(Part 4) Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP – 10/23/2016. FRENCH COP – WIN-WIN. First Part Of The Film: SILICON VALLEY (Second Part: Made In JAPAN!).

October 20, 2016

There is a new chance, 10 YEARS AFTER, to live a TImefraMES production filming. This is possible next year in 2017, almost at the same time than the story that begins on November 8, 2016. The French Cop franchise was created by Frederic VIDAL in 2006. Mike FULLER continues the tradition of this excellent thriller of science fiction. FRENCH COP WIN-WIN after FRENCH COP: FIRST FIGHT and FRENCH COP: WHITE HOUSE begins in November 2016 in San Francisco, by the way. A motion picture proposed to Hollywood-Timeframes for a production-shooting next year, before the installment of the franchise and the sequel. To prepare the publishing of THE COMET web&newsLetter on Tuesday, October 25, Mike FULLER must write 5 letters to Vince SAUVAN to give him the conditions and content of his last mission of the FRENCH COP trilogy: the WIN WIN chapter.

The 4th Letter: 10/23/2016


Hello Vince:

I received you reply and I appreciate it. You are still The FRENCH COP and I am proud to be your friend. President of the United States, it is a busy job and there are not a lot of files about the population and history like yours. You are a Hero for the Americans, you and your wife, and you are about to be a part of our history after your new mission!

What is it all about? BENCHMARKING. We are in the computer age and we need to know what will be the future: ROBOTS or SCREENS. Screens, we have already a lot of them in our offices and at home. Do we need more in our streets? I will like you to reply after your visit in JAPAN.

You are a detective and it is someone like you, at the higher level too, who can investigate for this Benchmarking, investigate our culture our industry and our economy TO TELL ME WHAT ARE THE TENDENCIES. These science and technology need a COP to be really FRENCH (meaning brilliant for knowledge improvement and intellectual theories).

The dangers are real: Robots could replace us one day!! So, Vince, you will be our Ambassador in Extreme-Orient, FAR EAST for WIN-WIN with these Asian Countries all around: the dragons of our dreams because more business with them WOULD BE THE BEST FOR OUR 50 States. Think about it, Vince. I’m sure you think the same.

All my best,



FRENCH COP: the original logo, from 2006.

Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP, Sponsored By BrAmStOcKeR And TImesfraMES After GERMAN SPY III Failure In 2015-16!

(Part 2) Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP – 10/21/2016. At The Origins Of The WIN-WIN.

(Part 3) Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP – 10/22/2016. FRENCH COP – WIN-WIN Begins. In Your (Imaginary) Theaters On Nov 8 And So On.

(Part 4) Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP – 10/23/2016. FRENCH COP – WIN-WIN Part 1 Of The Film: SILICON VALLEY (Second Part: Made In JAPAN!).

On the Web and the News:

In the New York Times: Hillary Clinton Presses Her Advantage Over a Struggling Donald Trump


CLINTON ELECTED, it’s not the Alice Cooper song. It’s the reality but I’m Mike FULLER and Bob DYLAN has a NOBEL Prize to accept or not. What will he decide after his radio silence? The 60’s are back and not. I’m releasing my news in a letter on Tuesday. THE COMET of 10 pages for you on the Web and on TV. Mike FULLER

About Washington Post article: Bob Dylan, Bill Murray and Henry Kissinger: When honorees don’t want their prize


It is like the Academy Awards. I am ready to represent Bob Dylan at the Ceremony of the NOBEL Prizes to inform he’s refusing the Prize like Brando for the Godfather’s Oscar if we have enough reasons to think our movement in the 1960’s and beyond is not promoted by the acceptation of this award. So, Bob decides after the Presidential election and continues his silence until the end. I will call Sweden in November about it. Mike FULLER hollywood and timeframes

About the environment of the film:

On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Godfather


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