. Mike FULLER Facebook

About Washington Post article: Everything you need to know about AT&T’s deal with Time Warner.


DC Comics could print the FRENCH COP immediately but we need a drawer like Neal ADAMS (for HOLLYWOOD) or Jack KIRBY (for HALLOWEEN). For Hollywood, it’s TIMefraMES, for Halloween, it’s BrAmStOcKeR, for the FRENCH COP, it’s THANKSGIVING with the Senator Rick HUNTER, father-in-law of Vince SAUVAN, our hero of the day on WordPress (Win-Win, 3rd part of trilogy in Web-DEVELOPMENT). AT&T will be an excellent owner of TIME WARNER in 2017. Have a great week. Mike FULLER shadow president

About Michel VAILLANT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Vaillant The challenge is Culture or politics. Mike FULLER is a Michel VAILLANT like Vince SAUVAN who does not want to select the bad track. He’s STEREO. There will be 2017 without CLINTON and TRUMP. I swear. They are not our guests or our roommates for years. Mike FULLER comics


Picture from http://blog.starocotes.de/index.php/tag/michel-vaillant/

On  Twitter http://www.twitter.com
vidalfuller2016, BRAMSTOCKER and timeframes2014

No more BEATLES in the United States. Mike FULLER wants this band DOWN and back in UK. Their lyrics were wrong since LOVE ME DO. BrAmStOcKeR

Chris CHRISTIE = bad Governor. Bruce SPRINGSTEEN is DYLAN East Coast. Bob doesn’t reply for a NOBEL. It’s West Coast. I give him 2 weeks. MF

About Donald TRUMP: GOP primaries must be studied. Donald TRUMP victory suspect. It could have been organized between him and the others. MF

Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP, Sponsored By BrAmStOcKeR And TImesfraMES After GERMAN SPY III Failure In 2015-16!

(Part 2) Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP- 10/21/2016. At The Origins Of The WIN-WIN.

(Part 3) Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP – 10/22/2016. FRENCH COP – WIN-WIN Begins. In Your (Imaginary) Theaters On Nov 8 And So On.

About the environment of the film:

On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Security_Agency


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