Vincent SAUVAN Replies To Mike FULLER By Email (And On TWITTER). 10/23/2016.

October 23, 2016

Vincent SAUVAN Replies To Mike FULLER By Email (And On TWITTER). 10/23/2016. 


A film that prepared the success of The FRENCH COP.

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Letter from Vincent SAUVAN to Mike FULLER. 10/23.

Hello Mr. FULLER:

You’re the right President I wanted to be elected in 12 and I’m sure you will be elected again this year, especially also in the USB, dimension 2, on November 8 as a write-in. It’s necessary to have our 2 dimensions closer, year after year. My missions are located in the real USAs but I know I have a lot of fans and interactions through parallel Earths in the USBs.

Basically, it’s not anymore Science Fiction since the discoveries of our 1st mission to rescue Natasha STANISLAVSKY, our Russian wonder girl! This time, you are telling me I will lead an official CIA sponsored DARKPOL mission with Patrica HUNTER, my wife, Japan located and oriented: I like TOKYO, I was almost born there and their food is my daily meal!! I joke only 25%.

My biographer, FREDERIC, knew my sense of humor and gave me the content of some parts of this commando program already in 2006! I am lucky he was your lawyer in the 10’s. I wait for more information about the details of this operation and I continue right now in the SILICON VALLEY, also known certainly in the USB.

Thank you for your offer about a Motion Picture inspired by my adventures. I will hire an agent to negotiate! My salary will be $0. So, see you next week in WASHINGTON where I will be to complete my logistics for the Asian Trip or before to read you more is a great honor.

Vince SAUVAN, Director of DARKPOL, CIA, USA – Dimension 1.

Dedicated to THE FRENCH COP Legend!! (not only of mine! VS)





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