FRENCH COP Related? AT&T Buys TIME WARNER, The Hackers Attack The Web, SAUVAN Replies To FULLER For Halloween!

October 28, 2016

Hackers against the Web or to show they are tough supporters who want something else and don’t hesitate to be anti-social when necessary. On the other side, Giants of the US Biz about to continue as one: Vince SAUVAN, the science fictional character created not by Stan LEE but by his possible successor, Frederic VIDAL, about to write a new reply to President Mike FULLER, real person, only President in a science fictional dimension of the same Universe, until now. It is America 11 days or almost before Election Day, Nov8. Have a great HALLOWEEN nationwide. TS


On Wikipedia:


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On Facebook (10/21-23/2016)

From Washington Post:
‘Internet of Things’ compounded Friday’s hack of major websites

This is WW III 50% and it will stop with me, Mike FULLER President. No Nazis in America, no Communism abroad? CHINA will be my new Soviet Union TO NEGOTIATE the future of the World. We can succeed together. MF

From New York Times:
AT&T Agrees to Buy Time Warner for More Than $80 Billion

$80 Billion is the amount of the deal. The article is short. The result of my Shadow Presidency is the birth of a new GIANT of communications. My newsletter draft is in progress. Next week: HIGH WEB for me after the low level of this week. THE COMET is the magazine of the 51st State: YOURS (except if you live in the 50 first). Come back to the American Dream of George: we will be 100 one day, he thought at the end. Bye WARNER, welcome BROTHERS to inspire your new name. TIMefraMES mike fuller FRENCH COP: WIN-WIN inside the computer age. IN SF this Summer, FULLER, the new big boss of the Franchise Internet (before real movies and commercializations) decided SILICON VALLEY + JAPAN to improve VIDAL’s draft. Next: the Hackers attack of Friday possibly connected to KGB Next Gen reality in Dimension 1. Vince SAUVAN replies to Mike on TWITTER today. TIMefraMES Postcript: The Godfather was the masterpiece novel from 1969 until now. It’s a key-novel of the Win-Win movie project (Mario PUZO wrote the 1st SUPERMAN screenplay).

10/29/2016. For Democrats, New Focus on Clinton Email Is ‘Like an 18-Wheeler Smacking Into Us’

This Lady is suspect. She is possibly a criminal. The FBI will tell us more and give the file to the Judge. IMMEDIATELY, the process of impeachment will start. It’s my PREVISION, my ADVICE, my PROJECT: to push her to RESIGN and never comeback. Emails are not poison. Mike FULLER presidential candidate treated like a jew during hitler

AT & T Buys TIME WARNER, The Hackers Attack The Web, SAUVAN Replies To FULLER!


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